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  1. Rick n morty helper application

    +1 support, he legit is on so much and is one of the oldest players in the server. He helps a lot.
  2. Hello all of the new players that seek this guide, I hope this guide will help you throughout your time in MagePS. If you have any questions or ideas for an improvement, feel free to comment below or message me in game. Here are some tips and questions that are asked daily, if you got a question ingame this might help clear up This was made by one of our moderators ingame named Farm God, hence the legendary farmer! When you join the game you will be given a choice of your game mode- Normal, Regular Ironman, or Hardcore Ironman. You will also be given 3 Lesser Magical Boxes to help you get started, you also will get 50m ingame gold which you can spend at ::shops The best thing to get at ::shops when you join the game would be food and pots so you don't die Also be aware that you do not drop items as a regular or a regular ironman There are also options of donations when you log in as a limited time offer as you can see on the screen that looks like an open box with a blue glow. The 24 hour is a $10 donation reward, The 48 hours is a $50 donation rewards, also the 72 hour one is a $150 donation reward. The $150 donation reward can only be open when you donate once as a whole $150. Before you get started, I would like to remind you to always check in with your attendance rewards The attendance rewards goes all the way up to 30 days, just remember with checking your attendance and getting on everyday you will get a drop rate boost for your daily attendance. The first of your MagePS adventure would be going to ::Ckey Equip all of the items you got when you joined the game and kill some Fairy's, it may be cruel but they are a part of your MagePS adventure The Fairy's will drop some Crystal Keys which you can get Items from the chest below You can also use the option of ::openallckey which will fill your inventory with crystal chest loots with how many keys u have, Just be aware that the crystal chest gives a lot of 500m tickets more than it does with items, so will be quite a grind. The best Items that you can get from crystal keys are these items-Samurai Set, Bronze Lance, and Oblit sword offhand The only item you really need from crystal keys would be the oblit sword offhand, the rest is optional After you get items that you think are satisfying for you then you can move on to ::gkey which you can walk west of fairy's The NPC will be called Jewelled Crab which will drop Gold Key's, those gold keys are an upgrade of Crystal Keys. You will notice a gold looking chest which you will turn your gold keys into, or you can also use the option ::openallgkey The Items you can get from the gold keys are very few unlike the crystal keys so it makes it a less grind but still be aware of the 500m tickets which most of your gold keys will turn into The items that you can receive will be a significant upgrade in everything, displayed above Ready to get your very first pet? Head over to ::Pikachu its also part of the first ::zones rewards! This is an optional pet that you can do before getting your first lance or before you do lances However, it is suggested to do this after getting your first lance due to sorta long kill The Pikachu pets give 10% drop rate if you are below 5000 npc kills, otherwise it only gives 5% You can combine Pikachu with Thunder stone to make Raichu! Raichu is basically the same as a Pikachu but with a little bit different effects Raichu pet gives 10% drop rate if you are below 5000 npc kills, 7% if you are below 1000 npc kills, otherwise 5% The other reason you will want to get Pikachu or Raichu before lances is because drop rate boost helps your lance chance! Now that you have got a Pikachu pet or a raichu pet you can head over to ::celestial Collect the Celestial Dragon bones and then use them at the altar at ::home I would advise you to kill several enough for you to get at least 43 prayer so that way you can move on to your next step The next step will be ::lance where you talk to the hell's gatekeeper you will need a requirement of at least 50 kills in general After you have 50 kills and are able to teleport to the Hellfire Minigame you will be teleported to this location The training knights hit hard if you do not pray, so make sure you bring a lot of super restore potions They don't really ever hit through prayer but just bring a few food incase. make sure you get a lance before taking on the hellfire boss, it will be incredibly slow to kill The training knights drop lances which are really overpowered and helps you so much in the run. They will drop in order from water, lime, sun, golden, forest, rose, grappes, fire, night, and then Light you can upgrade the light lance by using a lucky heaven stone and have a chance at upgrading to Hellfire Lance he hell points that you get from killing can be used in the shops which where u spawned when you arrived to the minigame click on the hell dog for hellfire items that you can get using the points The big hellfire boss that randomly shows up when killing training knights is really long and hard to kill but you have the chance of getting a hellfire piece drop. each training knight gives 1 point per kill and hellfire bosses give 25 points per kill