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Found 14 results

  1. Summer Event Guide

    Hello friends, and welcome to my Summer Event Guide. In this guide you shall learn how to obtain your 10 daily Summer Keys and to use them. Step 1: Go ::home and talk to either Chad or SImp to select your team. Don't worry, this doesn't seem to affect anything as far as rewards are concerned Step 2: Go to ::summer and talk to Chaddington to obtain the beachball. Grab two because you can equip 1 into a costume slot for a damage boost. Step 3: Teleport to either ::home or ::afkzone to equip and use the beachball and watergun on people to obtain Key Fragments. Make sure you bank if your inventory is close to full because there are reports of fragments being lost if there was no room in your inventory for them. Step 4: Head back to ::summer and right click either The Rock or Megan Fox and apply sunscreen for more fragments. Step 5: Congratulations, at this point I am assuming you have gotten all the fragments you can for the day, which should total 100. Now you simply use them on themselves to create the Summer Key, 10 fragments = 1 Key Step 6: Now head on back to ::summer and with your 10 Summer Keys in your inventory, right click on our friend Chaddington, and select the Rewards option Step 7: Now all you need to do is click the Summer Key in your inventory while you have the Rewards interface open, and then click Use Key. Just pretend that I actually have a Summer Key in my inventory and not a shitty drawing And there you have it! You will get a single reward per key randomly from the Rewards Interface. The beachball, watergun, and sunscreen methods for gathering Key Fragments have a 24 hour cooldown, so make sure to sign on daily to get those! You can also kill 3 bosses to get Fragments, them being Goku, Gogeta, and Pepe. Goku will give a single fragment, Pepe will give two, and Gogeta gives 3. Good Luck on rewards!!
  2. Season 2 XP Buff Guide

    This guide will show you how to get all of the possible XP boosting buffs to use while doing skilling. Double XP Pots: Bought from players or with donator points at home. Gives 15-45 minutes of double XP. The length of the pot increases based on your donator rank. Drinking more than 1 does not increase your timer past your max allowed timer-based on rank, so only drink when the timer is about to expire. Wolf Ribs: Hunting wolfs at 106 hunter gives you 5 minutes of double XP when eaten. Does not stack with other double XP affects. Eating this will also reset your timer not increase it. Raptor Meat: Hunting raptors at 113 hunter gives you 10 minutes of double XP when eaten. Does not stack with other double XP affects. Eating this will also reset your timer not increase it. Reading a vote book grants you a 10% bonus XP for 15 minutes, this timer can increase from reading more books. IE: Reading 10 books at once grants you 150 minutes of 10% bonus XP. Welcome Buff and Self Welcome Buff is from burning elder logs at the fire located at ::train. The welcome buff grants you 20% bonus XP when skilling at home, the self welcome buff grants you 10% bonus XP when skilling anywhere that isn't home. Burning 1 log grants you 30 seconds of this buff, but you can increase the timer infinitely by burning more logs. It is best to train any skill in which you don't have to move at the fire at ::train, so that you can refresh your welcome buff when it runs out instantly and to gain the extra 20% bonus from being at home, Cooking, Herblore, Crafting, Fletching all can be done here.
