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  1. Amulet / Ring Guide

    Satucre, why is there no "edit" anymore, can I get access to it as I want to edit some old guides and also make some new ones...
  2. Berserk This Helper Application

    gonna +1 this one too, seems like he is a big nub, but atleast helping us out very humble indeed.
  3. The Slave - Helper Application

    +1 from me bro
  4. Updated Pet Guide

    Good job nub
  5. Best Custom Server ever Boss I really enjoy these updates and alot of bugs fixed, very good job done!
  6. Goodbye Baron...

    I'll sometimes visit you guys, but not as Mod, I'll let myself get demoted and play as regular player, ofc I will help you all out anyway, I love helping, I love this community, this game, you guys, you cant get rid of me so easily k3
  7. Elite Mode How can you get this Ironman Mode ? Requirement: You need to get 50k killcount with your account, After when you have 50k kc, you need to talk with Elite Guide (::shops), he will ask to pick an account name, if picked acc name is already in use, you will be asked if you like an automatically generated name or choose another name. He will create new acc with picked name and same password of your current account. When you log in, you get to choose different modes (new account), pick Elite Mode. What benefits/restrictions will wait you with this mode ? You get Elite Mode gear with special bonuses (Will explain below). You are Ironman, so no trading, gambling, duelling, no ironman shop too. You will not be able to buy anything from the auction system. You will only be able to put items up for auction that have a value of 10T. You will receive 150% base Drop Rate bonus. You will receive your own Yell color, rank, and icon. Only able to do Medium / Hard / Boss slayer tasks. Monsters do 20% extra damage to you and you do 20% extra damage to monsters. Max hit bonuses no longer work for you. Doing combat prestige raises your prestige level. Elite Mode gear Bonuses Gear Tiers upgrade automatically when it is equipped and you do damage. Different tiers have different colors, T6 is black. SET TIER BONUSES TIER 1 1 Strength Bonus per NPC Kill. TIER 2 1 Attack Bonus per NPC Kill. TIER 3 1 Defense Bonus per NPC Kill. TIER 4 1/5 Strength Bonus per NPC Kill. TIER 5 1/5 Attack Bonus per NPC Kill. 1/5 Defense Bonus per NPC Kill. TIER 6 1/5 Attack Bonus per NPC Kill. 1/5 Defense Bonus per NPC Kill. 1/5 Strength Bonus per NC Kill.
  8. Drop Rate Guide

    Drop Rate Guide Game Mode Bonuses (Those will not double with Double Drop Rate Event) Group Ironman: 50% base drop rate bonus. Ironman: 55% base drop rate bonus. HardCore Ironman: 70% base drop rate bonus. .: Can choose between those 3 when you first make account :. Elite Ironman: 150% base drop rate bonus. .: Elite mode is made by Elite Master, need first 50k killcount :. Google Authenticator Bonus ::2fasetup - to set up Account Security with Google Authenticator. Enter the code manually and do ::finish2fa to enable it. After finishing it - gives 3% extra drop rate bonus. Grinding / Daily Attendance Bonus NPC kills: 1% every 500 kills, max 20% drop rate = 10k killcount. Daily Attendance: 1% every day up to 10% drop rate bonus = 10 days. Drop Rate Pets Pikachu: Drop from ::pikachu, 10% drop rate below 5k kc, 5% after 5k kc. Raichu: Upgraded with thunderstone from ::pikachu, 10% below 5k kc, 7% below 10k kc, 5% after 10k kc. Drunk Slave, Whore, Mixer Pet (Pet Box): 8% drop rate bonus. Diablo Pet (Pet Box): Random 1-10% drop rate bonus per kill + cuts the QBD/Phantom set effect cool down in half. Giant Squirrel Pet (Pet Box): 2% chance to deal moderate bonus damage on each hit + 5% drop rate + 2% chance to take no damage when you get hit. Olmlet Pet (Pet Box, Magical Box): 5% chance to deal huge bonus damage on each hit + 1% chance to inflict a burning effect on each hit AND random 1-20% drop. Satucre Pet (Pet Box, Rage Vorago Scroll): 14% drop rate. Tormented Demon Pet (Pet Box): 15% drop rate bonus at tormented demons (::tds) Pumpkin Pet (Pet Box): 20% drop rate. Ring / Amulet Bonuses Ring of Wealth: 10% drop rate. Lucky Ring of Life [UnBreakable]: From Lucky Knights, Fixed with Ice Diamond and upgraded with Lucky Heaven Stone. .: (1k killcount = 1%, caps at 15% drop rate = 15k kc) :. Immortal Band: Combined Bring T13, LRoL [UnB], Turtle Ring. .: (2k kc = 1%, caps at 20% drop rate = 40k kc) :. Immortal Charm: Combined Trimmed Amulet T10, Rage Amulet, Arcane Stream Necklace. (5% droprate + Random (0-5%) Scroll of Efficiency: adds 0-10% each use on ring (max 5 uses with 0% not adding to count) 100% 10% Drop rate Scroll (Donator Shop): 100% chance to add 10% Drop Rate to RoW or LRoL. Scroll of cleansing: Resets all DR gain from 5 uses. Donator Status 10$ Donator: 5% Drop Rate Boost 25$ Super Donator: 10% Drop Rate Boost 50$ Extreme Donator: 15% Drop Rate Boost 125$ Legendary Donator: 20% Drop Rate Boost 250$ Divine Donator: 30% Drop Rate Boost 500$ VIP: 40% Drop Rate Boost SPONSOR: 50% Drop Rate Boost Gear Bonuses Lucky Teddy, From Lucky Knights, 20% Drop Rate Lucky Teddy [Upgraded]: (Upgraded with Lucky Heaven Stone) - 32%, need every slot filled, even arrow slot for that. Lucky Completionist Set: 2% each piece; set bonus adds additional 15% = 25% Lucky Completionist Offhand, Mainhand - 2% each. Obiwan Set: 25% Drop Rate Set Bonus, with Obiwan pet extra 31% Slayer Helm Bonuses (Effective only on slayer task kills) Slayer Helmet: 1% Bronze Slayer Helmet: 2% Iron Slayer Helmet: 3% Steel Slayer Helmet: 4% Black Slayer Helmet: 5% Mithril Slayer Helmet: 6% Adamant Slayer Helmet: 7% Rune Slayer Helmet: 8% Dragon Slayer Helmet: 9% Lava Slayer Helmet: 10% Lime Slayer Helmet: 13% Barrows Slayer Helmet: 20% (2 Lime Slayer Helmets combined) Shadow Slayer Helmet: 33% (2 Barrows Slayer Helmets combined) Gilded Slayer Helmet: 50% (2 Shadow Slayer Helmets combined)
  9. Gear Guide

