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  1. Tylers Promotion?

    I back this up 100% I know Axo, Satucre and Kion are busy coding and with gfx design so I feel appointing Tyler as head of staff will help everyone out. He can enforce that we have a staff member in different timezones so we dont have 4 people afk because they are in the same timezone, also tyler helps this community alot and deserves a promotion from mod and 0$ an hour to head of staff and 0$ an hour :]
  2. an unlimited prayer pot?

    Since we have the interdimensional donut from rick at the horror tower, i feel the shop should have more to offer... like why not a prayer pot that has unlimited uses? like make it the simple rick's simple wafer cookie? and we can come home to flavor of our own grand delusion
  3. Pinesol for Server Support!

    thanks man i appreciate your support :]
  4. Pinesol for Server Support!

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: I play anywhere from 6 to 10 hours a day, depending on if I have work or not, but at the minimum 6 hours a day :] Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Been on the server for 3 weeks now, with 12 days in-game play time! Reasons for helping people: I love helping people with any possible problem they have, it makes me feel good knowing everyone is enjoying the server the fullest and I want them to know if they ever need anything we will have the BEST staff online to help! Reasons for playing Mage: I have never played a customs server before and this is my first one, and I have to say, the coding on this server has me stuck on this game! there's soooooooooo many and i wanna collect them all! no matter how valuable they are Time zone: Time zone is Pacific Standard Time :] thanks for reading my app!
  5. Can't wait to waste even more of my life on this new update! :]
  6. Staff Feedback

    Owners Satucre: Always very helpful and super friendly, I can always tend to find you at ::gamble. Kion: Only seen him active once for like 3 hours so can't give much feedback. Axo: Never seen online. Moderators: Quiet: Very nice and helpful, helps me A LOT with pricing lol which I really appreciate since its hard to find prices for some items. Farm God: Also a Very nice staff member, I always see him being one of the first to welcome all new players and has really fast reply times if you ever need help! TylerMt: Never seen online. Legend: Just like Quiet and Farm God, Legend is an amazing moderator also, he is very help and friendly. Helpers: Rngesus: Never Seen Online. Steffio: Very chill and nice person if you need help about where to locate anything throughout the server. Turtle King: Very friendly and always always comes in clutch with donating those turtle stones for the community and im very thankful for that man. Enigma: Never asked him for help but always catch him helping all the new players which is important!
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