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  1. Noted items

    I agree More items should be notable, it's strange that they're not.
  2. Staff feedback june/july

    Owners: Satucre: Pretty chill guy, haven't seen him talk much but appreciate the works he's done. Kion: Hops on every now and then, seems like a cool fellow. Axo: N/A haven't ever seen them. Moderators: Quiet: Really nice fellow, appreciate his activeness and helpfulness to the community. Very much liking the Dragon Ball customs. Farm God: Haven't spoken to much but is also helpful to the community. Legend: Fun guy to talk to, helpful to others and big thanks to creating this thread to voice our opinions. TylerMt: Active to the community and always willing to lend a helpful hand. Helpers: Junkie: N/A Haven't ever seen them. Rngesus: N/A Haven't ever seen them. Turtle King: Helpful and knowledgeable, always offering a hand to any and everyone. Steffio: Helpful and knowledgeable, always offering a hand to any and everyone as well.
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