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  1. Help?

    can you pm me on here or on discord?
  2. 2fa phone lost

    Did you Pm satucre on discord? If not do that.
  3. Trophy guide

    love it, ill add it to the guide finder
  4. ..

    Added slayer guide
  5. Slayer Guide

  6. ..

    Added damage guide
  7. Damage buff guide

  8. ..

  9. Peon Staff app!

    This looks really good, got my support!
  10. Steffio trying to get helper?...

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: depends on the day, but mostly around 4 hours a day give or take. (and about the picture, yes im showing with my goodlooking staff and armor ) Reasons for helping people: Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): love to help out people like i wanted to be helped getting started. letting them know what to do what i did wrong, and how to get to a certain point faster then i did. Reasons for playing Mage: i have played alot of rsps, but never been this long on a server. wich means i enjoy playing it and the players on it. and yeah the updates that are coming or that satucre lets you know that is coming also makes you wanna stay to see the update. Time zone: UTC +2 CEST (No idea if thats correct, living in europe, the Netherlands lol)
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