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  1. Gear Guide

    Thank you, updated it... Hope you guys like it
  2. Gear Guide

    GEAR GUIDE .:Torva Sets:. Mossy Torva Set [From ::pikachu] Steel Torva Set [From ::celestial] Deep Torva Set [Unholy Cursebearer] Frostbite Torva Set [From MBox / ::alien] Kryptic Torva Set [Lesser Magic Box / ::terrorbird] Divine Torva Set [Lesser Magic Box / ::gorak] Bloodthirsty Torva Set [From ::forgotten] Devious Torva Set [Lesser Magic Box / ::charmeleon] Sea Blue Torva Set [Lesser Magical Box / Barrelchest Boss] .:Bossy Sets:. [From ::satucre] Requirement: Get those pieces opening Turtle Boxes or gamble for certain piece, need to turn them in to Milestone King, south at home. Bossy Melee Set Bossy Range Set Bossy Mage Set :Beastmaster Set: [From MBox / ::tome] .:3rd Age Sets:. 3rd Age Set [MBox / Spin Tickets] Steel 3rd Age Set [From Lesser Magical Box] Devious 3rd Age Set [From Lesser Magical Box] .:Tzhaar Sets:. Tok-Tzhaar Set [From Hell Chest] Tzhaar Set [From ::tzhaar] Requirement: They drop also dyes and you can color your Tzhaar pieces / Whip (It does not add any stats to pieces!) Supreme Tzhaar Set Can get by combining 2 same Tzhaar pieces together. .:Lance Minigame Set:. Hellfire Set [::lance] 750 points per piece in Hell Puppy Shop .:Requirement Sets:. Use ::req to find out NPC and Zone requirements. Aquatic Set [::horror] Requirement: Obsidian Set [From ::arrav] Requirement: Tiger Set [::ursaring] Requirement: Knightmare Set [::scyther] Requirement: Need to get those pieces as drop to unlock. Lion Set [::lion] Requirement: Need to get those pieces as drop to unlock. Totodile Set [::totodile] Requirement: Need to get those items as drop to unlock. Horse Set [::thorse] Requirement: Need to get those pieces as drop to unlock. Evil Set [::eturnip] Requirement: First get Pikachu Pet as drop to unlock ::ninja zone, then follow those reqs.. You need to get those 25 MBoxes as drop. Turtle Set [::turtle] Set Bonus: 60% droprate boost only at Turtles. Requirement: .:Mage Sets + Polypore Staff:. Polypore Staff is drop from Ganodermic Beast Requirements: No requirement to kill ::rainbow for Dusty Set. Dusty Set [::rainbow] Ganodermic Set [::ganodermic] Ethereal Set [::ethereal] Best Combination .:Dragonbone Sets:. Dragonbone Set [From ::bork] Heavy Dragonbone Set [Dono Shop, Goku] Set Bonus: +110 Strength Bonus per Slot (+160 Strength with Fairy Wings) You also need Lucky Ring of Life + Arcane Blast Necklace to activate Set Bonus! Corrupt Dragon Set [From Lesser Magical Box] Set Bonus: Under 50% NPC HP, 1% chance to 50-50 chance 1 shot that NPC. Ankou Set [From ::kril / ::diablo] Set Bonus: Less hp = More damage New damage = Old damage * (1 + Max HP / Current HP / 100) Requirements: Phantom Set [Dono Shop, Goku] Set Bonus: Operate for Random Buff lasting 1 Minute (10 Min Cooldown). Completionist Set [Donator Shop] Lucky Completionist Set [Dono Shop, ::luckyknight] Requirement: Reqs for Evil Set and these Evil items as drop to unlock. Set Bonus: 2% Drop Rate per Piece, 15% Complete Set bonus = 25% Rage Set [From Rage Vorago Boss] Set Bonus: 10% chance to increase hit by 25% (fire displayed under player when activates). Requirement: 500 Regular and Rage Vorago kills at ::vorago, get maul from center, coffin. Satucre the Boss Set [::satucre] Set Bonus: 10% chance to not take damage at all (shield displayed on player when activates). Requirement: Get those pieces opening Turtle Boxes or gamble for certain piece, need to turn them in to Milestone King, south at home. QBD Set [::qbd] Set Bonus: Every 30 min. can be operated for Random Buff. Requirement: Tyrant Set [By donation / Goku] Set Bonus: 5% chance to double hit. 2.5% chance to triple hit (Only if double hit applies). 5% chance to double Special Damage .:Sexy Sets:. Sexy Schoolgirl Set [By donation only] Set Bonus: 5% chance to double hit. 2.5% chance to triple hit (Only if double hit applies). 5% chance to double Special Damage. Sexy Bikini Set [By donation only] Set Bonus: Every 30 min. can be operated for Random Buff. .:Raid / Lasergun Minigame Sets:. Black Stormtrooper Set [::raids] 2,5k points at Lasergun Master Shop or dropped by Stromtrooper Recruit. White Stormtrooper Set [::raids] From Raid Box (donation) or from Stormtrooper Leader. Requirement: Green Lasergun from Lasergun Minigame to unlock. Set Bonus: 1 extra hit for Lasergun Obiwan Set [::raids] No requirements, just kill with team. Set Bonus: Set gives 25% droprate + Obiwan pet 31% droprate = 56% Darth Vader Set [::raids] Requirement: 250 Stormtrooper Leader kills. Set Bonus: Can operate and make Lightsaber like range weapon, can attack from distance. .:Power lvl Over 9000 Sets:. Vegeta Set [::vegeta] Set Bonus: 10% extra damage. Requirement: Goku Set [::goku] It´s World Boss, spawns every 4 hours, top 10 has a chance for rare drop. Set Bonus: 25k str bonus (Super Saiyan Bonus), original 12500.
  3. Price Guide

