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  1. Bye fellas.

    oh damn man, im sad to see you go best of luck in life to you
  2. Siccoblue Staff Application

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: Between 5-8 after work Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Please note i don't generally afk when im not actually playing which would artifically inflate playtime, its all real Reasons for helping people: I already tend to naturally help as much as possible, i don't tend to answer if i don't know the answer but seek help elsewhere to make sure it does get answered, i already get pms with semi regularity from newer players asking general questions, i genuinely feel like i already fill the role, and it would be nice to make it so people know they can come to me. i've also got over a decade of experience with this game and private servers, the list of servers i've played is endless, the list i've moderated/administrated is smaller but includes at least one currently running extremely high profile server back in its youth Reasons for playing Mage: im addicted mate, cant get enough, it just touches that right bug as a purely pvm player, who absolutely loves upgrades and building bank. no forced wilderness encounters, no skill grinding, just pure combat goodness. Time zone: Ex EST or PST -8:00 pacific time (USA West Coast) Final note: I generally make a point not to apply for server staff, if it comes i welcome it, but i generally see it as, why would i want to tack on work to my post work hobby? but its different with this server, it has such an incredibly nice and friendly/helpful community, and has been so generally good to me that i would love to do my part to give back. i genuinely feel i would be a great fit for the role, and bring real skill and knowledge to the table, i don't care about having any power, and i don't particuarly care about status either, but rather i would like to be able to help when it is needed, and have something to show that if someone needs any help what so ever, they are more than welcome to come to me. i genuinely love the server and the people who play, and feel i would be a true asset to the community as a member of the staff
  3. Staff Feedback - May

    minus junkie! i still see him occasionally!
  4. Staff Feedback - May

    farm absolutely deserved the mod spot, well earned support staff needs to be wiped and new people brought in, its sad when in all the time ive played i could count on one hand, maybe two but barely, how many times ive been all of them combined (minus farm, who was always on)
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