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  1. staff promotion :)

    thanks guys <3
  2. drop catcher guide

    how to obtain drop catcher? 5000 donor points($25),125 ::vote points, 25k npc kills, or from other players for 25t+ easily what it does picks up drops and more.. but tier 3 is better than tier 1 how to upgrade use a lucky heaven stone on it tier 1 picks up common drops tier 2 picks up RARE or COMMON tier 3 has many options.... how to change its settings right click and "operate" tier 2/3 to change what it does thanks for checking out my guide!
  3. wearing a costume/fashion scape will increase your hp by +5 hp for each piece worn to equip an item as costume, hold control key down and click a item you want to wear as costume you can get the items back, they don't "disappear" to check which item are left, click the equipment tab --> then click the little suit icon ---> image of interface, click the button in the red box to close interface! hope the guide helps out some people! thanks for checking it out!!
  4. forums rank req

    can i get helper rank shown on forums? please and thank you!
  5. staff promotion :)

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: as many as possible Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Reasons for helping people: for the community, and eco.. been here for awhile and have seen this server grow from 5 people playing to now 50+ daily! Reasons for playing Mage: im a big pvm fan so this server is perfect. and helping and hosting events/ being a part of the community has always been what i aim to do! i try my best to be active and helpful Time zone: 6am-12pm+ PST varies as i am busy some days more than others applying for mod/admin aswell as forums rank please and thank you
  6. Korasi Minigame drop rate problem

    yeah some people go pretty dry.. seen kc over 10k for light
  7. quick little mage rsps video i made

    thank you!
  8. Juat a suggestion

    would be awesome to have imo aswell! esp if gave decent rewards but not too op discord is alot more active than forums, just fyi
  9. something that i believe needs fixed

    its mainly cosmetic gear that is in the 500m shops. ill buy the rune 3a off you if you'd like tho
  10. staff promotion

  11. staff promotion

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: as many as possible Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): astro Reasons for helping people: love to help new players! and to make sure the server i LOVE is #1 Reasons for playing Mage: its the best custom private server... and only getting better!!!?! <3 Time zone: depends on my schedule but mostly will be on 24/7 while I am at home!
  12. Immortal charm made by combining 3 necklaces! use one on another while all 3 are in inventory. one from ::scyther arcane blast from donor shop rage amulet from vorage benefits: stats:
  13. LUCKY HEAVEN STONE!! made by using a lucky ore on a heaven stone! use the ore > on the heaven stone > to get a lucky heaven stone > has a 50/50 chance of upgrading item, or just taking the stone.