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  1. Before I start with it, I am very grateful, because I got some help. Thanks Quiet, Virax and Somenub for information and pictures about sets. Hello. This is guide about our Star Wars Raids and Lasergun Minigame. You can get there easily with a command ::raids. Raid bosses can be found going west and Lasergun Minigame can be found going east. Star Wars Raids: Obiwan - No requirements, can kill him with team of players. - Here you can get Obiwan set (gloves, boots, shirt, legs, hat), Obiwan pet and Blue Lightsaber. Stormtrooper - Requirement is that you finish Lasergun Minigame and show Green Lasergun. - Here you can get Stormtrooper set (gloves, boots, platebody, platelegs, fullhelm), Stormtrooper pet and Red Lasergun. - Red Lasergun from only this boss or from Raid Box (donation). Darth Vader - Requirement is that you kill 250 Stormtrooper boss. - Here you can get Darth Vader set (gloves, boots, platebody, platelegs, fullhelm, cape), Darth Vader pet and Red Lightsaber. Some information about Lightsabers, Red Lasergun, Obiwan, Stormtrooper and Darth Vader set. Lasergun Minigame: It's alot like Korasi Minigame. But here are Stormtrooper Recruits, easy to kill, if you got decent gear. You need to think about entering the Minigame, because entry fee is 5T and if you leave, you need to pay that price again!!! Theres 5 different Laserguns, you get them from the minigame or can buy also from shop. Stormtroopers also drop Stormtrooper gear, but white one, which is better. You get 1 point each kill. I don't suggest buying those, I suggest you grind them by yourself. Will provide information about Laserguns below: Minigame Laserguns:
  2. The real $ making guide for begginers

    Hehe Hybrol, thats a good way indeed
  3. Hello! Gonna introduce you to some minigames and raids we got in our server, which you can enjoy. 1) Korasi minigame It's located south from home and can get here easily also with commands ::gkey or ::slayer. You need to talk with Aggressive Mage and need 250 bil tokens in inventory each time you enter. Some information about different Korasis and Drop Chances, check provided link below: https://mageps.com/forums/index.php?/topic/17-korasi-minigame/ 2) Dominion Tower Its located at Lumbridge, south from lumbridge teleport, but easier way is to just use command ::graveyard. To talk and get to the Dominion Tower, you need to complete a quest: Dominion Head. Information about the quest and requirements will be provided within these links below: https://mageps.com/forums/index.php?/topic/13-dominion-head-quest-guide-dominion-tower/ https://mageps.com/forums/index.php?/topic/11340-dominion-tower-guide/ Picture here where you can get Ghostspeak amulet and find the doggo you need to kill to complete the quest. You get 1000 points per clearing the tower and you will find alot of different prizes, but it's mainly for the Monkey bandage which will heal you 90 hp unlimited times and with a short cooldown time. 3) Lasergun minigame It's located at ::raids, then you need to head east. It's like Korasi minigame, but will cost you 5T each time you enter. There are Stormtroopers who you need to kill to get laserguns and Stormtrooper gear. Ofcourse you can buy laserguns and gear from Lasergun Master, you get 1 point per 1 kill ther, but I suggest just to grind. 4) Star Wars Raids It's located at ::raids and you need to head west and talk Snow Raider, it doesn't cost you anything, just every day you get free Raid entries. There's Obiwan - no requirements, just look for a party to kill him. Stormtrooper - You need to get Green Lasergun at Lasergun minigame to show. Darth Vader - You need 250 Stormtrooper Boss kills to enter. Here you can get different Star Wars gear, which are pretty good. 5) Imp Blood Portal It's located at ::hunter, a lil bit south there, you need 3 different imp key parts to get a key, you get those parts from doing hunter. But I would not suggest to do this minigame because it doesn't give good prizes.
  4. Hello! I'm gonna introduce you to our servers afking activities. There's 2 zones where you can afk and it will be very useful for you. Both of the zones are west of home, very easy to find. Left side is for afk fishing. You don't need fishing level or any equipment, you can just fish and get rainbow fish, 1b tokens and mystery boxes, theres also a Master Afk Shop there, shown on picture. There you can buy different pickaxes which you can use when you go right from afk fishing zone and mine that rock there. Some information on picture and when you want some more information about pickaxes, visit the thread provided below: https://mageps.com/forums/index.php?/topic/11333-afk-pickaxe-buff-guide/ The pickaxes got different useful buffs and the mining works that way, that you just mine and the time you mine will be added to your buff (max 5 hour). Also you can stack buffs with different pickaxes, can use for example damage and droprate buff at the same time, but you have to consider how you mine that time, because the buff you previously mined will decrease. !!!!! Remember these BUFFS CANNOT be stacked with potions like 2x when your getting a 1.5x damage buff !!!!!
  5. Baron's Helper application

    @Satucre Yeah Boss, will make an instroductory guide which will provide alot of information about everything you need when you start, have started taking pictures and asking some ideas, so gonna work on it when I got more time, visiting my womans parents atm, so not so much time right now.
  6. Players need that kind of information, good work bro
  7. I'm Baron

    Hello, I have played like a month already and have met alot of awesome players. Would like to introduce myself, my real name is Keijo and I'm from Estonia, I'm very friendly and love to help people, I'm not working atm irl, so got alot of free time to spend my time on this server, if anyone needs help feel free to pm me or you just can ask at cc also. Alright that is all for now, keeping it simple, glad to introduce myself and glad meeting all of you guys, keep up the grinding and be friendly, lets build up a nice community.
  8. mageps ::home guide

    Thanks Christian for supporting our server with your home guide, our community appreciating it very much, good job bro.
  9. Applying for support / Mod

    Yo bro, very polite and simple application, have seen you in-game very often, you know and ofc helping players, good luck bro getting helper status.
  10. Korasi Minigame drop rate problem

    1/500 means ust 1 npc, can't count else, so its normal if you stay dry, I have been 2,5k dry and some even 4-5k, so just grind, it's easy bro
  11. Baron's Helper application

    Thank you guys for supporting me, appreciate it.
  12. quick little mage rsps video i made

    Yo Astro, enjoyed watching it, keep it up fam
  13. Juat a suggestion

    yeah need a trivia or loyalty shop, will wait for these updates to come.
  14. Server Support application

    Ehh bro, simple application, but have seen you in-game very often and you are very active. You are also friendly and have seen you help some players, ofcourse doesn't know how much of them have you helped via pm and so on. Will gladly want to see you as helper, good luck bro. Enjoy my honest and simple opinion.
  15. MagePs Start Tips

    well that keeps it simple, very good work kushy