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Found 5 results

  1. Hey Everyone, this is the official Update Thread for 10/08/19 Many suggestions were added in, however I only have information on some of them. THREAD WILL BE UPDATED AS NEEDED IF THERE ARE ANY BUGS, PLEASE REPORT IT IN DISCORD IN THE #BUGS SECTION. UPDATES ARE AS FOLLOWS: 1. BOSS POINTS: Divine Rank ($250) - Get 1 Extra Boss Point per Kill Sponsor Rank - Get 2 Extra Boss Points per Kill 2. LONGER Pickaxe buffs!! : Regular Donor: 6-7 Hrs Super: 7 Hrs 30 mins Extreme: 8 Hrs Legendary: 8 Hrs 30 Mins Divine: 9 Hrs VIP: 10 Hrs Sponsor: 11 Hrs (Sponsors will also catch 2 fish at a time at AFK Fishing instead of 1) 3. Interdimensional Donut can NOW BE UPGRADED by using Stardust on it (Acquired from Boss Point shop for 5K Boss Points). It turns the Donut untradable, the cooldown is reduced by 2-3 combat ticks, and it heals 10 additional HP. 4. Weapons are now upgradable to +10. 5. ::Raged teleport command - Additional areas for Donators to farm Rage Vorago. 6. GOKU NOW ANNOUNCES YOUR DROPS along with the Quantity. Example: "You have received: Elder Maul 1x" 7. Ironman Store now restocks twice a month, instead of only once! 8. Starwars Raids now included in ::Zones!! Get those Zone rewards! 9. DOUBLE DROP CHANCE. Every 2% Drop Rate OVER 275% will Grant you 1% Double Drop Rate! Example: 375% Drop Rate = 50% Double Drop Rate 10. New PATHING System. 11. Blood Staff now heals 5-30 HP per cast. 12. TONS OF BUG FIXES TALKING TONS
  2. Greetings all MagePS players! and welcome to yet another amazing update thread. Some major changes and updates have hit! and even more to follow! Boss Heads Take out your bossing frustrations with the new Boss Head Mechanic! All players now have a 1/5000 chance to savagely decapitate the boss your slaying and boast their heads as your own trophy. Each head can be crafted into a trophy for some POWERFUL bonuses. From stealing hp per hit, to flat damage % increases, boss trophies will not only make you an absolute powerhouse...but also allow you to show any boss, whos boss Animations! Tired of walking around MagePS like a pleb? Check out the brand new animations! using the command ::openanim , all players now have access to brand new animations for teleporting, walking, standing, death and most importantly DANCING. With nearly 20 new animations in total this is some serious style points for any player. These flashy new animations can be earned via donor ranks, donation points and last but certainly not least LOYALTY POINTS! That's right save up those hard earned points and you can get FREE animations just for playing the server! Omen Maul Changes Omens maul is finally a 1 handed weapon! meaning you can now swap to it without un-equipping your beloved dragon-bone spirit shields or lucky teddy bears! The quest has also been removed, the new method of receiving this smashing weapon ( see what I did there ;D ) is just by using the command ::omen, talk to the omen NPC and he will give you a free omen maul. The only requirement to obtain it is to have 2500 npc kills. Horror Tower Hold onto your flim flam and your plumbus ladies and gentlemen, Rick needs your help to fix his discombobulator in the Horror Tower minigame! There are now two modes in this hellish challenge, normal mode for all you who enjoy a method to the madness. And endless mode, which is not for the feign of heart, make sure you grab your cupcakes and your best gear because you are in for a challenge fit for only the galaxies finest! Bug Fixes - Item exchanged dupe as been patched - The new Rick NPC had his dialog fixed for the new Horror Tower mini-game - You can now click through pets, meaning they will no longer get in the way while bossing/killing Sneak Peek ;D A quick special thanks to Satucre and Kion for making these amazing bosses and zones, buckle up MagePS, because these bosses are no easy feat to kill New Ice Dragon boss mechanics and zone are completed Watch out for that icicle New Blood Queen boss mechanics and zone are completed
