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Found 1 result

  1. My optimal bossing route

    Hello MagePS! My names Cruw, and I this post is going to be my personal opinion/strategy on progressing to the end game and through bosses on our server! HELLFIRE MINIGAME 1. The first thing I would recommend you do is to finish the Lance minigame. Get the Light lance, use a Lucky Heaven Stone on it to create the Hellfire Lance which will give a big boost to strength and add a special attack to the weapon. Doing this minigame will also grant you a full set of Hellfire Armor which has great defense and strength to start bossing with. OPTIONAL* Goto ::gorak and get a Ring of Wealth OR finish the Lucky knights Requirment and get a Lucky Teddy and a Lucky Ring of LIfe. VORAGO 2. Assuming you have the 2000 Killcount achieved from the Lance minigame, the next boss I would recommend is ::vorago. I would also recommend bringing a Elysian Spirit shield which can easily be obtained from ::sonic Here you will get your 1st major upgrade on the server. Vorago drops two Katanas both being very strong, the Omega Katana ( Received from upgrading a Extremely Flaming Katana ) is only 250 atk stats and 500 str difference from its counterpart, the Gem Katana. ( Received from upgrading a Flaming Katana ). I would also recommend staying at Vorago for at least 500-1000 kills. Once you unlock Rage Voragos at 500 Vorago KC, the kills come much faster. At 1000 Vorago KC you unlocked Vegeta, which will be another place we need to go later in this guide. OPTIONAL* I would recommend staying at Vorago until you have gotten either Katana and upgraded it at very least. If you want to stay and go for a full rage set, that would be a bonus but is not needed for bossing, Hellfire armor will suffice. CORPOREAL BEAST 3. After you have your Katana, You should head to ::corp...The drop we want from this boss is the DragonBone Spirit Shield, which boasts an insane 40% damage reduction to ALL incoming sources of damage. The DragonBone SS will be the #1 drop we want from this boss. OPTIONAL* He also drops the DOOM Spirit Shield and the Pink Spirit shield. Both of these are big DPS increases and I will go over their uses while PVMing later. Their effects are as follows... Doom Spirit shield - 10% chance to double damage of next hit Pink Spirit Shield - operate while equipped to gain 100% increased damage for 15 seconds, on a 1 minute cool-down Tormented Demons 4. If you followed this guide up to this point. You have Hellfire armor, Either of the Katanas upgraded, hopefully a Ring of Wealth or Lucky Ring of Life and A DragonBone Spirit Shield at least. This setup will boast high DPS, with great damage mitigation. We will now head to ::TDS , the drop we want from here is the Amulet of Torture. This is one of the best strength amulets in game and will be a nice boost to your dps. Tormented Demons require 400 tzhaar kills and a full set of tzhaar armor + Lava whip received from ::tzhaar as drops, or bought and turned into Mr.Milestone at home. VEGETA 5. Now we head to our 1st end game boss...::vegeta. We want to go for this full set of armor as it is a great upgrade from the Hellfire we are using currently. This set effect is a 10% damage increase and has higher strength and defense than Hellfire by a significant amount. Vegeta does require 1000 ::vorago kills, which is why I suggested to complete at least 500 earlier while going for your Katana to ensure you have unlocked Rage Vorago, which will yield much higher kills per hour then normal Vorago. Once you have the Vegeta Set you are pretty much ready to take on any endgame bosses you'd like! Personally, I would start ::diablo and go for the Hellslayer Sword, which is the strongest weapon in game. Or try your luck at QBD for a Bloodedge or get armor set! Another great idea would be to do ::kril , who drops bludgeon pieces and the Ornate Torture, which is the best Strength amulet in game. If you complete the Bludgeon, you will need three parts, 2 from Kril being the Spine and Axon, then the other piece is from ::tds which is the Claw. Best of luck on your PVM adventure! this is the strategy I used when I started ( Plus some minor tweaks like Vegeta as he wasn't around when I started ) Thanks for reading and I hope this helped some of you out! - Cruw