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Found 1 result

  1. Goodbye Baron...

    Hello MagePS... I usually love and look forward to writing forums posts for you guys, but this one brings me great displeasure... Baron/Disciple, you have been on the server nearly since its birth. You've inspired players to become the best and to always try their hardest on our server. Not only did you do that, but you helped them achieve their goals. Whether or not they want to say thanks, or goodbye that is up to them. But me personally, I felt like I needed to make this post. Baron not only helped our server become what it is today through great work ethic, attitude and dedication, but he also put in a tremendous amount of love and effort into it. I know for a fact many players appreciated and loved you not only as staff but as a friend. Me being one of those people. I've known baron for almost 4 months on this server and he was pretty much a cookie cut away from a perfect staff member. We all make mistakes and have our ups and downs, never the less, he always put his best foot forward to help anyone and everyone he could, and we all appreciated that. Im making this post not to start a pitty party, but instead to wish our good friend/mod Baron off. There always comes a day where you need to part ways with those you've grown close to. Today is one of those days, but let us not make it sad. Let us celebrate that Baron will be off to improve his life and hopefully goes on to do some great things. Baron was one of the people that inspired me to try to be a helper. I always saw how happy and helpful he was to players, as well as the appreciation he got for it. Baron helped me and countless others on their MagePS journey, but sadly his ends here... Baron, you will be missed. Not only by me but by our whole server and staff team. You always have a home here brother. Best of luck in anything and everything you do in the future. With much love, Cruw ( Feel free to post a goodbye message or anything youd like to say to Baron below here, I will be sending this thread to him on discord kind of as a goodbye letter, thanks guys. )