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  1. Season 2 Competition Win $1000s in Prizes

    normal - runecrafting 135
  2. Max Cola's Helper Application (Withdrawn)

    +1 active and helpful player
  3. Season 2 Full Update Thread

    it looks amazing, really looking forward to the release
  4. Staff Feedback

    Owners Satucre: Always making a unique updates and listening to players suggestions Axo: Always there to fix any bugs and glitches that players find. good work Admin Net: Most of the time i seen you online you have been really helpful. Moderators: Clucky: He is really helpful. Answering everyone's questions Steffio: Also really helpful player and guides finder thread he made is really helpful for all players. Turtle king: Helpful player. And new thread he made about astral is helpful for players. Helpers: Dc ftw: Active and very social player. Always helping new players Mars:Also a active and very social player. Always helping new players
  5. Hours you spend a day on mage: 7-8hrs a day (Active between 5am-6am and 12pm-20pm server time) Total hours spent on mage(picture with your username): Attached Reasons for helping people: spreading the knowledge and satisfaction me doing something is helping someone Reasons for playing Mage: It simple, it is most unique and creative server with good community Time zone: Sweden GMT+2
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