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_*--- fashionscape for extra HP ---*_

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astro    13

wearing a costume/fashion scape will increase your hp by +5 hp for each piece worn


to equip an item as costume, hold control key down and click a item you want to wear as costume

you can get the items back, they don't "disappear"

to check which item are left, click the equipment tab  --> equiptab.png.bff50959f7da6fa8af27485538a1191a.png

then click the little suit icon  ---> costumetab.png.8e81b8501c984a7bb8443b772c4165f2.png

image of interface, click the button in the red box to close interface!



hope the guide helps out some people! thanks for checking it out!!

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Baron    10

Players need that kind of information, good work bro :)

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