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Found 1 result

  1. Staff Feedback - April

    Hello MagePS! I am genuinely curious what you, the players, think of our current staff. Please leave any constructive criticism, tips or positive/nice comments/experiences about our staff members below. We value your feedback and want to improve to not only provide a better in game experience for players, but also become better staff members Thank you to everyone who participates. Feel free to use this template I wrote out below! Feel free to type ( N/A ) for a staff member that you don't have something to say about. trolling or flaming wont be accepted, as you all know its against our server rules, expect punishment on either forums or in game if this occurs. Developers/Owners Satucre - Kion - Axo - Administrator Cruw - Moderators Baron - Astro - TylerMT - Quiet - Helper Iron Luthy - ( edit ) BigDawg - ( edit ) Farm God - ( edit ) OgKushWookie ( edit ) Junkie - ( edit ) Kawaii Girl - Thanks to everyone who makes a post on this thread, we all work hard to provide the best in game experience for you all. But of course, there is ALWAYS room for improvement!
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