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Found 1 result

  1. This guide should no longer be used, please refer to the OFFICIAL guide. This guide will stay for now, since it took me awhile to make. This is an UNOFFICIAL Price Guide for MagePS All price are the average of what players are selling for in game. ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AND SELLER HAS THE RIGHT TO ASK FOR MORE OR LESS Armor Lucky Completionist: 40-60T per piece Rage: 60-80T per piece Tyrant: 4-5q for set Vegeta: 300-400t per piece Goku: 4-5q per piece Obiwan: 90-130t Per piece Stormtrooper: 100-150t per piece Darth Vader: 3q for set QBD: 1q per piece QBD Wings: 3q Black Death Cape: 350-400t Ice Mage: Hat : 3-5q Body: 3-5q Legs: 3-5q Blood mage: Boots: 5-7q Gloves: 5-7q (Robes are NOT part of this, do not pay these prices for Blood mage robes) Weapons Hell Slayer Sword: 12q Red saber: 1-2q Gem Katana: 600-800t Omega Katana: 1.5-1.8q Hailstorm Dagger: 250t Abyssal Bludgeon: 3q Bludgeon claw: 200-400t Bludgeon spine: 500t-1q Bludgeon Axon: 500t-1q Blood Staff: 12q Trophies Lucky: 100T Enraged: 2-4q Queen: 5q Hell: 5q Demonic: 5q Satucre: 2-3q Divine: 1q Torment: 500-750t Starwars: 12-13q Hell Queen: 15q Saiyan: 7q Gear Lucky Ring of Life (Unbroken): 150-200t Immortal band: 400t Amulet of Torture: 150-200t Amulet of Torture (or): 300-350t Lucky Teddy Bear (Upgraded): 200-250t Dragonbone Spirit Shield: 800t-1q Pets Flambeed: 2q Olmlet: 3q Satucre: 75t Vorago: 100t Diablo: 500t Pumpkin: 2q Tormented Demon: Grinder food Upgrade items Lucky Heaven Stone: 5-10t each Lucky ore: 2-5t each Weak gem: 20-40t each Strong gem: 80-100t each Godly Gem: 300-400t each Finest stone: 40-60t each Misc Vote Books: 1t each Vote Spin Tickets: 1-5t each Double Strength Potion: 10-20t each Double Mage Potion: 10-20t each Double Soul Split Potion: 5-10t each Drop Catcher: T1: 100t T2: 150-200t T3: 200-250t Scroll of Efficiency: 20-30t each 100% 10% Drop Rate Scroll: 500-700t each Scroll of Cleansing: 15-20t each MagePS Huge XP lamp:15-30t each Turtle stones: 1t per 100 Pet box: 100-150t (sellers choice, can be higher) ($10 in donation store) Magical Mystery box: 75-150t (sellers choice, can be higher) ($5 in donation store) Name change scroll: 40-75t (sellers choice) Costumes Skeleton: 10-20t per piece Prices will be updated as needed. Please let me know if any of these prices are inaccurate. Also let me know of any items that should be added to this guide, as well as their price. Enjoy your time here at MagePS