  3. To help newer players understand the server I figured this guide could get most of the frequently asked questions answered all in one guide. when starting out its best to go ahead and do ::vote, keep in mind you can vote up to 14 times( for your first log in make sure only to ::redeem a total of 13 votes, as youll need 1 for a step later explained in the guide). after your done voting type ::redeem and your bank will have vote tickets and spin tickets(they are just cosmetic rewards) after voting at ::home there is an npc to claim your daily attendance reward. make sure and do this daily to get your rewards. then start with going to ::celestial and get roughly 20 bones to use on the alter so you'll be able to do protect from melee for the next step. after that go to ::lance and talk to the hellfire knight so you can start your lance grind. go ahead and get your water lance so you'll have a semi decent starter weapon. then open ::tut and follow that all the way till you've completed all of the steps. when done with ::tut your going to want to stay at ::lance so you can get a hellfire lance, which is obtained by getting killing the training knights located at ::lance once you get to light lance you need to obtain a heaven stone and lucky ore . use these 2 items together and it will make a lucky heaven stone or LHS. use this on the light lance for a 50/50 chance at upgrading to hellfire lance. LHS is used to upgrade multiple items in Mage. DO NOT ever just use a heaven stone on an item due to if it fails the 50% chance at upgrading you could lose your items. Highly recommend going to ::tower and speaking with Rick, then getting your inter dimensional donut by gaining points playing the minigame. All you need is to use protect from melee and choose endless mode go to wave 7 beat it then teleport back out with ::tower and repeating till you have enough points for the donut. Keep in mind you can also upgrade your donut with the holy grail 1(now your donut heals you + gives prayer) and holy grail 3(along with healing and prayer it now also gives you overload affect) from the shop by talking to rick. Which will make grinding so much faster and easier. after you've completed all of that its going to be best to go ahead and start ::zones doing them and collecting the rewards as zones give great rewards especially upon completing multiple ones. after 5 zones are completed you get a reward that gives you a free 10$ donor rank!! you can use LHS to upgrade light lance, flaming katana,extremely flaming katana, drop catcher, lucky teddybear. finest stones are used to upgrade amulet of torture - torture or. if it fails you will lose your amulet of torture so try at your own risk ice diamonds are used to upgrade lucky ring of life(damaged) - lucky ring of life(unbreakable) scroll of efficiency is an item you can use on your ring of wealth, lucky ring of life, or immortal band. to gain Drop rate when wearing any of the 3 rings. these are account bound not ring bound so it'll stay even if you get another one or upgrade from row to one of the better rings. you can use a total of 5 scrolls of efficiency on your ring of wealth gaining a total of 0-10% per scroll for a maximum of 50% if you get 10% each time scroll of cleansing are used if you don't like the drop rate % you got after using scrolls of efficiency and can wipe it so you can use another 5 scrolls at hopes of getting a better drop rate % Heres a list and ::thread #'s and links for some other very helpful guides. Boss trophys and stats ::thread 11456 Donator Benefits ::thread 11329 Pet effects and bonuses ::thread 18 Zones information ::thread 11619 Astral information ::thread 11611
  4. Damage buff guide

  5. Featured Guide of the Month! Hi guys and gals of MagePS! Yes! you read right! this is an ongoing event that has no end! Every month I will be choosing the best and upcoming guide someone has created. It will be judged on uniqueness, detail, Illustrations and how informative it is to a new and existing player. Please be sure to check what guides have been made and what guides have been pinned. All pinned guides will be the go to guide for that subject, any further guides created on that subject will not be Eligible. So go for it guys! get creative and informative and show me what you got! I will post the winners in this thread. Rewards for the best guide will be sorted soon and be edited in here. Each month the prize will change.
  6. Prestige Guide

    Hey guys, this guide is going to be on how to prestige optimally. Before we start, if you dont know me I am a server support, I am currently at 33 thousand total kills and level 100 prestige ( Max Prestige ) First things first, the items needed to prestige optimally are as follows. 1. 4x XP ring ( Obtained through caskets mainly, or if your able to buy one they run for 20t in the auction or other players usually. ) 2. 2x XP pot ( Obtained through other players or attendance, and boss points ) 3. Aggrith Naar pet ( obtained for 10k skilling points, this pet doubles imp points gained from hunter ) After you have those items your ready to start your journey into the prestige ranks! Each prestige level will grant the player 0.05% damage increase. This may not sound like a lot, but at max prestige, you'll be pumping out an extra 5% damage, which is a good amount. You will also get prestige points from this grind, which can be spent at the ::prestigezone for some cosmetic rewards, nothing too great. The reason for this guide is to tell the most optimal way to prestige, your going to need to start at ::hunter . Work your way through the hunter ranks until level 95, when you can do zombie imp-lings. These imps will give you the most imp points per hour. The reason we want the most imp points is so we can get MagePS XP lamps from the hunter store. When used in combination with a 4x xp ring and 2x xp potion, this will raise all your skills above 100 even if they are level 1. Meaning 1 Lamp = 1 Prestige. That's pretty much it, farm 100 lamps and you can use this method to max prestige. Keep in mind it will take you at least 20 hours to farm enough xp lamps, so I suggest you buy some if you want to shorten the grind. When actually using the lamps follow this to ensure you don't waste any time or lamps. 1.Equip 4x xp ring 2. Fill inv with lamps 3. Use the 2x xp pot (only need to do this step once per 30 min ) 4. Use a lamp 5. Unequip the 4x ring ( cant prestige with any gear on ) 6. Talk to the prestige NPC at home and prestige once. 7. Rinse and repeat!
