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  1. Since Farm God is no longer with us, I will be taking care of the price guide for now. Recently a lot of players have been referring to price guides, though prices tend to be everchanging, therefore this will be the OFFICIAL PRICE GUIDE which will be SUBJECT TO CHANGES AND UPDATES EVERY 3-7 DAYS. Of course, you may see some people selling below due these prices just because they want to get their items sold quicker, but these are the Average/Real prices for the items, based on Supply/Demand and Rarity in some cases. TIP: Use "Ctrl+F" to search/find an item you're looking for much quicker Date Updated: 09/09/2019 (Some Minor Changes) IT IS ALWAYS MORE EFFICIENT TO ASK FOR A PRICE CHECK IN CLAN CHAT OR PMING ME INGAME FOR PRICES. WEAPONS: Hailstorm Dagger - 270T Gem Katana - 700-850T Omega Katana - 1.6Q - 1.8Q+ Red Lightsaber - 1.8Q - 2Q Blood Edge Sword - 9Q+ HellSlayer Sword (BIS Melee Weapon) - 10Q-12Q Blood Staff (BIS Mage weapon) - 12Q+ Abyssal Bludgeon (Best Spec Weapon) - 3Q+ Hades Scythe (Best 2H Weapon) - 25Q+ ARMORS/CAPES (Armor pieces may be cheaper separately, but worth more as a COMPLETE SET due to SET EFFECTS. Effects can be viewed at the below guide.) Corrupt Dragon Set (Including Wings) 120T-150T (20-30T per piece) Lucky Comp Set - 200T-250T (35-45T per piece) Satucre Set - 250T (50T per piece) Rage Set - 400T+ (70-80T+ per piece) Vegeta Set - 2Q (400T per piece) QBD Set - 10Q+ (Head, Chest, Legs, Gloves,Boots = 900T - 1Q Each separately, Wings are 5Q) Tyrant Set - 4-5Q Sexy Schoolgirl Set - 9Q+ Bikini Set - 12Q+ Goku Set (BIS Melee Set) - 35Q+ (5-6Q+ per piece) Ice/Blood Set (BIS Magic set) - 30Q+ (5Q+ each piece separately) Black Death Cape - 300T-350T Darth Vader Cape - 2Q+ QBD Wings - 5Q+ Invisible Set (Cosmetics Slot) - 500t-1Q each piece, Full set 5Q-8Q MISC. EQUIPMENT SLOTS (AMULETS/RINGS/OFFHANDS (shield slot) Teddy bears from Vorago : 10T Each Lucky Teddy Bear - 200T Lucky Teddy Bear [Upgraded] - 250T+ Diablo Shield - 500T+ Doom Spirit Shield - 30T+ Saradomin Spirit Shield - 30T+ Pink Spirit Shield - 45T+ DragonBone Spirit Shield - 800T+ Rasta Teddy Bear/Rasta Teddy [Upgraded] - 2Q+ Rage Amulet - 65T+ Torture Amulet - 120T+ Torture (Or) Amulet - 250T-300T Immortal Charm Amulet (For Drop Rate)- 400T+ Arcane Blast Necklace - 250T+ Soul Amulet - 3Q+ Ring of Wealth - 1-5T Lucky Ring of Life [Unbreakable] - 85T+ Immortal Band - 400T+ Tier 13 Berserker Ring - 250T+ Ring of Souls (BIS Ring) - 3Q+ TROPHIES: Torment Trophy - 500T - 1Q Lucky Trophy - 800T - 1Q+ Divine Trophy - 2Q+ Satucre Trophy - 3.5Q+ Demonic Trophy - 4Q+ Hell Trophy - 4Q+ Enraged Trophy - 5Q+ Queen Trophy - 9Q+ Saiyan Trophy - 6Q+ StarWars Trophy - 15Q+ HellQueen Trophy - 15Q+ PETS: (Only posting those which are sold/used frequently) Agrith Naar - 30T Satucre - 75T+ Vorago 100T+ Diablo - 750T+ Goku - 1Q+ Pumpkin - 1Q+ Flambeed - 2Q+ Olmlet - 3Q+ MISC Items: DONATIONS : GENERALLY $10 = 150T-200T Base Rate. Weak Gems - 35T+ Strong Gems - 90T+ Godly Gems - 425T+ Heaven Stone - 5T Lucky Ores - 10T-15T Lucky Heaven Stone - 20T+ Vote Books - 1-2T Turtle Boxes - 5-7T Turtle Stones - 1K stones = 10T+ Scroll of Cleansing - 15T Scroll of Efficiency - 15T+ 100% 10% Drop Rate Scroll - 600T+ Rainbow Fish - 500M each (2K fish = 1T cash) XP Lamps - 20-30T each Ice / Blood keys (used for ice dragon/blood nex raid at ::iced) - Ice Key - 25T / Blood Key 25T+ Drop Catcher: T1 - 100T / T2 - 150T / T3 - 200-250T Abyssal Bludgeon pieces: Claw - 200-250T / Spine - 1Q / Axon - 1Q Double Str/Magic Pots - 10-15T Double SS Pots - 5T Interdimensional Donut - 10T Name Change Scrolls - 50T+ Donator Points - Every 1K Points - 40T+ Pet Boxes - 50T+ Magical Mboxes - 100T+ Finest Stone - 45T+ Frenzy Weapons - 8T each (Better to just toss them in grinder, they don't sell) Lesser Magical Boxes - 5T each (Better to just toss them in grinder, they don't sell) 4X XP Ring - 20T DragonBalls #1 - 7 - 250T+ EACH
  2. Freaxx99 - Server Admin Application