    Feel free to suggest items and prices, I just helped him fast, IDK also all prices Lets all bring together our knowledge and finish this.
  4. Hello! This guide will explain which accessories we have and how to make them, also how to add even more droprate. There is only 1 amulet which gives you droprate, below how to make it: There is already guide: https://mageps.com/forums/index.php?/topic/11327-immortal-charm-guide/ Check that guide, I'll just show how it looks like and how much droprate it gives. Also a tip: ::mydroprate to check your droprate bonuses in-game. Immortal Charm Different kind of droprate rings: Ring of Wealth You get it as drop from ::gorak, or can get by opening Mystery Boxes. Lucky Ring of Life You get it as drop from Lucky Knights, ::req, but when you get it, it's damaged. When fully upgraded it gives up to 15% droprate, based on killcount, 1k kills = 1% droprate. So 15k killcount = 15% droprate Also can be operated or more easier would be command ::rol to tele back to last death location. === You need Ice Diamond to fix it === Then it is fixed, but need to upgrade it, then it will not break again, Lucky Ring of Life [UnBreakable] === You need Lucky Heaven Stone to upgrade it === Immortal Band Check guide how to make it: https://mageps.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2158-immortal-band-guide/ I'll just show how it looks like and explain how much droprate it will give. It will give up to 20% droprate, also based on killcount, 1k kills = 0,5% droprate. So 40k killcount = 20% droprate What are Scroll of effiency and Scroll of Cleansing? You can buy them for donation points or from get as drop from Donor Boss, Effiency from Turtle shop (1k stones) and from Party Pete event. Added droprate is account bounded, so it will transfer between those rings. Scroll of Effiency It is a good way to add alot of droprate to your account, you can add up to 50% droprate, by adding Scroll of Effiency to your RoW or LRoL. Ring limit is 5 times, each time will get you 0-10% droprate, if you get 0%, you can add again... Scroll of Cleansing It will clean your ring from added droprate, so you can try again, when unlucky (You will not get Scroll of Effiency back).