  7. Hello everyone my name is Cruw, I am making this post to just quickly explain something I think many new players may need to know/ might want to learn about. The topic is drop rate, first things first is everyone knows drop rate is good, but arguably the time it matters most is when your first joining, you have a ton of requirements to complete, drops to get and farming ahead of you as a new player on Mage-PS. I am going to give a little guide for newer players on how to get some early drop rate to help out your grinds! First things first, the max drop rate you can have normally is 200%, or 275% when double drop rate is active. 1. -=Ring of Wealth=- First things first, the easiest place to get some free and early drop rate would be at ::gorak, their drop rates on a unique are 1/55, which means on average in 55 kills you will get 1 rare. One rare they drop is the Ring of Wealth (RoW for short). The Ring of Wealth gives a bonus 10% drop rate, I would recommend getting this ring right after you complete the Korasi-mini-game, or at very least before you start going to ::npcreqs and farming other NPC's for items you want. ( Quick side note, you can get this before you go to the Korasi mini-game, but keep in mind drop rate HAS NO EFFECT in any mini-game, so I would wait till you have a decent Korasi or completed the mini-game to speed up farming for a RoW ) 2.-=The Pikachu Pet=- The next place I would recommend going after you have gotten a RoW ( or before, does not matter too much ) is ::pikachu. Here you will find a mob that has a chance to drop a starter pet called Pikachu. This pet will give you 10% drop rate if you are UNDER 5000 total NPC kills. 5% if you are above 5000. This pet is very easy to farm, the Pikachu mobs have low hp and is one of the 1st requirements you need to do. An added bonus to this pet is that it can be upgraded with the Thunder Stone, which is another drop from the Pikachu mobs. When you combine these two, you get a Raichu pet, which is a static 7% drop rate whenever you have it summoned. 3. -= Lucky Comp Offhand =-The third place to get some easy drop rate might be a little more niche, this is from a Lucky Completionist offhand, this will give you a flat 2% drop rate, which does not seem like much, but every little bit helps in the start. You can go about getting one of these from other players early on as they usually are sold for very low amount like 1T cash, which can be made through thieving or selling some drops or customs to the I Buy Customs NPC or item exchange at home ( obtaining the offhand might not be suitable for everyone, as I doubt there are enough for all new players to get their hands on it, but still worth a shot! ) 4. -= Scrolls of Efficiency=- My fourth tip on getting some easy early game drop rate would be Scrolls of Efficiency, you can donate for these, but the most practical way to get these for new players would be at ::turtles. These mobs require 4000 total NPC kills ( ::npckills to check your total kill-count ), they have 200K health and will be tough to kill as a new player. They drop an item called "turtle stones" usually 1-3 every kill as a generic drop, and them some some more on the rare drop table with drops of 15,20,25 turtle stones. Collect 1000 of these stones and you can buy a Scroll of Efficiency. These scrolls give a PERMANENT 1-10% drop rate per scroll. You can use up to 5 of these for a total of 50% increased drop rate. - Side note, turtles will be a grind to get the scrolls, but think of the stones as an added bonus since they will also drop turtle boxes, which give you turtle armor, which is one of the best ( if not the best in my opinion ) mid-tier armor in the game. the set will help you get into doing bosses like Vorago or even Corp if you want to try them out. The set will give you a 17k strength bonus, and decent defensive stats. Even if you don't want to try bossing yet with turtle armor, it will certainly help you out on whatever you want to farm! 5. -= VOTE!!