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  1. Strpker ipban appeal

    you can send me a pm here on forum then.
  2. Strpker ipban appeal

    you can pm me on discord!
  3. What is Season Two

    Lit update cant wais to seee
  4. Drop Rate Guide

    Game Mode Bonuses Google Authenticator Bonus Grinding / Daily Attendance Bonus Drop Rate Pets Ring / Amulet Bonuses Donator Status Gear Bonuses Slayer Helm Bonuses
  5. Gamble Guide!

    To get to the gambling area you type ::gamble or run north from Home. On MagePS we have 3 kinds of gambling, Machines, flower poker and dice, we also have a cool casino. Make Sure to always record your gambling or use a staff as a middleman, if you should be scammed, then you need to show proof to staff if no proof, or no use of a middleman NO REFUND .:Machine:. .:Flower Poker:. .:Dice:. .:Casino:.
  6. This post is going to go into some details on how you upgrade items, weapons etc. upgrading weapons with gems, and stones. .:Stones Upgrade:. .:Upgrade Master:.
  7. MagePs Guides list

    Welcome to the MagePs Guides list. THE ONE GUIDE YOU NEED MADE BY THE OWNER - Use Ctrl+F to find what you need RULES! Price Guide Skilling Guides Zones guide/Rewards Donator Zones Donator Benefits Raids/lasergun minigame guide Starter guide Droprate guide Trophy information Weapon upgrade guide (Gems) Pet guide Custom Spiritshield info How to make Soul ring/amulet Ice-Dragon and Blood-Queen guide Gear Guide Diver Set Guide Afk buff/Pickaxe guide Magical Boxes Drop Table Astral guide+info Weapons guide/Shields Gambling guide Cell Guide Frieza guide Maxhit guide Prayer guide Hybrid Item guide Tower Minigame guide Tri Zone guide Deoxys Raid Guide NOTE: Working on making the guides and edit old guides
  8. Soul Ring Guide Soul Amulet Guide
  9. This is a guide to introduce you to our AFK activity we have here on MagePS. Those zones can be found easily, just head west from home or use ::afkzone. We have 2 kinds of afk zones fishing and mining. .:AFK FISHING ZONE:. .:AFK MINING ZONE:.
  10. Slayer Guide!

    Slayer Rework What an important update this is for Mage, its a long time coming to make Slayer viable again and we hope you will love this. This update comes with 3 new zones, 3 Bosses, tons of NPC's to kill, a reason to get gilded helmets, and of course the combination of all the items to make the brand new Hydra Armor set which will be the best slayer set in the game and has amazing stats too. Hydra being our first HYBRID SET! To get started with slayer you must have complete 1 ::zones to enter, that zone can be etc Pikachu How to obtain the slayer helm´s Slayer Easy Zone Slayer Medium Zone Slayer Hard Zone Slayer Hydra Set Note: Slayer guide will be updated when new content will be added
  11. Ice Dragon/Blood Queen

    Ice Dragon and Blood Queen are some of the endgame content we have here on MagePS, I will in this guide explain how to obtain keys and how to get to ice dragon and blood queen. First, you need to obtain an ice key and blood key, there is 3 ways to obtain those keys. Get 50 of each loop and tooth half and combine them into 1 key from White Walker at ::iced Buy Ice key and blood key from vote point shop at ::home, each ice key cost 11 points each blood key cost 14 vote point. Buy keys from other players and from player own store. When you got your ice/blood key you grap your best pvm gear and go to ::iced when you get there you have ice key/blood key in your inventory and enter the cave at the north. Make note that ice dragon and blood nex is multi bosses and you can make a team of max 4 players. Ice Dragon Blood Queen Drops I Hope this guide will help you out to go kill Ice-Dragon and Blood-Queen, good luck with drops.!
  12. Weapons guide

    .:Melee:. .:Mage:. .:Range:. .:Shields:. .:Spirit Shields:.
  13. Allmight's Unban Appeal

    Unbanned closed!
  14. Trophy guide

    What is Boss Trophies, and how do you get them? is the question you might ask i will in this guide explain how you make them and what bonus they give you. The first step is to get the heads, the chance to get the heads is 1/5000 randomly when fighting a boss, this might be lowered with donor ranks in the future if demanded. We have 12 different trophies you can obtain/make in-game which is! How to combine the heads and make the trophies! Trophy Bonus!
  15. items

    it will be sorted out pm satucre on discord
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