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Found 2 results

  1. Hello MagePS, I have been asked many times about what you can get from a Magical Box from our Donor store. they are relatively new and there is no drop table posted on forums for this box yet. These Magical Boxes can be purchased from the online shop for 5$ each, they are also occasionally on ::deals , so pick them up whenever you can! The rarity tiers are straight forward, common being the most common and Magical being the rarest but here is a complete rarity tier list as well. Common<Uncommon<Rare<Ultra Rare<Magical Without further adoo, here are all the drops you can get from a Magical Box! Thanks for reading and goo duck on opening any and all Magical Boxes! - Cruw
  2. Prestige Guide

    Hey guys, this guide is going to be on how to prestige optimally. Before we start, if you dont know me I am a server support, I am currently at 33 thousand total kills and level 100 prestige ( Max Prestige ) First things first, the items needed to prestige optimally are as follows. 1. 4x XP ring ( Obtained through caskets mainly, or if your able to buy one they run for 20t in the auction or other players usually. ) 2. 2x XP pot ( Obtained through other players or attendance, and boss points ) 3. Aggrith Naar pet ( obtained for 10k skilling points, this pet doubles imp points gained from hunter ) After you have those items your ready to start your journey into the prestige ranks! Each prestige level will grant the player 0.05% damage increase. This may not sound like a lot, but at max prestige, you'll be pumping out an extra 5% damage, which is a good amount. You will also get prestige points from this grind, which can be spent at the ::prestigezone for some cosmetic rewards, nothing too great. The reason for this guide is to tell the most optimal way to prestige, your going to need to start at ::hunter . Work your way through the hunter ranks until level 95, when you can do zombie imp-lings. These imps will give you the most imp points per hour. The reason we want the most imp points is so we can get MagePS XP lamps from the hunter store. When used in combination with a 4x xp ring and 2x xp potion, this will raise all your skills above 100 even if they are level 1. Meaning 1 Lamp = 1 Prestige. That's pretty much it, farm 100 lamps and you can use this method to max prestige. Keep in mind it will take you at least 20 hours to farm enough xp lamps, so I suggest you buy some if you want to shorten the grind. When actually using the lamps follow this to ensure you don't waste any time or lamps. 1.Equip 4x xp ring 2. Fill inv with lamps 3. Use the 2x xp pot (only need to do this step once per 30 min ) 4. Use a lamp 5. Unequip the 4x ring ( cant prestige with any gear on ) 6. Talk to the prestige NPC at home and prestige once. 7. Rinse and repeat!
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