=- Another great tip that all new players should do is vote! you can vote on 4 sites a day, you can claim votes with ::voted or ::claim. Vote books will give you 5% drop rate when you use them, and 10% bonus XP as well. This is free drop rate all new players should take advantage of since every bit helps, and will certainly help on your future grinds at all stages of the game. I still religiously use vote books when I go to bosses I am farming, it also has the added bonus of supporting and helping our great server grow! 6. -=Attendance=- Attendance is a great feature on Mage-PS. Every day you log in consecutively you get a 1% drop rate bonus, and a little prize from the attendance NPC at ::home. If you plan on sticking around on our great server, I would 100% recommend doing this every day you can, this drop rate bonus stacks up to 10%, which is like having a free RoW equipped, which is pretty nice! Attendance rewards can also be sold or used for your own personal benefit 7. -=Donating=- My final tip for now is Donating, there is already a post on Donor benefits on Forums>knowledge base>Donor Benefits, further explaining what each tier does. But if you have an extra $10 laying around and your having a fun time on the server, donating is a great way to get a boost to your drop rate. At the 1st donor rank you will get a 5% drop rate bonus, ( and access to the ::bank command ) which is huge for new players. We all support and appreciate our donors since we are the reason Mage-PS stays running and growing as great as it has been! Thank you for reading my guide, this was the 1st one I have ever done so please leave any constructive criticism in the comments below! Thanks again for checking this out, I hope I was able to help out a few new people get some extra drop rate they otherwise may have not known about. Best wishes, Cruw
  8. Custom Spirit Shield Breakdown. This will be a simple little guide to outline each Spirit Shield and what each custom spirit shield offer. The 'operate' Spirit Shields have a 15-30 second cool down on there 'operate'options. All these spirit shields can be obtained by purchasing from players or dropped from ::corp Please note that all Custom Spirit Shields have the same base stats. These are the following: Attack: 1200 stab,slash,crush. -500 Magic, Range Defense: +500 in all. Strength: +2300 Prayer: +300 Doom Spirit Shield Doom Spirit Shield gives you a 10% chance of next hit doubling in damage. This shield is not the worst out of these shields. pretty self explanatory, the higher your base hit the bigger the number. Lava Spirit Shield Lava Spirit shield burns your current target for 5,000 damage (50,000 in 10x hits) for 10 seconds when operated (while shield is equipped right click it and click 'operate') this is a very nice dps increase during fights. This is best used as a switch out shield. By this i mean have it in your inventory, switch it out and 'operate' once the damage is done switch back to your other shield. Shades Spirit Shield Shaded Spirit Shield has a 30% chance to deflect damage back at your target at 1,000x the damage. This shield isn't to viable, depends on your rng to how good it hits. Also best use on higher hitting bosses like diablo, krill or qbd. It is not recommended to use this shield but again. It can be used as a switch shield when you want to push a bit more damage. De'Vil Spirit Shield De'Vil Spirit Shield makes you invincible for 20 seconds when operated. However unlike most operated items this cool down on this one is 2 minutes and 30 seconds. I do not recommend this one to anyone to use. It is in no way viable in any circumstance. Dragonbone Spirit Shield Dragonbone Spirit shield is the best in slot tank shield. This shield will make almost every boss an ease. This spirit shield has a 40% absorb of incoming damage from your target. Making all high end bosses a breeze to kill and deal with. I highly recommend people to use this against Krill or Diablo. It makes them just as easy as Rage Vorago due to the damage is almost halved. Strongly suggest having one of these in your arsenal. Pink Spirit Shield Pink Spirit Shield deals 100% increased damage to target over 15 seconds when 'operated' yes this does sound familiar to the doom spirit shield with doubling you next hit, however this damage increase increases all sources damage that you do in total. Including pet damage as well. this shield has 1 minute 30 second cool down. This is a viable switch out shield to switch out when needed to do that extra damage. Very usefully against corp and other lower defense bosses. Lime Spirit Shield The Lime Spirit Shield is a flat HP increase of 60%. This is probably one of the worst Spirit Shields to have, it only offers HP which at the moment. This is not something viable for bossing. You need as much damage output as possible. For this, i rate this as the worst Spirit Shield. Saradomin Spirit Shield Saradomin Spirit Shield offers a 20% drop rate increase. There are a few items that do this better and thus, this is probably the second worse Spirit Shield, however it is a cheaper alternative to the Lucky Teddy Bear shield. Teddy offers more DR% but at a higher cost. Go for the Saradomin Spirit shield in this instance as it is cheaper.
