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  1. Tylers Promotion?

    100% vouch, if not Tyler then who else? I also feel sat has enough trust in him to make the right decisions.
  2. Net's Staff Application

  3. Official Price Guide [Subject to Changes]

    impressive I like it!
  4. Price Guide (OLD, Unofficial)

    I like it brotha!
  5. Server Support Application

    Hello everyone, Ks amk here. I feel its time I make a application to join the staff team! I spend about 4-8 active hours a day (4 during the week, 8 on the weekends). Time zone (PST). I have 16 days and 17 hours play time! I like to help as many people as I can mainly because I have always been the new player starting out asking a million questions so I know how it feels to be ignored or not helped. I plan to give everyone who asks for help my full attention and show them the way to success. I have found myself over the months of playing getting very committed to Mage as a whole. I plan out all of my goals and drops I wish to achieve throughout my day! My main reason for falling in love with Mage would have to be the awesome staff team and amazing players; Mage has such a beautiful community! My overall purpose for my application is to help and keep this great community close and great for time to come!
  6. Introduction

    Hello everyone Zack here (ding dong ho, Ks amk in game). I realized I never made a introduction so here it is! I'm a 24 year old car salesman/ college student. I've been selling cars for a while now so I can pay off my school and try to reduce all my loans as possible! My major in school is nursing! Nursing is something I find very exciting and fun mainly because the job is so unpredictable; I also love the idea of helping everyone I possibly can. I have been playing for around 2 month as of today! Some of my hobbies includes fishing, snowboarding, smoking some hookah/eating out with some friends, as well as talking about lifted trucks! Many of my friends like to call me the Arab redneck because my hobbies are super southern (other than smoking hookah). I have been fishing all my life mainly with my pops. I love the idea of spending time with him while also hooking up on some massive striped bass! My biggest fish I ever caught was a 6 foot long sturgeon! I plan to eventually buy a Toyota Tundra in the future and give it a nice lift with some 35 inch rubber mud tires! I'd say my most active hobby as of now though would be playing Mage. Every minute of free time I have I try to dedicate to the server, hoping I will eventually get this silly Hell Slayer Sword drop from Diablo haha! One thing about Mage that I love would have to be the awesome community. I do really feel everyone is friends and we get along, as well as everyone being helpful and making sure everyone gets support in anyway they need. When I first started I did nothing but bug Farm God and Quiet endlessly with questions about the server and how to do things. With all the answers they gave me I do try my hardest to share my knowledge with all the other players as well! Well friends don't be shy to pm me for any questions in game, or any arguments on what you think the best truck in the market is hehe! Will keep my pm's open!
  7. Pet Boss

    Don't know how y'all would react, but how about a boss that drops only pets? I feel this would be very beneficial and fair to all players of the server considering the free to play players who cannot donate consistently for pet boxes, or the ironmen. I would recommend for the boss to be a end game boss so pets aren't ruined in the eco!