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  1. Kuro's Application

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: I approximately play about 8 hours+ a weekday and 10+ weekends Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): https://gyazo.com/3173f84f0693b2afe820938a8abf7c10 Reasons for helping people: I love the community and want to make it better by helping everyone. There's a lot of things that some players just have a harder time understand and I enjoy teaching players how to do things. I've been around the RSPS community for a very long time and feel as if my assistance could help out tremendously. Reasons for playing Mage: It's great to enjoy the grind. Sitting in voice chat with other players enjoying the passion for grinding. It's overall an amazing experience. Mage has a lot of amazing content that makes it a genuinely different server than most. The free to play aspect of this server is phenomenal for those players who don't normally have the money to donate. Time zone: Central standard time Extra information: I've been every rank in the book in other servers. I have approximately 9 years as a staff member in other rsps's and I feel like my experience can help improve things in the server. I want to make this server become one of the largest and most successful servers there is. Everyone enjoys the grind and the genuine amazing feeling when you finally get that Katana or HSS you've been grinding for.