    Got word that I will be able to keep my Eco account, so i'm not losing that.
  3. Freaxx99 - Server Admin Application

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: 4-5 hours weekdays, 12+ hours weekends Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Since i have already been given Helper, I am going to leave out the other 3 topics for the application, since I have already answered them previously. I am looking to become Admin for the server. The reason I wish to become Admin is quite simple. I want to be an active staff member that is able to help everyone with almost anything and everything. I want to be able to do daily events / giveaways and such that will help our new players keep playing, without ruining the eco of course. I want to be able to help with donations, provide deals and incentives. I want to help this server grow the best I can. If you want any more information, please respond to this application or pm me in game or in discord. Sincerely, Helper Freaxx99
  4. Goku mini guide

    This is a quick guide on how to fight Goku and die as little as possible to maximize your damage! First things first, you are going to want to be wearing a costume for an extra 5 hp per piece worn. Secondly, if you are a newer player, you should go to ::sonic and obtain an Elysian Spirit Shield This Spirit shield will give you a high chance of reducing damage by 80%. However, if you are not so new, or have some money to spend and are lucky to find someone selling, you should most definitely use a DragonBone Spirit Shield This Spirit shield will reduce all incoming damage by 40%!! Thirdly, if you are unable to obtain Absorption potions (dropped from Diablo and Ice chest / Blood chest after killing Ice Dragon / Blood Nex) make sure to have some cupcakes in your inventory or an Interdimensional Donut obtained from Rick and Morty minigame . You are going to want to eat EVERY TIME you are hit, as Goku can hit extremely high and any bit of health helps. Lastly, any high defence armor is helpful to reduce Goku's maximum hit on you. Check the gear guide HERE for more info on armor's. And that's about it! Let me know if you have any other questions or suggestions for this guide! Enjoy
  5. In my quest to become staff, I am opening this thread for suggestions for any guides you feel should be made. Anything you think that needs a guide and doesn't have one or the original is now outdated due to updates and such, comment on this post and let me know and I will start making them! As always, Enjoy your time here in MagePS
  6. Official Price Guide [Subject to Changes]