    Thank you, updated it... Hope you guys like it
  10. Gear Guide

    GEAR GUIDE .:Torva Sets:. Mossy Torva Set [From ::pikachu] Steel Torva Set [From ::celestial] Deep Torva Set [Unholy Cursebearer] Frostbite Torva Set [From MBox / ::alien] Kryptic Torva Set [Lesser Magic Box / ::terrorbird] Divine Torva Set [Lesser Magic Box / ::gorak] Bloodthirsty Torva Set [From ::forgotten] Devious Torva Set [Lesser Magic Box / ::charmeleon] Sea Blue Torva Set [Lesser Magical Box / Barrelchest Boss] .:Bossy Sets:. [From ::satucre] Requirement: Get those pieces opening Turtle Boxes or gamble for certain piece, need to turn them in to Milestone King, south at home. Bossy Melee Set Bossy Range Set Bossy Mage Set :Beastmaster Set: [From MBox / ::tome] .:3rd Age Sets:. 3rd Age Set [MBox / Spin Tickets] Steel 3rd Age Set [From Lesser Magical Box] Devious 3rd Age Set [From Lesser Magical Box] .:Tzhaar Sets:. Tok-Tzhaar Set [From Hell Chest] Tzhaar Set [From ::tzhaar] Requirement: They drop also dyes and you can color your Tzhaar pieces / Whip (It does not add any stats to pieces!) Supreme Tzhaar Set Can get by combining 2 same Tzhaar pieces together. .:Lance Minigame Set:. Hellfire Set [::lance] 750 points per piece in Hell Puppy Shop .:Requirement Sets:. Use ::req to find out NPC and Zone requirements. Aquatic Set [::horror] Requirement: Obsidian Set [From ::arrav] Requirement: Tiger Set [::ursaring] Requirement: Knightmare Set [::scyther] Requirement: Need to get those pieces as drop to unlock. Lion Set [::lion] Requirement: Need to get those pieces as drop to unlock. Totodile Set [::totodile] Requirement: Need to get those items as drop to unlock. Horse Set [::thorse] Requirement: Need to get those pieces as drop to unlock. Evil Set [::eturnip] Requirement: First get Pikachu Pet as drop to unlock ::ninja zone, then follow those reqs.. You need to get those 25 MBoxes as drop. Turtle Set [::turtle] Set Bonus: 60% droprate boost only at Turtles. Requirement: .:Mage Sets + Polypore Staff:. Polypore Staff is drop from Ganodermic Beast Requirements: No requirement to kill ::rainbow for Dusty Set. Dusty Set [::rainbow] Ganodermic Set [::ganodermic] Ethereal Set [::ethereal] Best Combination .:Dragonbone Sets:. Dragonbone Set [From ::bork] Heavy Dragonbone Set [Dono Shop, Goku] Set Bonus: +110 Strength Bonus per Slot (+160 Strength with Fairy Wings) You also need Lucky Ring of Life + Arcane Blast Necklace to activate Set Bonus! Corrupt Dragon Set [From Lesser Magical Box] Set Bonus: Under 50% NPC HP, 1% chance to 50-50 chance 1 shot that NPC. Ankou Set [From ::kril / ::diablo] Set Bonus: Less hp = More damage New damage = Old damage * (1 + Max HP / Current HP / 100) Requirements: Phantom Set [Dono Shop, Goku] Set Bonus: Operate for Random Buff lasting 1 Minute (10 Min Cooldown). Lucky Completionist Set [Dono Shop, ::luckyknight] Requirement: Reqs for Evil Set and these Evil items as drop to unlock. Set Bonus: 2% Drop Rate per Piece, 15% Complete Set bonus = 25% Rage Set [From Rage Vorago Boss] Set Bonus: 10% chance to increase hit by 25% (fire displayed under player when activates). Requirement: 500 Regular and Rage Vorago kills at ::vorago, get maul from center, coffin. Satucre the Boss Set [::satucre] Set Bonus: 10% chance to not take damage at all (shield displayed on player when activates). Requirement: Get those pieces opening Turtle Boxes or gamble for certain piece, need to turn them in to Milestone King, south at home. QBD Set [::qbd] Set Bonus: Every 30 min. can be operated for Random Buff. Requirement: Tyrant Set [By donation / Goku] Set Bonus: 5% chance to double hit. 2.5% chance to triple hit (Only if double hit applies). 5% chance to double Special Damage .:Sexy Sets:. Sexy Schoolgirl Set [By donation only] Set Bonus: 5% chance to double hit. 2.5% chance to triple hit (Only if double hit applies). 5% chance to double Special Damage. Sexy Bikini Set [By donation only] Set Bonus: Every 30 min. can be operated for Random Buff. .:Raid / Lasergun Minigame Sets:. Black Stormtrooper Set [::raids] 2,5k points at Lasergun Master Shop or dropped by Stromtrooper Recruit. White Stormtrooper Set [::raids] From Raid Box (donation) or from Stormtrooper Leader. Requirement: Green Lasergun from Lasergun Minigame to unlock. Set Bonus: 1 extra hit for Lasergun Obiwan Set [::raids] No requirements, just kill with team. Set Bonus: Set gives 25% droprate + Obiwan pet 31% droprate = 56% Darth Vader Set [::raids] Requirement: 250 Stormtrooper Leader kills. Set Bonus: Can operate and make Lightsaber like range weapon, can attack from distance. .:Power lvl Over 9000 Sets:. Vegeta Set [::vegeta] Set Bonus: 10% extra damage. Requirement: Goku Set [::goku] It´s World Boss, spawns every 4 hours, top 10 has a chance for rare drop. Set Bonus: 25k str bonus (Super Saiyan Bonus), original 12500.
  11. Price Guide

