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  1. Rick n morty helper application

    +1 support, he legit is on so much and is one of the oldest players in the server. He helps a lot.
  2. PvM Oof Staff Application

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: I just came back to mageps after a short break but I look forward to 4-5+ hours a day, I may have 7 days played in the playtime but unlike most people those days and hours are actually mostly played and not 90%+ afk playtime. Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Reasons for helping people: I just like the community because they are always lit and just so chill, this is something you wont find in any other rsps. I like helping people because I always like to help the people who seek help. Reasons for playing Mage: Custom servers has always been my go to server and this server is really one of a kind, these updates you just wont find them anywhere. Plus, the owner is hella lit always updating and fixing things that need fixing. Time zone: Pacific
  3. Rip Babe's Application

    +1 only person that I would really vouch for rn since you are pretty much always online unlike half of our dead staff members
  4. Staff Feedback - April

    Developers/Owners Satucre - Wonderful owner, just great in general wouldn't ask for a better owner. Kion - N/A Axo - N/A Administrator Cruw - Great Administrator Moderators Baron - This guy sadly isn't a moderator anymore but he is super lit when he is online, i've only been here for a week and I would love for him to be a moderator again when he feels ready to be a mod again- best dude fit for mod out of everyone Astro - N/A I've seen this dude online but never seen him once help anybody. TylerMT - N/A Quiet - He's a pretty cool mod, he ain't that active but when he is on he's pretty helpful Helper Iron Luthy - Not a helper anymore. BigDawg - I honestly rarely seem him helping anyone, he does help from time to time. Farm God - Great helper, if there is a promotion- i simply recommend this dude. He's more helpful than anyone on this staff list. OgKushWookie- He's a really lit guy but sadly not so active in my opinion, some days he is on for long hours but other days he is hardly ever on. Junkie - No idea who this is, never seen him/her once in game- if she was in game i just haven't seen her make a single message. Kawaii Girl - She is a cool person to talk to, but she isn't really that active, maybe for IRL reasons like the other helper's and moderators. She doesn't really help much when she is online, afks alot more than she talks. No hard feelings anyone, I am just making a review. You guys are all great people to hang with.
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