    Fantastic, guess ill delete my guide lol
  7. This guide should no longer be used, please refer to the OFFICIAL guide. This guide will stay for now, since it took me awhile to make. This is an UNOFFICIAL Price Guide for MagePS All price are the average of what players are selling for in game. ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AND SELLER HAS THE RIGHT TO ASK FOR MORE OR LESS Armor Lucky Completionist: 40-60T per piece Rage: 60-80T per piece Tyrant: 4-5q for set Vegeta: 300-400t per piece Goku: 4-5q per piece Obiwan: 90-130t Per piece Stormtrooper: 100-150t per piece Darth Vader: 3q for set QBD: 1q per piece QBD Wings: 3q Black Death Cape: 350-400t Ice Mage: Hat : 3-5q Body: 3-5q Legs: 3-5q Blood mage: Boots: 5-7q Gloves: 5-7q (Robes are NOT part of this, do not pay these prices for Blood mage robes) Weapons Hell Slayer Sword: 12q Red saber: 1-2q Gem Katana: 600-800t Omega Katana: 1.5-1.8q Hailstorm Dagger: 250t Abyssal Bludgeon: 3q Bludgeon claw: 200-400t Bludgeon spine: 500t-1q Bludgeon Axon: 500t-1q Blood Staff: 12q Trophies Lucky: 100T Enraged: 2-4q Queen: 5q Hell: 5q Demonic: 5q Satucre: 2-3q Divine: 1q Torment: 500-750t Starwars: 12-13q Hell Queen: 15q Saiyan: 7q Gear Lucky Ring of Life (Unbroken): 150-200t Immortal band: 400t Amulet of Torture: 150-200t Amulet of Torture (or): 300-350t Lucky Teddy Bear (Upgraded): 200-250t Dragonbone Spirit Shield: 800t-1q Pets Flambeed: 2q Olmlet: 3q Satucre: 75t Vorago: 100t Diablo: 500t Pumpkin: 2q Tormented Demon: Grinder food Upgrade items Lucky Heaven Stone: 5-10t each Lucky ore: 2-5t each Weak gem: 20-40t each Strong gem: 80-100t each Godly Gem: 300-400t each Finest stone: 40-60t each Misc Vote Books: 1t each Vote Spin Tickets: 1-5t each Double Strength Potion: 10-20t each Double Mage Potion: 10-20t each Double Soul Split Potion: 5-10t each Drop Catcher: T1: 100t T2: 150-200t T3: 200-250t Scroll of Efficiency: 20-30t each 100% 10% Drop Rate Scroll: 500-700t each Scroll of Cleansing: 15-20t each MagePS Huge XP lamp:15-30t each Turtle stones: 1t per 100 Pet box: 100-150t (sellers choice, can be higher) ($10 in donation store) Magical Mystery box: 75-150t (sellers choice, can be higher) ($5 in donation store) Name change scroll: 40-75t (sellers choice) Costumes Skeleton: 10-20t per piece Prices will be updated as needed. Please let me know if any of these prices are inaccurate. Also let me know of any items that should be added to this guide, as well as their price. Enjoy your time here at MagePS
  8. Noted items

    Quick suggestion. Make all non stackable items, notable. Tired of filling inventory 300 times to sell zone items. That is all. ILY Guys <3 (No Homo)
  9. What are you listening to?

    SAME. She's so attractive.
  10. What are you listening to?

    RAZJEBASSER - DJ Blyatman & Russian Village Boys
  11. Hours you spend a day on Mage: 4-5 Hours weekday, 4-12 Hours weekend Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): 238 Hours 47 Minutes (photo attached) Reasons for helping people: Always had a knack for helping people. I was a mod on a server around 8 years ago and loved it to death, but the server died and so I lost my position, which I held for 6 months. I was a lifeguard when I was young and I loved it because it gave me good opportunities to help others (learn to swim, save from drowning (did this once), handle injuries (did this a few times). I have worked customer service for a few years as well (2.5 years at Gamestop, 1.5 of those years as a Senior Guest Advisor which meant I had keys to the store and larger responsibilities) and I loved being able to converse with and help others every single day. I love to answer questions and provide assistance to others. I was a big part in raising my little siblings as I was 9 when the first was born. I could go on and on but basically I just love to help others. I get a form of happiness from making others happy and solving problems. Reasons for playing Mage: First ever server I have played that was solely based on customs, and I love that about Mage. I love that the playerbase is large (95 online at the time of typing this) and consistent. After only a few hours of playing I immediately felt like this server deserved my support, so I donated my first $50. Only took me a couple of more hours to donate $75 more. The grind is fun and the zones help keep an order to the chaos. Love the drop rate boosts, the vote boosts, and the double potions (not many servers have these). The community is pretty chill and there are many regulars which I do like. EDIT: 24 July 2019; Up to $600 donated from myself now, the new update brought much more into the server to enjoy. I just cant get enough of the grind! Time zone: CEST (Frankfurt, Germany Time Zone) EXTRA INFO ABOUT ME: (I know this isn't technically a part of the application, which is why I have this at the bottom.) I am currently serving in the United States Air Force in Europe. My specialty is working on security for Routers, Switches, and Firewalls as well as coding them completely to set up phone and internet networks and I also hold a Security + certification that I worked hard to obtain. I am 22 years young (23 in October) and am married. I do not have children (yet). If you would like any more information from me, please don't hesitate to ask. I am available on Discord 99% of the time. I have also made 2 guides, a price guide and a basic mini guide to Goku. The price guide is thread 11565 and the Goku guide is thread 11577.
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