  9. Ultimate Starter Guide

    Comprehensive guide to MagePS Created by: Virax Brief Rundown This guide is a full comprehensive guide from when you first login to when you are ready to take on the QBD head to head. It will go through the items needed, NPC kills needed and Requirements needed to jump through the hoops of MagePS. Welcome to MagePS! So, you have just signed in to MagePS, you have made the right choice towards greatness! “What will I see when I first log in?” You will see your blank canvas staring at you! You will be prompted to select your game mode. Choose from the selected game modes: ⦁ Normal – Normal gameplay experience, access to shops, AH, player trading. The general stuff you know? ⦁ Iron Man – An extra spice in life, Unable to trade with other players or access the AH. Granted an automatic 55% DR (drop rate) boost, giving you better odds at receiving that tasty bit of loot. ⦁ HC Iron Man – All the benefits of the Iron Man, however if you die you will be reset back to the beginning and start all over again. For guide purposes I will firstly choosing Normal mode. We are ready to roll! “Where do I start? What is going on here?!” Yes, well... It's a bit daunting on first login, left, alone, not sure what to do... What is this glorious looking gear? Glad you asked, this is your starter pack! This pack includes: ⦁ 250x 1b tokens (IMPORTANT, DO NOT SPEND – we will use this later down the track) ⦁ 1x Dragon Imbued Katana (yes you start off with a katana!) ⦁ A set of Dragon Mage Equipment including wings. ⦁ 50m Cash ⦁ 1x Welcome trophy What are the stats of this equipment?! It looks so awesome! Glad you asked! Let's equip it and see! This is the gear you will be starting off with. I can just jump into any boss now?! No no, don’t do that. It won't work out well... This is the entry level stats. The NPC’s here are bigger and scarier. What?! Where can I get better gear then? That is indeed the next step to this guide. However, we need to introduce you to a thing on this server called Requirements. Requirements are well, the requirements to move further into the game. The more Requirements done, the more NPC kills. The higher up the food chain you can go! Requirements (::reqs) Requirements are the biggest thing that makes this server unique. It will push you to the best of your ability to fulfill these requirements. We have to touch pretty decently on this and on each step of the way. This is the one thing you will keep track of and continue to come back to. Each step of the way will unlock more NPC’s to kill and better loot at the same time. This is found in ::reqs. Your first step (for optimal prayer xp) is to work towards 500 NPC kill to unlock Horrors for horror bones (::horror) we will touch back on prayer later. Each set of NPC kills will open a new path to gear up and work to the next. There are generally two different types of requirements or a mix of the two: ⦁ NPC Kill count ⦁ NPC items (pet drop, item drop or equipment drop) ⦁ NPC Kill count and Item drop (eg evil turnip you need evil gear pieces + 250 kills to move to next req) 500 NPC kills?! 1000 NPC kills?! 1500!! This is insane! It appears to be right? It may seem overwhelming but do not fear! Virax is here! To help you of course, on your journey. We are about to take the first steps into filling these requirements. Follow me on this journey and we will get you ready for everything that is going to stand in your way. Crystal Keys (::ckey) These will be your first steps through the door into a wondrous world that is MagePS. The NPC to kill for these are the fairies. This is the absolute best place to start leveling your combat, getting NPC kills and getting the item known as the crystal key. This is where we will get our first item upgrades and help us to progress further. we are looking for any piece of armor will do. we are more interested in getting the oblit sword off hand. I don’t suggest upgrading your starter weapon here because it has better stats than the dropped ones. We can also put these keys into our first slot of the inventory and do ::openallckey. The next step Golden Keys. Golden Keys (::gkey) Golden keys are similar to Crystal keys; however, the NPC is harder to kill (more HP) these are the crab NPC and drops