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  1. Looking forwards to the new update. Good luck grinding y'all nibbas.
  2. Staff feedback june/july

    Satucre: Love that you are frequently in, cool & funny lad. Kion: Seen you talk a few times, seem pretty okay person. Axo: N/A (only seen you once in) Big up for the owners spending time updating and fixing bugs. Really appreciate it Moderators: Quiet: Not really familiar with you, N/A this time. Farm God: You tweeb made me quit once. I hope you will go dry another 2k. Love you, Noob! TylerMt: Tyler1 himself. Real chill, only positive things to say about you. Big up for the mods for being active alot and trustworthy personnel. Helpers: Kawaii girl: N/A Ogkushwookie: N/A Junkie: The person who got me to MagePS, cool dood who gives me mouny for my taco business ingame. Be more active z. Rngesus: N/A Legend: Helpful, active, friendly, cool. The legend himself.
  3. Ultimate Starter Guide

    Suggesting changes to ::req because it's now ::zones and things are a bit different now. And if im correct, it doesn't require 250b for lance minigame now, instead it requires 100 kc.