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Found 1 result

  1. Buffs

    Buffs and What They Do: Strength Mastery: (1000 Strength Bonus) Adrenalin Mastery: (1000 Attack Bonus for all types) Defense Mastery: (1000 Defense Bonus for all types) Move Mastery: (5% chance to dodge incoming attacks) Weapon Mastery: (1% chance to do double damage next hit) Focus Mastery: (Double Attack Bonus for all types) Bellow: (Reduce Defense of NPC you're attacking by 50%) Constitution Mastery: (Increase max HP by 20) Concentrate Attack: (500 Attack Bonus for all types) Armour of Courage: (500 Defense Bonus for all types) Giant Body: (If health falls below 25% (Above 0), automatically healed for 10 health) Toughness: (500 Strength Bonus) Fighting Spirit: (25% increase in all types for attack & defense, 1% chance to dodge) Constitution of a Titan: (Increase max HP by 5%) Uncanny Movement: (7% chance to dodge incoming attacks) Deep Wound: (2% chance to inflict double damage) Vitality Control: (100% health recovered from soul split) Divine Defense: (750 Defense Bonus for all types.) Armor Break: (Ignore NPC defense) Devotion: (Triple all attack types and 500 strength increase) Protection & Betrayal: (5% chance to block and/or increase incoming damage) Kill on Contact: (Kill anything on next hit.) {After Kill Buff Disappears} Telekinetomyinv: (Send all drops to inventory) Reflection Shield: (Reflect 30% (multiplied by 1000) back to the NPC) Defensive Stand: (Get all NPC around you to become aggressive against you) These buffs can be given from quite a few things like Afk mining and QBD Armour Set Operation And Phantom Set Operation And can also be given out by Staff (Admin+)