gkeys which have better gear. There is a pretty specific gear set we are chasing here to help us in the next step greatly. Same thing with golden, kill, they drop keys, put in first slot and do ::openallgkey. The specific gear we are after are as followed: ⦁ Lime bandos chest and tasset ⦁ Brutal whip ⦁ Cape of light ⦁ Arrow shield ⦁ Spectre boots ⦁ Trimmed amulet of fury T2 The stats of the gear are below: You better Pray Pretty much as the title here says. We are going to get prayer to a minimum of 43 so we can protect melee. There is three different NPC’s we could kill for bones. Each one increase in difficulty and at the same time xp/bone go up as well. I suggest using these on the white altar at home for best xp. The three we are talking of are: ⦁ Frost Dragons – Frost dragon bones - ::frost – 13500xp buried, 27000xp on altar ⦁ Celestial Dragons – Celestial dragon bones - ::celestial – 60000 buried, 120000 on altar ⦁ Horrors – Horror bones - ::horror – 90000xp buried, 180000 on altar Once you get minimum 43 prayer we can progress to the next part. Hellfire Knight Minigame (Lance Minigame) This is it, this is what we have been gearing for. Remember that 250x 1b tokens I told you to keep? This is what you will be using it for. Training knights are the best thing to do next. This is purely rng based. Withdraw the 250b tokens from your money pouch (right click, withdraw as 1b tickets). Speak to the Aggressive mage northwest of ::gkey when you teleport in, next to slayer masters. Please note to also bring a bunch of prayer/super restore pots to pray melee against these guys. Speak to him and go for the dialog, give him the 250 tokens and he will teleport you to the aggressive demons. Kill these demons and they will give a chance of dropping a Water Lance. The first in the line of 10 dropped Lances. The 10 Lances that drop will get better each upgrade in damage but the amount needed to kill to receive the next Lance increases. During the push through the minigame you will also get random encounters with the Hellfire Boss. This guy is tougher and meaner than the training knights, however on kill you will receive 25 hell points. These can be used to obtain some very nice gear! Once you kill the hellfire boss enough you will earn enough points to go shopping with a cute little puppy! In this store you can purchase the Hellfire knight armor. This armor set has 1.7k str per piece and is a great set to either use or fashionscape with! The gear set looks amazing! Once you receive the light lance you can upgrade it to the 11th and final lance, the Hellfire Lance. This is done by using a Heaven stone or Lucky Heaven stone on the Lance. I strongly do not recommend using the heaven stone, due to it can break the item on use/fail. Not only is Training knights good for Lance's, they have low HP and are good to kill to get your NPC kills up to unlock other requirements. If we look at our requirements list, we can see that there is a requirement to unlock ninja’s, which is getting a Pikachu pet. Pikachu (::pikachu) No matter where you stop the Lance grind. This should be your next step. Head to ::pikachu. Simple and easy start killing them to get a Pikachu pet drop, you can also get a thunderstone drop. This is used to upgrade the Pikachu pet to Raichu. Both of these will give 10% extra drop rate. However, once you hit a certain amount of kills the dr bonus will drop down per 1k. This is also a requirement to pursue so you can continue through the requirement chain to Lucky Knight boss. This boss is a great boss to start bossing on. Once you receive your Pikachu pet, we can follow the requirement chain and move to the next. If we open our ::req we can now see that ninja’s requirement has been fulfilled and we can click the teleport button or type ::ninja to teleport. Before this step we will venture off to another NPC to further help our DR % and also a chance of upgrading our gear as well. Gorak (::gorak) \ These guys are the best pitstop here, to wind down from some of the grinds. Gorak’s are your best chance at getting a Ring of Wealth and some divine torva gear which will be a nice upgrade. Ring of wealth: This item will give you a flat 10% DR boost. This will also give you the option to use Scroll of Efficency*. *Scroll