The light lance grind is normally a super long one but if u get 2000 hellfire points before getting a drop- you can upgrade it! I would recommend you to do the long grind of lances, get all of the hellfire pieces and the light lance which can be turned into hellfire lance This is ::gorak where you can get ring of wealth Killing Gorak is completely optional if you want more drop rate bonuses, remember drop rate helps with your lance grind However, it has a lot of HP so its not really recommended until you are at least a few lances in already These are the drops that you can get from Gorak The only drop that is really worth it is the Ring of Wealth as I have mentioned a few times already The Ring of Wealth gives a 10% drop rate boost After your lance grind, you should come to ::horror The horror monsters are also part of the ::zones rewards, they are right after Pikachu so you will also double benefit from doing this step The other reason why you will want to farm horrors are because they drop the best bones in game if you have not reached maxed prayer before going on the lance grind then now is the time to complete it because prayer is essential to bossing This is an optional npc The sonics drop a lot of junk and cosmetics but it does drop one useful thing that helps with bossing It drops Elysian spirit shield, it gives a chance at 80% damage reduction It helps a lot when you are bossing for bosses that can hit through prayer this is entirely optional to get but it is recommended if you are doing corp, qbd, vorago, etc But however you can also get lucky heaven stone from ::zones which is the next step after you get everything from the hellfire minigame. The zone rewards on this display is a great step of finally starting the real grind of MagePS I would recommend you starting with Pikachu and working your way down, as you can see from the Pikachu rewards not all of the zones are listed in the picture It gives the reward of Heaven stone and Lucky ore, you can combine them together and get a chance at upgrading your light lance into hellfire lance However, it is not guaranteed and may take awhile to get. Work onwards from your grind on the ::zones rewards The zone rewards has amazing perks as well, check it out YES! You can also get free donator from completing 5 of the zones all the way up to $60 worth from completing every zone. The grind is gonna be long but it is gonna be very much worth it as you can get over 2q+ worth of items from completing all of the zones. However, completing all of the zones as a beginner is a fairy tale so i would recommend you to complete as many zones as you can You tired of farming zones? is it getting harder? No worries I got other tips that might help you before bossing If u want to skip the tips and go straight to bossing then skip to the bossing suggestions down below QUICK TIPS! You can go to ::hunter to make some ingame currency Talk to the guy and go to the first impling and farm for MagePS Huge Lamps The grind might take a while but it is well worth it since MagePS Huge Lamps can sell easily for 20-25t depending on the buyer Tip: want the most frequent imp points? farm the zombie imps you will need 91 hunter to catch them If you want to make imp points faster then you can use 1-2 MagePS Huge Lamps on yourself and then prestige do that several times until you get 10k skill points then go buy Agrith Naar (pet) from the skilling shop at ::shops then go south The Agrith Naar (pet) gives double imp points Although, you may see that pet in the Player Auction store for around 40t, grab it if u want the lamps faster so u can save lamps Player Auction The player auction can be found at ::home near the banks you can right click on the auctioneer to either sell items or collect items Make sure you ask the players the right prices of the items before you put it in auctioneer Another tip, there is a world boss every 4 hours called GOKU! he drops the best gear in game along with other useful items Goku drops a lot of things that range from 5T to 5Q so its recommend, make sure you have an elysian from ::sonic before coming The teleport is ::goku its in the gkey location but go west Quick tip before the bossing recommendations start, you can afk mining and fishing when you are not playing, eating, or even sleeping The best thing you can get from the afk mining buffs is the damage buff, it will give u 1.5x of whatever str you have There are also other pickaxes that you can get from the afk fishing store but its not necessary Damage Pickaxe is recommended to get first as it helps with your gameplay if you do not have Double Strength Potions. Horror Tower Minigame The horror tower minigame is really sweet and simple, it is not difficult at all just click endless waves, pray melee and have an inventory with several prayer pots, it may take awhile but no worries u can just afk The item you will want to aim for with the minigame will be- monkey bandage it gives 80 heath per usage best of all is that the monkey bandage is unlimited! you no longer need food, but the monkey bandage has a cooldown of 5-6 seconds. Bossing Suggestions! The three bosses that I will be recommending are entirely optional, but however each of them produce very good items for beginners First, lets start with Vorago / Rage Vorago you can teleport there doing ::vorago But before you start killing you will