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  1. Astrals:: indepth explanation

    no use for the points yet and it's all rng, and leveling up takes alot of money and time lol
  2. Feedback Sept - Oct 19

    This is where you can give an honest opinion about the staff! Please be honest Owners Satucre - Axo - Admins Steffio - Dc ftw - net- Moderators Mars - Peon - Helpers Hybrol - Turtle king- Elite gajeel - Rush -
  3. Mars Mission

  4. this will be a guide introducing new players or people who don't understand astrals How to open Astrals this link shows a picture of how to open astrals or use, ::astral Interface This shows what the interface looks like Astrals This picture shows the potential astrals you can get white - Broken use sell all button green - lowest tier astral blue - second lowest purple - mid-tier yellow - second best astral red - best astrals Combining astrals use the same type of astrals on each other colors don't matter just make sure you use the lower level tier on the higher one Example: use a green on a blue, as long as the astrals are the same kind. Inventory Here's my inventory full of astrals I picked out of the interface, mostly experiance astrals and a few others, you can use the same kind of astrals on each other so you can use any attack astral on each other but use the lower astral on the higher one or else you'll lose your astral! Best way to level Astrals are with Experience astrals, using the same type of astral on each other also grant some experience but not the same amount as an experience astral I should also state astrals cost 1T per try Experience and how it works Level 1 - 2 = 100 EXP Level 2 - 3 = 250 EXP Level 3 - 4 = 700 EXP Level 4 - 5 = 2500 EXP Level 5 - 6 = 7500 EXP Level 6 - 7 = 12500 EXP Level 7 - 8 = 20000 EXP Level 8 - 9 = 35000 EXP Level 9 - 10 = 50000 EXP Now you might ask how much experience you get per astral? Green Astral = 2 EXP Blue = 5 EXP Purple = 10 EXP yellow = 25 EXP Red = 100 EXP A Red Experience astral gives 1000 EXP, and Experience astral's that are not Red give double the experience Now you might be wondering whats the point of Astral's what stats do they give? Attack Astral's - Yes they will increase Magic and Range too Increases all attack styles 100 for green Increases all attack styles 250 for blue Increases all attack styles by 500 For Purple Increases all Attack styles by 1000 for Yellow Increases all attack styles by 2500 for Red Crit - Is a chance to do double damage, so if your hit was calculated to be 10k, but you hit the crit chance you will hit 20k for that line Green 1% Blue 2% Purple 4% Yellow 5% Red 7% Red level 10 70% chance to do double damage Damage - won't apply to Range or Mage only melee Boosts damage 1% - Green Boosts damage 2% - Blue Boosts Damage 3% Purple Boosts damage 4% Yellow Boosts damage 5% Red Defense - Useful to becoming a tank Blocks 2% of damage - Green Blocks 3% of damage - Blue Blocks 4% of damage - Purple Blocks 5% of damage - Yellow Blocks 7% of damage - Red Hp - Do you want to have 90 extra hp? For future content, you might need it Increases Hp by 2 - Green Increases Hp by 4 - Blue Increases Hp by 5 - Purple Increases HP by 7 - Yellow Increases HP by 9 - Red Magic - Increases Magic Damage Boosts damage 1% - Green Boosts damage 2% - Blue Boosts Damage 3% Purple Boosts damage 4% Yellow Boosts damage 5% Red Range - Increases Range Damage Boosts damage 1% - Green Boosts damage 2% - Blue Boosts Damage 3% Purple Boosts damage 4% Yellow Boosts damage 5% Red
  5. ..

    Just giving this a bumpso others can see it
  6. some of these suggestions are already in-game such as 1, 3, 13 all are in-game. 8 & 7 are being looked after. 10 & 12 useless since the hellpup is a drop rate pet and the ring gets surpassed by ring of souls, But I like number 6.
  7. Starter Guide!

    great remake!
  8. Peon Staff app!

  9. Tri zone Guide

    This will be a look into the zone, ::tri and also a small guide I added some pictures to help... the first picture is the entrance to the, ::tri zone with the chest where you'll use the keys individual keys are 1:70 chance at items - could be lower ( gives gear baised on the key) Tri-keys are 1:35 chance at items - could be lower (also more of a chance to get random gear) usually, keys are guaranteed cash to the north you've got masterful rangers - use Protect range / Deflect range to the west you have masterful melee - use protect mage and bring food, - suggest the interdimensional donut- and to the south masterful mages - use deflect / protect mage make sure to bring prayer pots ! the second picture contains the keys gained you can combine the three to make one Tri-key
  10. Weapon Upgrading with Gems

    some of the items on list need updating lol
  11. -

    +1 million
  12. Madi's staff application

    +1 as well
  13. Forum Moderator / Helper

    @SatucrePlease at least acknowledge this? <3
  14. someone staff team please read my appeal

    @Satucre Perhaps he needs another chance, but just be monitored more closely.
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