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Found 4 results

  1. Season 2 Skilling Guides

    This is a hub page for all of the Season 2 skilling guides! XP Buffs Farming Herblore Mining - Work in progress Smithing - Work in progress Runecrafting - Work in progress Fishing Cooking - Work in progress Woodcutting - Work in progress Firemaking - Work in progress Thieving Hunter Crafting Fletching - Work in progress
  2. To help newer players understand the server I figured this guide could get most of the frequently asked questions answered all in one guide. when starting out its best to go ahead and do ::vote, keep in mind you can vote up to 14 times( for your first log in make sure only to ::redeem a total of 13 votes, as youll need 1 for a step later explained in the guide). after your done voting type ::redeem and your bank will have vote tickets and spin tickets(they are just cosmetic rewards) after voting at ::home there is an npc to claim your daily attendance reward. make sure and do this daily to get your rewards. then start with going to ::celestial and get roughly 20 bones to use on the alter so you'll be able to do protect from melee for the next step. after that go to ::lance and talk to the hellfire knight so you can start your lance grind. go ahead and get your water lance so you'll have a semi decent starter weapon. then open ::tut and follow that all the way till you've completed all of the steps. when done with ::tut your going to want to stay at ::lance so you can get a hellfire lance, which is obtained by getting killing the training knights located at ::lance once you get to light lance you need to obtain a heaven stone and lucky ore . use these 2 items together and it will make a lucky heaven stone or LHS. use this on the light lance for a 50/50 chance at upgrading to hellfire lance. LHS is used to upgrade multiple items in Mage. DO NOT ever just use a heaven stone on an item due to if it fails the 50% chance at upgrading you could lose your items. Highly recommend going to ::tower and speaking with Rick, then getting your inter dimensional donut by gaining points playing the minigame. All you need is to use protect from melee and choose endless mode go to wave 7 beat it then teleport back out with ::tower and repeating till you have enough points for the donut. Keep in mind you can also upgrade your donut with the holy grail 1(now your donut heals you + gives prayer) and holy grail 3(along with healing and prayer it now also gives you overload affect) from the shop by talking to rick. Which will make grinding so much faster and easier. after you've completed all of that its going to be best to go ahead and start ::zones doing them and collecting the rewards as zones give great rewards especially upon completing multiple ones. after 5 zones are completed you get a reward that gives you a free 10$ donor rank!! you can use LHS to upgrade light lance, flaming katana,extremely flaming katana, drop catcher, lucky teddybear. finest stones are used to upgrade amulet of torture - torture or. if it fails you will lose your amulet of torture so try at your own risk ice diamonds are used to upgrade lucky ring of life(damaged) - lucky ring of life(unbreakable) scroll of efficiency is an item you can use on your ring of wealth, lucky ring of life, or immortal band. to gain Drop rate when wearing any of the 3 rings. these are account bound not ring bound so it'll stay even if you get another one or upgrade from row to one of the better rings. you can use a total of 5 scrolls of efficiency on your ring of wealth gaining a total of 0-10% per scroll for a maximum of 50% if you get 10% each time scroll of cleansing are used if you don't like the drop rate % you got after using scrolls of efficiency and can wipe it so you can use another 5 scrolls at hopes of getting a better drop rate % Heres a list and ::thread #'s and links for some other very helpful guides. Boss trophys and stats ::thread 11456 Donator Benefits ::thread 11329 Pet effects and bonuses ::thread 18 Zones information ::thread 11619 Astral information ::thread 11611
  3. New Starter Guide

    Welcome to MagePS!! We will start off with learning to navigate the Home and Shops areas. I'm going to brush over the more important NPC's at home. At home on the Northwest side we have Torzek, Attendance Checker, and Vote Store from left to right. Torzek: Sell all items for 50% of check price values. To use check price, right click the item and select "check price" Attendance Checker: Gives daily rewards for playing MagePS. This resets after your 30th day claiming rewards. Vote Store: Here you can spend vote points you obtain from voting. To vote use the command ::vote and after voting use ::redeem to get rewards. Daily voting means more rewards as well as helping the MagePS community grow! On the Northeast side we have Bank Server, Auctioneer, and Beginner Helper. Bank Server: Allows you to setup a bank pin if you did not upon creating your account. Auctioneer: Allows players to sell items to other players. This could be compared to the Grand Exchange, but it is a player owned shop. This primarily has high level items and expensive items, but it is a good place to be familiar with. Beginner Helper: Walks players through an in-game tutorial, giving rewards along the way. At the Southeast side we have our altars for prayer, changing magic books, and prayer books. The ::shops area on the south side has various supply shops and a skill point shop. The north side of ::shops has cash, 1m ticket, and 1b token currency exchanges. Stay away from I Buy Customs NPC's, as they give you a lower amount of money for your items. Now to start killing! ::ckey Here we have the Fairy NPC with 1500 health. (15k in x10) These drop Crystal Keys and give starter gear. Shown above is the best gear you can get from Ckeys, but the most important pieces from here are the Oblitary Sword and Oblit Sword Offhand, as you get better gear from Gkeys. You can open the keys by using the chest next to the Faries, or put them in your first inventory slot and use the command ::openallckey ::gkey The Gkey area holds the Jewelled Crab, and NPC with 10k health (100k in x10) These drop Golden Keys and give slightly better gear as shown above. The most important pieces here are the brutal whip and Lime Bandos pieces. These can be opened using the chest or using ::openallgkey. You will want to have at least 50 NPC kills before moving to the next area, but I highly recommend trying for most of these gear pieces. ::lance We have an in depth Lance Minigame guide on the Guides Finder page. ::celestial The Celestial Dragon area drops bones to increase your prayer level. Killing these should be fairly easy with your new hellfire gear. They have 2600 health (26k in x10). Getting your prayer around 80 minimum is recommended for the next step of this guide. ::tower Talk to the Rick NPC and complete the minigame a couple times to get an Interdimensional Donut. This is infinite food with a 7 second cool down. Access the shop through Rick to buy the donut. After you have a donut, you're all set to move on to the many zones we have to offer in MagePS. There is a zones guide on the Guides Finder page. Have fun and good luck!
  4. Helper Staff Application

    If you want to apply for staff then please follow the following format Hours you spend a day on Mage: Ex 4-5 hours a day Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Reasons for helping people: Ex I love the community and want to make it better by helping everyone Reasons for playing Mage: Ex I love the constant updates and owners Time zone: Ex EST or PST Hours you spend a day on Mage: roughly 4-5 hours per day. Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): I personally go by "W I C C A", I've spent most my time in-game on my Iron though Reasons for helping people: I usually like to stick to PvM grinds, and have been that person who has come across more than a few ways to go about something and I've always tried to help others along the way sharing ideas, tips and tricks. over time I've realized that I could do better things by sharing my "findings" or ideas, more people get interested in playing and helps push me along to find more and more ways to help people simply put "sharing is caring". Reasons for playing Mage: Mage has brought me a new challenge, a set of requirements and PvM challenges that give me the grinding craving I personally Love about certain games, in particular rsps, unlike many other servers out there this one in particular has allowed me to be rewarded for my constant grinds, additional drop rate, etc. As someone who typically spends most of their free time on a computer looking for something to occupy my daily life, Mage has brought something that allows me to keep logging in with new goals each time, set new records and personal gains Time zone: EDT
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