  3. Hello Beautiful people! Welcome to another amazing MagePS update! This update is crammed with some amazing content to help our new players out, help organise your bank and some amazing quality of life updates! Bank UI You have read correctly! The bank UI has received a nice overhaul to make your life easier organizing, searching and grinding items! As you can see there is some differences you can see with how the bank is set out! We have the usual note tab and item swap as per usual. But if we look in the middle we now have our presets and bank pin options! Presets we can use to setup our inventory/equipment tab and save it as a preset for ease of use! We also have the placeholder button (the lock) Once pressed you will get the following prompt: Now we can remove an item and it's place be held! so we never have to organise again! There is also a search function so you can easily search for that item you want! Currently in progress. In the top right hand corner you may notice something new on the back UI. This Icon is your very own item grinder! Simply drag and drop the item over the top of the grinder and you will be prompted. Please note as the warning says, you might break the item on use of the grinder and not get anything. The grinder works the same way as the one at home, you get a % of the total PC price of the item. Hey?! What was that weapon I saw you have equipped on the preset tab?! You sir have a keen eye for detail! This? This item is the new mini game! Hellfire Lancer Mini-game Our Korasi mini-game is no more! It has had an overhaul! Welcome to the Hellfire lancer mini-game! This has the similar setup and way to get to as before with some added extra bonuses! simply go to ::gkey or click the slayer skill and teleport to the area near where you get into the mini-game This fine gentlemen gatekeeper is your way in! Same as before hand over 250x 1b tokens and enter the minigame! You will now see Training Knights which drop Lance's! These are a similar scale as the korasi, Get water lance and make your way up the ranks. Light Lance is the last one and using a LHS on this will turn it into the Hellfire lance! When you are fighting these cute little knights you will get a chance to fight there bossman! The Hellfire boss! This guy is mean and is coming after you for slaughtering his trainee's! once you kill him you will receive 25 points per kill towards some juicy new items! If we walk around we will run into this cute little puppy that has a hellish surprise for us! In this hellfire knightmare of a shop we will find some new gear to earn! This is the hellfire knight set! All pieces are 750 points each so get in there and get grinding! Quality of Life updates. - Ironman Group removing player fixed. - Requirements for lucky knights showing evil claw upgraded, now showing evil claws. - Stormtrooper raids boss crash fixed. - Ironman group leave group vote system fixed. - Auction auto-buy low offers implemented. - Raid set bonus now shows in ::mydroprate when active/set complete. - Kill count fixes for botd and boss tasks fixed. - ::reqs for lucky knights now needs evil claws not evil claws upgraded. - Ironman group kickgroup username command fixed. (group owner command) - Boss of the Day reward system fixed. - Boss collections top 10 orders fixed.
  4. Hello the glorious souls of MagePS We have another amazing update for you all to enjoy! Buckle up here we go! PSA: All those who are having banned login issues please pm Axo in discord and he will attend promptly! Boss Collections! Yes that's right! You can now collect and record all your drops you get from your boss drops and brag how many you got of each! Simply go to your player stat screen and click the boss collections button. it will display a list of all bosses on the left, the top player in the middle and the items from said boss and the amount on the right. You will also have a personal best score on the amount of NPC's you have killed. Wait?! the player stat screen has changed?! - Yes! yes it has! lets take a quick look! Player Stat's tab We have taken a look into this tab and re vamped it so it is a bit easier to maneuver and displays the stats a little better and in real-time so it is easier to keep track of everything. Including what we mentioned above, the boss collections. Much nicer layout and pretty self explanatory I hear you guys in the back over there. There's not many animations in the game. I wish there was a way to gain more. Ask no longer! We have a sneak preview of some new stuff that the Dev crew are working on for us to have in game! Animation Manager Sneak Peak That's right guys, the Dev team are currently working on an animation management system where you can unlock and earn different styles of animations and emotes to use in game! This is currently a working project and keep looking to see more updates on this as we go along! Quality of life updates - Weak, Strong, Godly magical gem stones - fixed. - Upgrade notifications incorrectly notifying - fixed. - Attendance claiming - fixed. - Boss of the day/Boss task working incorrectly for Vorago fixed. - Referral casket rewards changed to 2. (Up from 1) - Boss killing not giving points correctly - fixed. - Iron-man Shop now resets 1st day of every month. - Agility requirement for Sat Boss fire entry now level 1. (Down from 120) - Iron-man command implemented to allow them into drop-parties.
