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  1. Gajeel Staff Application

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: Varies from 8-12hours, depending how into the grind I am Total hours spent on Mage: I've had 14days playtime on my iron, 8days 14hrs on my elite and 1day12hrs on my normie account Reasons for helping people: I've always enjoyed being able to help people and I understand how hard it is starting out fresh on here, so even if I can just make that start a little bit easier, it's worth it, especially if the community grows because of it Reasons for playing Mage: I've always enjoyed it, only reason I took an extended break is because my laptop was shite, now I have a proper pc though so its Mage all day from here Time zone: GMT+1
  2. Madi's staff application

    +1, been a great help as of lately
  3. server support - Iron Gajeel

    Hours a day you spend on Mage: I spend about 8-12 hours a day on mage because I love the grind, just can't get away Total hours spent on Mage: I have played 3 days and 11 hours and I started a week ago today (it wont let me upload a screenshot so if needs be I can send one via discord) Reasons for helping people: I enjoy helping people with anything and this game can be extremely confusing at first, I was lost to begin but people recommended me guides and gave me tips and I want to be able to give back to the community by helping other people while I'm on the grind Reasons for playing Mage: It's an amazing game with lots of content so I can never get bored, I enjoy the grind of gear hence the Iron man status, going for elite at the moment, i like how the game is updated regularly and with each update comes more features which are superb, overall 10/10 game with a great community. Time zone: GMT + 00:00
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