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Found 1 result

  1. After you have got 99 thieving you may wonder where do I head now? Where is the new Season 2 skilling content and islands and how do I start Thieving?? First teleport ::home and walk west. You will see the 4 islands. Tips. Auto clicker set to 2 second and 555 milliseconds (DONT AFK ITS AGAINST RULES) Use Double Exp potion And VOTE and use vote books for 10% bonus xp to jump faster to space! All Islands have 4 Chests you can loot on each island in the 4 corners of the island. If a chest is empty it can kill you! It hits 60 damage per click. (deaths are safe) Chest can only be looted 250 times before you need to move to another chest on the island after all 4 are empty they all will refill Now at 99 Thieving you will want to begin at the Jungle island. From Level 99 until you reach 107 you will remain here. Base xp here is 2,500. These are the possible loots. Jungle island - 99-107. 2,500 xp Bil tokens 350, 250 or 150 (most common) Green crystal seed Glow seed Earth heart seed Raw Octopus Raw Alligator Bird trap Hunter cage Double Strength,Mage or Range potion Elder wood (1,2 or 3 noted) Next our Journey takes us to The Blood island at level 107 Thieving. Here you will stay from 107 until 116 Thieving. Blood island - 107-116 . 4,000 xp Bil tokens 500,400 or 300 (most common) Blood seed Radioactive seed Blood ess Raw phirana Raw murder fish Bird trap Hunter cage Double Strength, Mage or Range potion Now its time to wonder into the frozen depths of the Ice island at level 116 Thieving. Here you will stay from 116 until 123 Thieving. Ice island - 116-123 . 6,500 xp Bil tokens 550, 450 and 375 (most common) Purple mist Ice seed Wolf ribs Wolf pelt Metal log Ice ess Hunter cage Double Strength, Mage or Range potion Finally you now have made it to the final Island the Microverse (space) Here you stay until 135 Thieving for the most xp and best loots! Microverse (space) - 123 -135 . 8,000 xp Bil tokens 625,500 and 425 (most common) Meteor seeds Star seeds Raw Robot tuna Space logs Space ess Hunters cage Bird trap Double Strength, Mage or Range potion money skills there is! Enjoy your Loots and Now you can Adventure on to the PvM Side of the server or Try out more of the Season 2 skills!
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