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  1. Bye fellas.

    I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH MAN THANK YOU CRUW!! Thank you for always being there for me it means a lot you have helped me a lot and i am real sad to see you go man. You made everything great for a lot of people coming in especially me man. You are an amazing staff member and you have done so much for the server and i just want to give you a big sexy junkus funkus huggarooooooo we loveeee youuuu and congratulate you on new journeys my friends life is amazing and i know you are gonna soar to the top of it. I love you a lot man. LOVE , JUNKIE ALWAYSZ BROTHAAA
  2. Imp Keys

    I'm going to break down how you get imp keys and what you do with them Imp keys can also be purchased from the trivia store for 10 trivia points. You obtain Imp Key pieces through the hunter skill by looting your imp jars. Imp Keys are made of three separate pieces: Imp piece 1 Imp piece 2 Imp piece 3 You use the pieces on each other in order to make your key. The three types are pictured in my inventory below: Here is the layout of where you can get the different pieces: Piece 1 Baby impling (LVL 1 Hunter Required) Young impling (LVL 15 Hunter Required) Gourmet impling (LVL 25 Hunter Required) Earth impling (LVL 40 Hunter Required) Essence impling (LVL 50 Hunter Required) Piece 2 Eclectic impling (LVL 54 Hunter Required) Spirit impling (LVL 58 Hunter Required) Nature impling (LVL 65 Hunter Required) Magpie impling (LVL 74 Hunter Required) Ninja impling (LVL 76 Hunter Required) Piece 3 Pirate impling (LVL 79 Hunter Required) Divine impling (LVL 83 Hunter Required) Dragon impling (LVL 87 Hunter Required) Zombie impling (LVL 91 Hunter Required) Kingly impling (LVL 115 Hunter Required) Why not just sell your Imp keys? Imp Keys give you three different kinds of armours referred to as "Bossy" armours. There is a Mage Bossy, Melee Bossy, and a Range Bossy. In order to use your Imp Key, you need to locate the blood portal, which is located near the Lumbridge general store/Lumbridge sheep pen area. Simply use the key on the portal to unlock it and gain access by clicking on the portal after unlocking it. Once inside the portal, you have three portals to choose from. They will determine which Bossy Armour you will get. You are guaranteed a piece of whichever type you choose. As you can see in the picture below, they are labeled in order to limit confusion as to which portal you should choose. Obviously, the melee demon will give you Melee Bossy, etc. When killing the demons, use soulsplit prayer. GOOD LUCK BOYS!!
  3. Buffs

    Buffs and What They Do: Strength Mastery: (1000 Strength Bonus) Adrenalin Mastery: (1000 Attack Bonus for all types) Defense Mastery: (1000 Defense Bonus for all types) Move Mastery: (5% chance to dodge incoming attacks) Weapon Mastery: (1% chance to do double damage next hit) Focus Mastery: (Double Attack Bonus for all types) Bellow: (Reduce Defense of NPC you're attacking by 50%) Constitution Mastery: (Increase max HP by 20) Concentrate Attack: (500 Attack Bonus for all types) Armour of Courage: (500 Defense Bonus for all types) Giant Body: (If health falls below 25% (Above 0), automatically healed for 10 health) Toughness: (500 Strength Bonus) Fighting Spirit: (25% increase in all types for attack & defense, 1% chance to dodge) Constitution of a Titan: (Increase max HP by 5%) Uncanny Movement: (7% chance to dodge incoming attacks) Deep Wound: (2% chance to inflict double damage) Vitality Control: (100% health recovered from soul split) Divine Defense: (750 Defense Bonus for all types.) Armor Break: (Ignore NPC defense) Devotion: (Triple all attack types and 500 strength increase) Protection & Betrayal: (5% chance to block and/or increase incoming damage) Kill on Contact: (Kill anything on next hit.) {After Kill Buff Disappears} Telekinetomyinv: (Send all drops to inventory) Reflection Shield: (Reflect 30% (multiplied by 1000) back to the NPC) Defensive Stand: (Get all NPC around you to become aggressive against you) These buffs can be given from quite a few things like Afk mining and QBD Armour Set Operation And Phantom Set Operation And can also be given out by Staff (Admin+)
  4. (The Dinh's Bulwark Info And Effects) Stat Bonuses Of The Dinh's Bulwark: Attack Bonus: 500 Defense Bonus: 1000 Strength Bonus: 17,500 Prayer Bonus: 1,000 Effects Of The Dinh's Bulwark: 10% chance to block all incoming damage. 20% chance to block half of the incoming damage. 30% chance to block a quarter of the incoming damage. 75% chance to triple SoulSplit effect
  5. Elite Mode

    What is 'Elite Mode'? Elite Mode Is A rank, giving you the the many percs listed below. A Special Ironman Mode With A Drop Rate Starting At 150%!! A Mode Where You Can Build Up The Damage You Can Do With Your Amazing Elite Armour Effect!! And It Never Caps!! How Do I Reach Elite Mode? At 50k NPC Kills, you can go to the Elite Guide at ::Shops and you will be asked if you would like to create an Elite Mode Character. (Once per account - When you hit 50k NPC kills you will be able to go to the guide to be asked the option of creating a new Elite Mode Account.) You will be asked to enter the name of your Elite Mode Character (A new Character). You will be asked again to accept or deny the name you picked. If you picked a name already in use, you will be asked if you'd like an automatically generated name or choose another name. You may then log onto the new Elite Mode Account using the name you entered, and the same pin of your current account. What benefits and drawbacks will i obtain with this Elite Mode Rank? You will start with new Elite Mode Ironman gear with special bonuses/benefits. You will have same drawbacks as Ironmen (Unable to trade, gamble, duel) You will not be able to buy anything from the auction system. You will only be able to put items up for auction that are on the Price Guide and have a value of less than 10T. [1] You will receive 150% base drop rate bonus. (Double drop rates no longer apply) [2] You will receive your own 'Yell' color, rank, and icon. (Chat included) [3] Elites Are Only able to do Medium/Hard/Boss slayer tasks. [4] Monsters do 20% extra damage to Elites. [5] Elites do 20% extra damage to monsters. [6] :thread bonus max hit' no longer applies to you. [7]Doing combat prestige raises your prestige level. Elite Mode Armour bonuses/benefits: Armour upgrades automatically depending on the following information: Formula for how the tier of your armour is decided: Variable "Elite Damage" is equivalent to the total amount of damage done to NPCs while wearing the Elite armour. Tier 1 ends at 25m required Elite Damage and is doubled for each tier. (50m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1600m) Armour Bonuses: (No bonuses are accumulative) Tier 1: 1 Strength Bonus per NPC Kill. Tier 2: 1 Attack Bonus per NPC Kill. Tier 3: 1 Defense Bonus per NPC Kill. Tier 4: 1/5 Strength Bonus per NPC Kill. Tier 5: 1/5 Attack Bonus per NPC Kill. 1/5 Defense Bonus per NPC Kill. Tier 6: 1/5 Attack Bonus per NPC Kill. 1/5 Defense Bonus per NPC Kill. 1/5 Strength Bonus per NC Kill. Building up Elite Damage with Elite Armour is great and it does not cap it is a very interesting concept (Enjoy Elite Mode!! MagePS Players!!)
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