of Efficency: This will give you more DR % between 0% and 10% per use (can use up to 5 scrolls on the ring.) you can get these from other players, Turtle stone store and donating. Divine torva set: This is a nice tanky style armor with decent Strength stats. Once we have received these upgrades, we can continue to progress without requirement kills. Ninja (::ninja) These guys are pretty straight forward, no special item to get as a drop. You need to kill 150 of these to unlock the next NPC. This NPC will be Mysterious Shadow. Mysterious Shadow (::mbox) These guys can be a little bit more tedious. You will have to get Mystery boxes (25) as a drop. They cannot be bought from anyone, they have to be retrieved as a drop. These guys are relatively easy to kill but they rng dependent on the drop, DR % will help you with getting the drop sooner. Once you have received 25 boxes as a drop you will be able to move on to the next NPC in the requirement chain which is Jolteon. Jolteon (::Jolteon) These are another one of the requirements that are just an NPC kill requirement and not an item requirement. However, whilst you are here there are some useful items: Spinal corpse cape: Even stats across the board, decent str bonus. If you're lucky you will get it during your KC kills. Warrior ring V: This is a nice upgrade if you do not have the row. This will be a great 2nd best in slot for the time being. If you have row, don’t worry about replacing with it Once you have 250 Jolteon kills you can now progress on to the next NPC Requirement. Evil Turnip (::eturnip) Evil Turnips are one of the ones where you need the NPC kills as well as a set of the gear they drop. The good thing about this is you will also get a lovely set that will upgrade most if not all of your gear. This is one of the biggest leaps in gear and ability to kill. The parts you need for the requirement are as followed: ⦁ Evil Amulet ⦁ Evil Wings ⦁ Evil Hood ⦁ Evil Chain body ⦁ Evil Plate skirt ⦁ Evil Claws Upgraded ⦁ Evil Whip Upgraded ⦁ 250 Evil Turnip Kills There is one thing to mention with these items, the Evil Claws upgraded doesn’t drop as an item, however they drop an item called the Evil Vine. Which is used to upgrade the claws into the upgraded version. This is the same for the Evil whip upgraded. It does drop however you can upgrade it as well instead. How do I turn these claws in? There is a very easy way to do this. You hand these into king milestone. He can be found in two locations: Home: This can be done with Most items that are required for NPC Reqs. They can be handed into king milestone. Once you have got the required number of kills and the required gear you can now get ready and move onto your first requirement completed boss. The Lucky Knight. Lucky Knight (::luckyknight) These will be your first boss following these requirement's. This is your reward for following this req line. Congratulations for getting here. I will go into detail the best way to kill these guys and what setup you can use when first getting here. Basic setup: This is the bare basic gear I suggest wearing into lucky knights. Skills: I highly suggest getting a high-level prayer (95+) a couple of reasons why. They drain prayer and you will unlock Turmoil Curse (after switching to curses on red altar at home). By now you should have max att,str,def,hp (125). In this setup you wont have Double SS potions or Double Str potions. I highly recommend using melee prot curse here in this position. Loot Table: The current rare drops for Lucky Knights are as followed these items have a 1/3600 chance of dropping (before DR% is counted): ⦁ Lucky Ore ⦁ Lucky Teddy Bear Shield ⦁ Lucky Completionest Plate body ⦁ Lucky Completionest Plate legs ⦁ Lucky Completionest Boots ⦁ Lucky Completionest Gloves ⦁ Lucky Completionest Full Helm ⦁ Lucky Completionest Sword Main hand ⦁ Lucky Completionest shield offhand ⦁ Diamond Party Hat ⦁ Ice Diamond ⦁ Trimmed Berserker ring t11 ⦁ Trimmed berserker ring t12 ⦁ White Death Cape ⦁ Lucky Ring of Life [Damaged] ⦁ Double Strength potion Loot Breakdown: The main items you are wanting to drop here at first to gear yourself is the Completionest gear set. They offer 2% DR per piece and an additional 15% for complete set (plate, legs, boots, gloves, helm) In