  5. Hello beautiful people of MagePS! We have released yet another amazing update! Giving you all so much more content and ways of earning loot and playing with each other! Strap in and enjoy the ride, we are going to go through each of the updates and help you through the ways of how to experience these updates! Boss of the Day and Personal Boss Task In this update we have added some improvements and new ways to do a bossing task! When you teleport to slayer you will now notice an extra NPC standing next to the boss task NPC this is the boss of the day NPC! This isn't your eye's playing tricks on you. If we click on this NPC we will be given a new UI displaying the current boss of the day, the players that have killed the npc and there total. The option to shop or teleport to the boss. This boss will offer you 2x Boss points per kill, if you don't have the requirement for boss of the day, don't worry! All boss of the days are requirement free so you can head on over and get some loot! which you can use to spend in the Boss Points Shop. What's in the shop? Is it even worth me doing it? - Why yes, yes it is. Lets take a trip and explore it together! If we click on the Shop button it will open a new UI for us to explore. Boss Point store Look at these fantastic wares! what's the price on these items? - Glad you asked, lets take a look! Weak Magical Gem - 1K Points Strong Magical Gem - 3K Points Godly Magical Gem - 9K Points Double Strength, Mage, Range - 500 Points Double SS - 150 Points Overload and Recover Spec - 10 Points Absorption - 50 Points Heaven Stone and Lucky Ore - 500 Points Cupcake - 1 Point Scroll of efficiency and Cleansing - 1.5K Points These Items are worth every point from upgrading your Korasi or Katana to giving you that extra oomph! Or giving you that extra DR. I Don't like the boss of the day, it's boring! - Well now. You can enjoy the Boss Task update! Now with it's own UI and bonus reward! Boss Task/Personal Boss Task The UI is similar to that of the Boss of the Day with a few added extras. We can see here that we have information on our KC, a reward, the option to scroll left or right through the bosses and the option to select. Once you select and start killing the boss you would like to kill you can go hunt that boss. Every 500 Kills you will receive a Bounty Scroll for that boss. Bounty Scroll The bounty Scroll gives us a Mystery box style screen that gives you a chance of any piece of rare loot that boss drops. Now bossing not your thing? You want something that you can group up with people for one purpose and goal to triumphantly make your way through together? Well be prepared for possibly the biggest and most amazing update to have hit MagePS. New armor There has been some new armor released in the game! Some of you may of seen our lovely owners wearing it around. They are the Sexy school girl outfit and the Sexy Bikini outfit! These will be available for donations - Sexy School Girl Set - $300 - Sexy Bikini Set - $500 These sets are equivalent to Tyrant (school girl) and QBD (Bikini) each with the same set bonus but with an extra +50 on all stats! Group Ironman Yes you read that correctly. Group Ironman! Welcome to possibly the best update to hit the server! for those who enjoy ironman and what that extra spice and ability to trade and help your fellow team member. Then look no further! To create a Group Ironman you will need to create a new account. Including in this update is a new Ironman Area, where you and your team mates can hang and strategise what to do. Click the ladder just north of the pray Altar and you have entered your new headquarters where you can create, join and manage your new group Ironman! In this area you will see some of the usual stuff, Donor stores, Party Pete, Ironman Shop. There will also be these fine group tables! These are used to create and manage your ironman group. Clicking create a group will create your very own ironman group in which you can invite people to join. Just type the name of the group by clicking the name group and entering the name, then click create. Click open group on the table and you will be given your group interface and you can also click to see your groups vault and the current highscores. Adding someone to the group is easy, make sure the group ironman is in the ironman area and right click and click invite. It will prompt you when the invitation is accepted and your group interface will change to add that person. Why make a group ironman and play this game mode? Well stay tuned... A big event will be announced! Small note on Drop party box. The Drop party box had a minor change. It now displays the price of the items in total that are in the box. Party Pete update Party Pete has undergone some changes as well as some extra rares added into the game for Pete to collect. You will now only be able to claim his reward once every 24 hours. The new items are: - Party Hat and Specs - 150 phat points (::phat) - Pumpkin Head - 150 Hween points (::hween) - Santa Costume top - 150 Santa points (::santa) - Santa Costume Bottom - 150 Santa points (::santa) Quality of Life Updates - Blood Edge Sword Now upgrade-able. - Obiwan Raid boss HP 3.5m. (Down from 5M) - Storm Trooper Raid boss HP 7m. (Down from 10M) - Darth Vader Raid Boss HP 11M. (Down from 25M) - Ironman group making and inviting fixed. - Group Ironman trading only group members fixed. - Party Pete now Spams every 10 Minutes. - Diablo Name on Bounty Scroll fixed. - NPC Boss of the Day class null pointer fixed. - Scroll of Efficiency and Cleansing added to boss store - 1.5K ea. - Boss of the Day 2x Reward fixed.
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