need to open this You will need 2500 Kills as a requirement to open the tomb, the tomb will give u a hammer you will need to use in order to kill the last version of Vorago aka the Rage Vorago These are several of the best drops that you can get from vorago to help with your progress on MagePS Rage Set Bonus: 10% chance to increase hit by 25% (fire displayed under player when activates). Vorago will drop a weapon called "Flaming Katana" you can use a Lucky Heaven stone on it in order to turn it into a Gem Katana Vorago will drop a weapon called "Extremely Flaming Katana" you can use a Lucky Heaven Stone on it in order to turn it into a Omega Katana After you kill 500 of these you can now go to a different zone that contains only Rage Voragos If you have read in the Zone Perks, you will no longer need the hammer to kill him in the final stage You can go to rage vorago zone by ::teleports Second, Lucky Knights You will need 1/3 of the evil turnip zone completed before killing them- can be found at ::zones The lucky knights drop lucky items which boost drop rate but they also give way better str than hellfire set Lucky Set Bonus: 25% drop rate boost- if u don't have the set, each piece gives 2% drop rate boost Lucky Teddy Bear- gives 20% drop rate boost, however you can use a Lucky heaven stone and turn it into [Upgraded] which will give 31% drop boost Lucky ring of life is dropped as well- it scales with your npc kills in general- maxs out at 15% if you get a [damaged] ring of life then use several lucky heaven stones to upgrade it to [unbreakable] However, it is recommended to use regular ring of wealth first because it is capped at 10% The lucky ring of life is 1% per 1,000 kills so once you get over 10k kills use lucky ring of life Third, Tormented Demons You will need to complete 1/3 of the Turtle tasks before killing them- can be found at ::zones These drop some the best amulet in the game until you get over 60k+ kc to get [t3] amulet Tormented demons drop Amulet of Torture which you can use lucky heaven stone to turn into Amulet of Torture (or) The amulet gives 350 str bonus and 12% overall str bonuses The reason you see it as 1,338 is because I have damage buff activated among other buffs. They also drop bludgeon claw- it is a piece that you can get to form the Bludgeon weapon The bludgeon weapon is one of the best special weapons in game- it also sells for quite a lot The remaining pieces u can find at ::kril, the other pieces are called Bludgeon Spine and Bludgeon Axon I wouldn't recommend killing K'ril Tsutsaroth until you are able to kill the 3 bosses recommend quite fast The Kril boss has 20m hp so its quite a long time to kill, it still takes decently long even with max gear Other Useful Guides I hope you guys have a great MagePS Adventure! once again, comment below or pm me ingame for any recommendations that I should add to the guide
  3. PvM Oof Staff Application

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: I just came back to mageps after a short break but I look forward to 4-5+ hours a day, I may have 7 days played in the playtime but unlike most people those days and hours are actually mostly played and not 90%+ afk playtime. Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Reasons for helping people: I just like the community because they are always lit and just so chill, this is something you wont find in any other rsps. I like helping people because I always like to help the people who seek help. Reasons for playing Mage: Custom servers has always been my go to server and this server is really one of a kind, these updates you just wont find them anywhere. Plus, the owner is hella lit always updating and fixing things that need fixing. Time zone: Pacific
  4. Rip Babe's Application

    +1 only person that I would really vouch for rn since you are pretty much always online unlike half of our dead staff members
  5. Staff Feedback - April

    Developers/Owners Satucre - Wonderful owner, just great in general wouldn't ask for a better owner. Kion - N/A Axo - N/A Administrator Cruw - Great Administrator Moderators Baron - This guy sadly isn't a moderator anymore but he is super lit when he is online, i've only been here for a week and I would love for him to be a moderator again when he feels ready to be a mod again- best dude fit for mod out of everyone Astro - N/A I've seen this dude online but never seen him once help anybody. TylerMT - N/A Quiet - He's a pretty cool mod, he ain't that active but when he is on he's pretty helpful Helper Iron Luthy - Not a helper anymore. BigDawg - I honestly rarely seem him helping anyone, he does help from time to time. Farm God - Great helper, if there is a promotion- i simply recommend this dude. He's more helpful than anyone on this staff list. OgKushWookie- He's a really lit guy but sadly not so active in my opinion, some days he is on for long hours but other days he is hardly ever on. Junkie - No idea who this is, never seen him/her once in game- if she was in game i just haven't seen her make a single message. Kawaii Girl - She is a cool person to talk to, but she isn't really that active, maybe for IRL reasons like the other helper's and moderators. She doesn't really help much when she is online, afks alot more than she talks. No hard feelings anyone, I am just making a review. You guys are all great people to hang with.