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  1. An Idea to Increase Forum Activity

    What are rank posts? And yes I didn't see until recently that there is a current event for that same topic. How ironic xD...
  2. Custom servers have the ability to engage players in a totally different aspect of Runescape that isn't offered by what Jagex currently offers. As a means of generating ideas for possible future updates, and hearing the minds of the community, what are the biggest things you look for in a custom-server? For me; 1) Array of 'new' items. New tiers of armour and weaponry, with unique effects/bonuses. 2) Unique bosses. Bosses that have unusual game mechanics, that aren't god-awful difficult to defeat, and that have droprates that wouldn't make it difficult for someone like me who only plays a few hours a day to get a drop. 3) Variety in droptables. Its nice when NPCs have unique droptables that make it more than killing different NPCs for different rares, but the same common/uncommon drops. 4) Guidance as to what 'new' gear is what; what its effects are, how to obtain it, how much it costs, etc. This way a custom server with a lot of 'new' content isn't overwhelming for someone new to custom servers. I see some detailed guides on the forums, those are great starts!
  3. Hi there! I don't know if it's because there just isn't that large of a playerbase at the moment, or if the members who are active just don't post much, but it is a strong feature of a RSPS to have an active forum. To me, coming to a new RSPS, I check the forums first and foremost to see how active their members are. This one seems like there is a lot tof potential life to be brought to it. Idea; host an event that would integrate in-game/forum activity. Perhaps an in-game reward at certain postcount milestones, contests via the forum that require a certain postcount to participate in (encouraging forum activity, of course requiring moderation to ensure complete spam isn't accumulated to participate in events). The rewards can be simple, nothing ultra lavish, just enough to encourage activity. Stacked Mystery Boxes perhaps, something with incentive, but not so much so that it will disrupt ingame flow. Another idea; something to encourage newcoming players to join and post on the forums. Perhaps an extra Casket as an incentive. This all requires our support as individuals contributing to a communal effort to engage one another in conversation and post productive conversation starters that will attract the attention of others. A lively forum is a wonderful supplement to a great server, and would help ultimately accelerate forum/ingame activity, rather than being 90% ingame activity and 10% forum activity. Any other ideas are welcomed, let's brainstorm!
  4. Real Life Pictures

    Semi-professionally-shot me Selfie me
  5. Hey there everyone. This is my first actual topic on this forum, I'll post an Introduction afterwards. What does your presently held perception of Life/Reality align with? Are you a Stoic who does their best to not fret over things they cannot change? A devotee of Krishna/Allah/Jesus/Other Ascended Masters? A traveller on their way to Self-realization through Buddhist means? If anything, I would have to say mine is one of a pantheistic (meaning 'God' is a force that is all of existence in its totality, but is fragmented as 'soul' in each creation), very intimate, relationship between the Individual and the All. God (All) creating facets of God (Individuals) to better understand and Harmonize with God (the All and the Individual living in perfect accordance, or flow, with one another. This is called following the Dao/Tao in Taoism. The Tao is the mysterious Way of Life). God is the mother and the father, the feminine and the masculine, the light and the dark. All of Life is a stage of Duality between hot/cold, happy/depressed, comfy/restless, etc. God is the grand Unity between all Duality. Things appear terrible and unfair in Life sometimes because a lot of Life is in a constant suffering from attaching to one side of the Duality and trying to pretend the other isn't real. What coin has only one side? We cling to pleasant moments, but then are crippled under the weight of the unpleasant as we try to avert them. Have you ever heard "Make the Two, One"? It is a reference from the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, Chapter 24. It is implying to be aware of the main Duality underlying existence; masculine and feminine energy. Imagine your being as a pair of scales, imagine those scales in perfect, still, harmony with the other. That is when you enter what the Christians call the "Kingdom of Heaven", or what is called Self-realization in Hinduism/Buddhism/Taoism. Here is the full quote; ""When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner as the outer, and the upper as the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male shall not be male, and the female shall not be female: . . . then you will enter [the kingdom]." God can slowly be made known through the very real and constant unveiling of wisdom that is made known to us as we find balances between, and ultimately liberation from, Duality. Where does your mind reside? Share a bit about your mind <3. Love you guys, thanks!
  6. Your Favorite Thing You've Ever Created

    I started learning to make wire-wrapped jewelry about a month ago. Here are some of my cleaner pieces so far.