addition to this the Lucky Teddy bear is a fantastic offhand and a well sort after item. I can also be upgraded with the Lucky heaven stone. The upgraded version will offer a flat 21% DR and an additional 1% per equipment equipped. Lucky Ring of Life [Damaged] Is well sort after as well, however you will need the ice diamond to fix this item to normal LRoL and then from there a Lucky heaven stone can be used to upgrade it to the Unbreakable version. This is an upgraded version of the Ring of Wealth. Offering further DR%, ability to tele to last death and extra stats. Item equipped and stats: Lucky set: Lucky Teddy Bear: Lucky Teddy DR: Normal Upgraded: With equipped items (helm,neck,legs,top,gloves,boots,trophy) White Death Cape: This is just but part one of what's going to be a lot more guides to help you through your journeys from start to endgame. Please be patient on these as there is a lot of detail and very in depth. I have put in so much time into this guide and I hope it helps everyone out. Thank you all for your time and patience. Special thanks: Blu3ang3l Hybrol Belzenlok Satucre quiet kazcre krillz I would not of been able to produce all this information on my own. A big shout out to all these guys and the boss man for helping me fill in the blanks I had. You all deserve just as much praise towards this guide as I do. I wouldn't of been able to do it alone. I love you all.
  10. Immortal charm made by combining 3 necklaces! use one on another while all 3 are in inventory. one from ::scyther arcane blast from donor shop rage amulet from vorage benefits: stats:
  11. LUCKY HEAVEN STONE!! made by using a lucky ore on a heaven stone! use the ore > on the heaven stone > to get a lucky heaven stone > has a 50/50 chance of upgrading item, or just taking the stone.
  12. welcome to MAGE PS after logging in and setting up your account, get a drop catcher and upgrade it to at least tier 2! it picks up your drop automatically tier 3 sends to bank and more! can get drop catcher by donation/voting/buying from other players or @ 25k npc kc type ::2fasetup it gives 3% drop rate boost by using the command ::2step, using google auth *can also go combat route as well, this way is nice to get korasi mini-game quickly **Make sure you ::vote and can sell books for 500b+ ea usually!** it helps the server grow! 1. now start thieving at the stalls by teleporting ::home and running east to the tables 2. thieve until 125 or brutal whip and a couple pieces from mbox/gkey 3. now try to buy some bones, money will be in money pouch. **if no one is selling bones, go to ::celestial or ::frosts 4. use bones on ::altar or by bank booths @ home 5. after getting 43 or 70 or 95 . ***70 for piety, it helps!*** 6.go to::shops, buy some super restores and super att/str, go shopping for a sec in you fancy... 7. pull out 250 1b tokens, 1-2 att/str and rest super restores and run south from ::home and look for the hellfire knight near the ::slayer teleport 8. put on protect from melee and piety, pot up and start killing the aggressive demons until you get your first korasi drop! I have linked a great guide someone else has made on the forums make sure if you get LIGHT KORASI, use a LUCKY HEAVEN STONE! 9. once you get a couple, i suggest at least golden+/rose/grappes. you can go kill other npc's for better gear! or keep camping until you get your light korasi! 10. Done!!? can go kill raids or other boss's for some awesome loot's!!!!! omen/corp/turtles/lucky knights are all really good! or maybe having trouble? vVv 11. go kill ::rainbow ->::ganodermic->::ethereal from rainbow you'll want the amulet,wings, and ring they are bis from gano you'll want FULL POLYPORE STAFF and hula hoop. and maybe some armour pieces 12. if you get a full staff start using it with whatever mage gear you have. ***you can pretty much go get the rest of your korasi once you get a full polypore staff, cause you'll 2 hit ***you can 1 hit often if you get max mage tho
  13. Beginners Guide (video)

    Hi guys, I just made a starter tutorial video. I hope it will help a lot of new players Please let me know what u guys think about it and if I forgot something please let me know aswell, thanks Aguero
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