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  1. Rip Babe's Application

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: I play about 8-12 hours a day on Mage, I'm sure many can vouch as to how active I am. Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): http://prntscr.com/ny6z93 Reasons for helping people: It's in my nature to make people laugh or smile, helping players is a must, if a player experiences a problem and is not able to overcome it, they may lose interest in Mage out of frustration, which could potentially lead to them leaving. So constant support to those who need it is essential, keeping conversations going in the server, making everyone feel welcome, comparing grinds and loot. Why do I care about whether someone leaves or not? simply because I love this server and enjoy every second of it and want Mage always to progress, if I can help someone out and make them feel welcome, I feel like I have supported the server as a whole. Reasons for playing Mage: The Mage community is like no other, rsps's are usually filled with negative, toxic, anti-social communities which shouldn't even be compared to Mage, our community is like a large family, everyone knows everyone, its simply a positive only zone, constant help even from players whom are not part of the staff team. Another reason I play Mage is the content, Mage has unique content which is well known, but the mechanics built by our lovely owners which I have never seen anywhere on any other server and I have been playing rsps's for about 12 years now, Mage is truly unique in so many ways. Lastly, I have built a connection with a lot people who I thank for being so welcoming from the day I began, plus I feel like I'm deemed as trustworthy by many which makes me feel grateful and respected, thank you all. To conclude, Mage is a place that meets my needs for entertainment day in day out, I can't see myself not playing Mage now or in future, thank you to Sat and Kion for all the hard work you've put in, without you two none of this would be possible. Time zone: Ex EST or PST UK (GMT +1)
  2. Bye fellas.

    You will be missed bro <3
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