    Updated version.
  6. Drop Catcher Guide

    Drop Catcher Guide You can get it by donating 25$ = 5k dpoints, 125 vote points, free at 25k killcount. Also can buy from players, it's tradeable. Drop catcher has 3 tiers, each tier with different options, change options by operating. It's upgraded with Lucky Heaven Stone: Made by combining Lucky Ore and Heaven Stone. Drop Catcher Can not operate it, it only has 1 option. Drop Catcher [T2] Can be operated and has 2 options. Drop Catcher [Upgraded] Can be operated and has 8 options.
  7. Cuck Island ft vegeta

    RNGjesus walking on water
  8. Vorago's Quest Guide [omen's mine]

    Nice guide bro! Very nice and clean, thank you for it.
  9. Nicely done thread and great updates, glad to have so much bugs fixed..
  10. Before I start with it, I am very grateful, because I got some help. Thanks Quiet, Virax and Somenub for information and pictures about sets. Hello. This is guide about our Star Wars Raids and Lasergun Minigame. You can get there easily with a command ::raids. Raid bosses can be found going west and Lasergun Minigame can be found going east. Star Wars Raids: Obiwan - No requirements, can kill him with team of players. - Here you can get Obiwan set (gloves, boots, shirt, legs, hat), Obiwan pet and Blue Lightsaber. Stormtrooper - Requirement is that you finish Lasergun Minigame and show Green Lasergun. - Here you can get Stormtrooper set (gloves, boots, platebody, platelegs, fullhelm), Stormtrooper pet and Red Lasergun. - Red Lasergun from only this boss or from Raid Box (donation). Darth Vader - Requirement is that you kill 250 Stormtrooper boss. - Here you can get Darth Vader set (gloves, boots, platebody, platelegs, fullhelm, cape), Darth Vader pet and Red Lightsaber. Some information about Lightsabers, Red Lasergun, Obiwan, Stormtrooper and Darth Vader set. Lasergun Minigame: It's alot like Korasi Minigame. But here are Stormtrooper Recruits, easy to kill, if you got decent gear. You need to think about entering the Minigame, because entry fee is 5T and if you leave, you need to pay that price again!!! Theres 5 different Laserguns, you get them from the minigame or can buy also from shop. Stormtroopers also drop Stormtrooper gear. You get 1 point each kill. I don't suggest buying those, I suggest you grind them by yourself. Will provide information about Laserguns below: Minigame Laserguns:
  11. The real $ making guide for begginers

    Hehe Hybrol, thats a good way indeed
  12. DELETE!

    Hello! This is a guide to introduce you to our AFK fishing and AFK mining activity. Those zones can be found easily, just head west from home. As you can see on the picture, left zone is for AFK fishing and right zone is for AFK mining. AFK FISHING ZONE: You can just go and click fishing spot to fish, you do no need fishing level and fishing level does not help you get fish faster. You will get Rainbow Fish and randomly 1B tokens and Mystery Boxes. You can fish as long as you want and can. As you can see on the picture, there is Master Afk Shop, I will explain what you can get below. There is 6 different pickaxes with different benefits. So AFK fish and buy what you need. Also Rainbow Fish and Pickaxes are tradeable. AFK MINING ZONE: You need Pickaxe from AFK Fishing Shop to mine here. You just keep it in inventory or equip it, it does not use 2 different pickaxes to mine, mining just uses pick, which one is first. Buff Pickaxes - You can mine for time up to 5 hour buff (You can see buff bottom right on screen). Golden Pickaxe - You can mine with it as long as you want. NB! Double Strength Potion cannot be stacked with Damage Pickaxe Buff!
  14. Baron's Helper application

    @Satucre Yeah Boss, will make an instroductory guide which will provide alot of information about everything you need when you start, have started taking pictures and asking some ideas, so gonna work on it when I got more time, visiting my womans parents atm, so not so much time right now.
  15. Players need that kind of information, good work bro