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  1. New Minigame skilling/pvm

    A minigame like raids where you need a team to complete a team between 4-10 were you need skills to complete, like farm some seeds make potions, mining and something to make armour and weapon, fish food and cook to prepare to a fight at the end, and can use thieving for getting the seeds to the potions, crafting for make amulet and ring, fetching and woodcutting to make bows and arrows So it will be a skillling minigame with a huge boss fight at the end? Maybe 2 or 3 bosses you need to take down at the end This is a minigame based on skilling, you can't bring any item in the minigame but you will have your skills to work with, you need to use your stats to make your armour, food, potion etc to use at the final battle. This Skilling minigame starts when there are 4-10 players in the waiting area (no item allowed), when the minigame starts the players will be teled into the first area were the first skill is located. First skill will be thieving. here will be a stall for each skill below - MagePS Guardian - Mining - Smithing - Crafting - Fishing - Herblore - Farming - Fletching - Firemaking - Construction You now need to thiev from the skill stall to claim the supplies you need to make the progress to complete the minigame MagePS Guardian: - Dart Of Death (1/500 Need it for finish Boss 3) Need lvl 90 to thiev from this npc Mining Stall: - Pickaxe (Iron, steel, mithril, adamant, rune, dragon) Smithing Stall: - Hammer Crafting Stall: - Chisel - Thread(x2) - Needle - Amulet Mould - Ring Mould - Royal Hide - Mage Hide - Satur Hide - Dragonstone - Onyx Fishing Stall: - Net - Fly fishing rod - Harpoon - Red vine worms (x5) Herblore Stall: - Vial of water - Grimy Kwuarm/Limpwurt root = Super Str - Grimy Snapdragon/Red Spider Eggs = Super Restore - Grimy Cadantine/White Berries = Super defence - Grimy Irit/Eye of Newt = Super Attack Farming Stall: - Kwuarm Seeds - Irit Seeds - Cadantine Seeds - Snapdragon Seeds -Watering Can(8) - Secuataurs -Seed dibber - Rake - Spade Fletching Stall: - Knife - Feather - Flax - Hatchet (Iron, steel, mithril, adamant, rune, dragon) Firemaking Stall: - Tinderbox Construction Stall: -Steel Nails - Oak Plank - Spike traps - A Custom Cannon Mining Skilling: - Coal - Gold Ore - Zenite Rocks (Mithril Rocks) - Mage Rocks (Adamant Rocks) - Blaze Rocks (Rune Rocks) Smithing Skilling: - Furnace - Anvils - Zenite Rocks (Mithril Rocks) - Mage Rocks (Adamant Rocks) - Blaze Rocks (Rune Rocks) Crafting Tanner Spinning Wheel Furnace Royal Leather (Crafting lvl 50) (hood lvl 50, Chaps lvl 54 Body lvl 58) Mage Leather (Crafting lvl 70) (hood lvl 70, Chaps lvl 74 Body lvl 78) Satur Leather (crafting lvl 90) (hood lvl 90, Chaps lvl 94 Body lvl 98) Glory Amulet Fury Amulet Dragonstone Ring for range (+150 in range Bonus) Onyx Ring For Melee (+150 in str Bonus) Ball Of Wool Fishing Fishing spots (Shrimp, Shark/tuna, Rocktail) Farming Herb plot Fletching - Logs (for arrows) - Maple Logs (for Bow) - Yew Logs (for Bow) - Magic Logs (for Bow) Firemaking Big bonfire can be used for cooking too. (need to add 50 logs to start it) Construction Building spots Boss 1: First Boss fight should be a mass boss. Boss 2: This Boss will have 3 phase before you can finish it, each phase have 1,5M hp (total 4,5M hp) Phase 1. - Will be a normal fight (2M Hp) Phase 2 - This phase it will have a magic attack (blue ball) that can hit you up to 99 so people should have boosted the hp before the attack, make a text that informs a special attack is on the way, make it so the boss will have the special att each 200k hp Phase 3 - This phase the boss will have a shield so you can't damage it before you have broken the shield (the shield have 500k hp) this boss also has the same special attack as phase 2, this boss will have a second special attack it will disappear for 15 sec and stun the players while the players can take damage. Boss 3: This Boss will have 4 Phase and would have some other tactics before you can finish it up at the last phase. Phase 1 (Magic Attack) (construction skill needed) - This phase you need to set up Traps and lure the boss into the traps when the boss is lured into the traps you can start attacking it (when boss is lured into traps its stunned in the traps until the players damaged the boss for 100k hp (repeat this 5 times total 500K hp) and phase 1 is complete Phase 2 (Range Attack) (Wc and Firemaking skill needed) - Under this phase the boss will change form into an evil tree, It will have roots you need to chop down and burn it before you can do damage to the boss, this boss will have 500K hp each 100K damage it will spawn the roots you need to chop down and burn. (repeat this 5 times) and phase 2 is complete Phase 3 (Melee Attack) - This phase you will have to do 500K hp damage to the boss and it spawns 1 minion for each player, you will need to kill all the minion before you can do more damage to the boss. (repeat this 5 times) total 2,5M hp and phase 3 is complete. Phase 4 (All 3 Attack Styles) - The final phase you will need to redo phase 1,2 and 3 2 times the combination can be random pick etc (Phase 2-3-1-3-1-2) or (3-3-2-1-2-1) or can be changed each week after you complete the first 3 phases 2 times you will need to have the Dart Of Death to finish up the boss and complete the minigame.
  2. an unlimited prayer pot?

    i like that one vouch
  3. Pinesol for Server Support!

    Pine is always ready to help me when i pm him, i see him answer peoples question and are active with helping. i think he will be a good ss. Vouch