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Found 1 result

  1. BASIC INFORMATION THREAD Hey guys, I decided to make this thread to help out new players, since I see a variety of questions asked repeatedly everyday. I hope this thread serves to help to educate our new players, on top of the information they learn in the starter guide and other knowledge while playing!!! HERE ARE THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: ((I WILL BE UPDATING THIS THREAD AS NEEDED)) [[HELPFUL TIP AHEAD OF TIME: THERE IS AN "ATTENDANCE CHECKER" NPC AT HOME. VISIT HIM EVERY 24 HOURS TO GET FREE GOODIES]] 1. Q. What do I do with crystal keys/gold keys OR how do I open them? A. There are 2 methods to opening the keys. You can either find their respective chests at either ::ckey or ::gkey OR -the simpler method- putting the keys into your FIRST inventory slot and doing the command ::openallckey for ckeys, and ::openallgkey for gkeys. 2. Q. What is a heaven stone/lucky heaven stone and how do I get them?? A. Heaven stones can be used to upgrade items HOWEVER it has a huge chance of failing and you WILL lose your item if it fails, therefore you're highly recommended to acquire a LUCKY ORE and use it on the Heaven Stone to create a "Lucky Heaven Stone". Lucky Heaven Stones are used to upgrade items, however if the upgrade FAILS you will KEEP your item but lose the stone. "Heaven Stones" Are acquired as a GLOBAL DROP, which means ALL NPCs drop them. The more hp a NPC has, the more frequently it has a chance to drop. 3. Q. How do I get a lucky ore? A. Lucky ores are acquired a number of ways: ALMOST ALL BOSSES, Vote Shop, Boss Point Shop, Donor Shop, Attendance, Players. [[YOU CAN ALSO GET A LUCKY HEAVEN STONE FROM VOTE TICKETS, EASIEST WAY TO ACQUIRE THEM. FEEL FREE TO DO ::VOTE]] 4. Q. How do I get better gear? A. I can't stress this enough. PLEASE do ::thread 11537 ingame for our starter guide and follow it. The "::lance" grind is the BEST WAY to acquire gear for bossing (AND YES, IT IS A BIT OF A GRIND BUT IT IS COMPLETELY WORTH IT). Alternatively you can either donate/sell a donation, or do ::hunter for lamps to sell to players, and save up money to buy better gear than what you can get at lances [[Currently lamps sell for --15-20T each-- (prices are subject to change, ALWAYS ASK FOR A PRICE CHECK IN CLAN CHAT/PM ME IN-GAME TO GET UPDATED PRICES)]] 5. Q. When can I get to bossing/what gear will I need? A. The bare minimum gear you will need is your HELLFIRE LANCE and HELLFIRE GEAR SET or anything better. You will then work on zones to unlock bosses, and begin your grind to make money/acquiring better gear. 6. Q. What is a Christmas Cracker/How is it obtained? A. Christmas Crackers are a GLOBAL DROP, just like Heaven Stones. Crackers contain a Double Strength (or Magic) pot, Double SS pot, and a snow globe (junk) [[USE THE CHRISTMAS CRACKERS ON EITHER A IRONMAN, HC IRONMAN, OR GROUP IRONMAN. THAT WILL GAURANTEE YOU GET THE LOOT FROM THE CRACKERS.]] 7. Q. What do the double pots do? A. Honestly it's pretty self explanatory but I'll give a breakdown anyway. Double Strength - Doubles your strength stat (Basically double your damage). Double Magic - Doubles your Magic stat (doubles your magic damage). Double SS - Doubles your healing from the Soul Split prayer, meaning you'll heal 4 per hit instead of just 2! THESE POTS ARE VERY HELPFUL FOR WHEN YOU GRIND BOSSES. 8. Q. What is a hell key/ hell chest ,how do I get them and what is the best loot from them? A. A majority of NPCs/Bosses drop hell keys and chests. You will need both in your inventory to open them. Currently they are JUNK. There is nothing profitable you can gain from them, including the hell powder you get from them. I recommend holding onto the chests and keys, just toss them in a tab in your bank for now. 9. Q. Can I upgrade my ring of wealth (row), and what is a scroll of efficiency/scroll of cleansing? A. The only way to upgrade your ring of wealth is by using a scroll of efficiency on it. You can add up to five (5) scroll of efficiency onto your ring. Each Efficiency scroll can grant you 0-10% Drop Rate, maxing out at a 50% bonus on your ring. The drop rate bonuses are ACCOUNT BOUND meaning if you were to change your ring to a LROL (lucky ring of life) or Immortal Band, your drop rate from the scrolls WILL STAY. A scroll of cleansing is used to wipe ALL bonuses from the scrolls. Why would you do this, you ask? To roll for a better percentage, considering you can max at a bonus of 50% drop rate, as mentioned above. 10. Q. What is a Boss Task/ Bounty Scrolls/How can I acquire them/Where is the boss point shop?? A. Do the ::slayer teleport and SPEAK TO THE "BOSS TASKS" NPC. You can pick ANY boss you would like to kill for a bounty scroll. After scrolling to a boss of your choice, hit "Select" and you must get 501 kills for that boss from the start of the task. On the 501st kill, the bounty scroll will drop as a regular drop on the ground, BE SURE TO NOT MISS IT. A bounty scroll GAURANTEES ANY RARE ON THE DROP TABLE FOR THE BOSS YOU SELECTED/GOT THE SCROLL FOR. You can track your current kills throughout the boss task by returning to the NPC and scrolling to the boss you're killing. You may also access the boss point shop from this NPC AS WELL!!!!! 11. Q. What is BOTD? A. BOTD means Boss of The Day. BOTD is changed every 24 hours. What that means is there is no requirements to kill that boss. EVERYONE can farm it, regardless of unlocking the requirements to kill it or not. For example, you'd need 2/3 Lucky Zone to kill Corporeal Beast. With Corp as BOTD, everyone can kill it freely, even without doing the 2/3 Zone requirement. You are also getting DOUBLE BOSS POINTS per BOTD Kill. There is a NPC at the ::slayer teleport called "Boss Of The Day". You can check the leaderboard to keep up with who's on the board for rewards, including your own kill count. The rewards for BOTD are as follows: FIRST PLACE: 1,000 Donator points PLUS a Bounty Scroll. SECOND PLACE: A Bounty Scroll. THIRD PLACE: 500 Donator points. 4TH - 10TH PLACE: A Lesser Magical Box. 12. Q. How do I check my NPC kills or a specific NPC killcount? A. Do the command ::Npckills OR ::Npckills npcname [[Example: ::Npckills Pikachu]] 13. Q. What do I do with 1m/500m Tickets? A. Head to ::shops, there will be an NPCs that convert both tickets to 1B Tokens.
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