    Feel free to suggest items and prices, I just helped him fast, IDK also all prices Lets all bring together our knowledge and finish this.
  12. Hello! This guide will explain which accessories we have and how to make them, also how to add even more droprate. There is only 1 amulet which gives you droprate, below how to make it: There is already guide: https://mageps.com/forums/index.php?/topic/11327-immortal-charm-guide/ Check that guide, I'll just show how it looks like and how much droprate it gives. Also a tip: ::mydroprate to check your droprate bonuses in-game. Immortal Charm Different kind of droprate rings: Ring of Wealth You get it as drop from ::gorak, or can get by opening Mystery Boxes. Lucky Ring of Life You get it as drop from Lucky Knights, ::req, but when you get it, it's damaged. When fully upgraded it gives up to 15% droprate, based on killcount, 1k kills = 1% droprate. So 15k killcount = 15% droprate Also can be operated or more easier would be command ::rol to tele back to last death location. === You need Ice Diamond to fix it === Then it is fixed, but need to upgrade it, then it will not break again, Lucky Ring of Life [UnBreakable] === You need Lucky Heaven Stone to upgrade it === Immortal Band Check guide how to make it: https://mageps.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2158-immortal-band-guide/ I'll just show how it looks like and explain how much droprate it will give. It will give up to 20% droprate, also based on killcount, 1k kills = 0,5% droprate. So 40k killcount = 20% droprate What are Scroll of effiency and Scroll of Cleansing? You can buy them for donation points or from get as drop from Donor Boss, Effiency from Turtle shop (1k stones) and from Party Pete event. Added droprate is account bounded, so it will transfer between those rings. Scroll of Effiency It is a good way to add alot of droprate to your account, you can add up to 50% droprate, by adding Scroll of Effiency to your RoW or LRoL. Ring limit is 5 times, each time will get you 0-10% droprate, if you get 0%, you can add again... Scroll of Cleansing It will clean your ring from added droprate, so you can try again, when unlucky (You will not get Scroll of Effiency back).

    Updated version.
  14. Drop Catcher Guide

    Drop Catcher Guide You can get it by donating 25$ = 5k dpoints, 125 vote points, free at 25k killcount. Also can buy from players, it's tradeable. Drop catcher has 3 tiers, each tier with different options, change options by operating. It's upgraded with Lucky Heaven Stone: Made by combining Lucky Ore and Heaven Stone. Drop Catcher Can not operate it, it only has 1 option. Drop Catcher [T2] Can be operated and has 2 options. Drop Catcher [Upgraded] Can be operated and has 8 options.
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