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  1. Magical Boxes Drop Table

    Much needed info here. Thanks.
  2. Agony's Support Application

    Bumping because I'm still interested. Online 7-10 hours daily.
  3. Staff Feedback - May

    Satucre - I have nothing negative to say about you. One of the best, if not the best server owner I have ever seen. You're active, engaged in the community, always listening to suggestions and rectifying what we can and cannot do in the server. You're quick to respond to issues and fix things that need to be taken care of. Nothing bad to say, period. Kion - Basically the same as above. You're great, funny to talk to, and always help when it's needed. You're not in game too much, but I understand that you're the mapping developer and always working on new things for us. It'd be cool to see you actively in game more, but again nothing negative to say period. Axo - No real feedback on you, but you're helpful in discord with client issues which is great. You do amazing at helping people figure out what's wrong with their clients. Administrator Cruw - Solid guy. Super engaged in the community. Always a blast to talk to on discord even though he's a little ditzy. Moderators Astro - You're fun to talk to, a bit on the goofy side. I wish you were in game more often. TylerMT - Probably my favorite moderator out of all of them. Extremely chill guy to talk to, super helpful in game, always fun watching the trash talk at Goku in a playful manner. Quiet - I don't really talk to you much on a personal level, so I can't comment much. But you do help a lot when I see you in game, so that's a solid plus. Helper BigDawg - You were fantastic, but it seems like gambling took a hit on you. I don't see you active that much anymore, maybe it's a time difference or something but I very rarely see you on anymore. Farm God - My. motha. fucking. nigga. You're the best helper this game has, and I wouldn't doubt it seeing you climb all the way to admin+ one day. Keep it up, extremely fucking active, and always talking in the chat. OgKushWookie - You're great when I see you actively talking in the chat. I more so see you afking bosses and not talking as often as others, but that's not me digging into you saying it's bad. You help out plenty, I just probably don't see it. Junkie - Rather not say what I think about you on here. Resulted in getting flamed like crazy outside of forums\game last time I did. Kawaii Girl - One of my close homies, but not as active anymore.
  4. Drop party 5/23/2019

    Items that are dropped during the event show up on the floor, not automatically in the inventory. Unless this has been changed since release of the npc that makes the party start.

    Looking forward to watching this. Glad to see more Youtubers making videos about our server as well.
  6. Goodbye Baron...

  7. Over the last few weeks since I've been playing, I have been consistently posting suggestions in discord. I figured it was time for me to make them all into one precise post here on the forums, for easier reference to. Here we go 1. Auto-maul on Vorago: - 500 KC on Normal Vorago and an additional 500 KC of Rage Vorago required. Can be added into boss shop for points, or just an automatic unlock. 2. Quests and Minigames: I've always loved the idea of custom servers having custom bosses and things of the sort. How about some custom quests, short in length to aid in the unlocking of new content? I don't see dev time being super tied up on this one. Perhaps make the quest creation all player based, let players help design them(within reason) 3. Custom Prayers for 100+ prayer level: I'm going to link the picture I posted here on this one. I suggested that we take a glance over at the RS3 prayers and take ideas from them. Mage\range prayers would be nice, equivalent to Turmoil prayers now for Melee. 3a) 4. More costume options: Currently we're able to costume items to get a HP+ increase. I'm suggesting to remove the restriction(currently stackable items cannot be used as costumes, which lock out a lot of cool looking item sets, such as Vanguard and many others). I'm also suggesting that we add the option to make a new costume slot, for the weapon slot. We have so many cool and unique custom weapons, that sit in the bank and are never used. Adding 1 more slot would only give 1 more 5+ hp increase, to a total of 170 HP. This does not seem unreasonable. 5. Turtle stone revamp: I've been reading Discord and in-game frequently when Double Drop Rates run out. A lot of people don't want to farm turtles, because of simply how long the process is without getting lucky on boxes. My suggestion has multiple ideas to it; Increase turtle stone drop amounts to 5-10 per kill. Let's say the average person will get 7.5 stones per kill, that's only 330 kills for Double drops as opposed to having to kill 500-700+. Make a rotating schedule for the turtle zone, exclusively, where there's either 1) double drops for turtles only WHILE DDR IS NOT ACTIVE, for 30mins to 1hr or 2) every 4~ hours, make turtles have an additional 30-40% drop rate on-top of whatever bonuses you currently have. Turtle boxes\armor are both classed in the mid tier range, so I don't see this disrupting the economy. Make turtles count as bosses, which in turn will give them the ability to give out boss points. This one was suggested by Nobody during the discussion, and since he's the king of Turtles, I only felt fair to include it here. 6. Tower Minigame Shop Revamp: I suggested to add more rewards into the Rick and Morty Horror Tower. Currently there's only two items in the shop, which are the Monkey Bandage and then Cupcakes. I believe we could possibly add more items into here. Budget flambeed pet? Something along the lines of helping new players stay alive at some of the tougher bosses. 7. Custom Barrows Sets \ Barrows Boss: Barrows content is a HEAVILY loved piece of content by a lot of people, myself included, and we have nothing for it. I believe we could add mid to high tier armor based on the barrows sets and they could be dropped from a Rise of the Six style combat area. For those who are unaware of what RotS is, imagine a mini-game area where you fight all 6 barrows brothers at once. This would be a team boss, since all 6 brothers cannot be fought at the same time realistically. I don't see any group boss content currently in the server, and this could be a nice entry point to test it out. 8. Chat improvements: Ability to "filter" certain game messages such as these below. Also, the ability to filter message such as drinking potions, eating food, etc. 9. Revamp Hell Shop: I know many of us went dry during the lance grind when we started the server. I suggested to Satucre that the Hell points are useless after you receive the full set of armor, and then even after that fact, it's untradable so it feels like a wasted investment. Adding a drop-rate pet to the shop would be a great boost for new players who don't want to follow the Pikachu route. I suggested the hellpuppy as you can see here, the model is already in the game and all it would need is just the effect added onto it. I'm thinking 7% is right in the middle of being normal since Pikachu gives 10% under 5k npc kills, and most people hit their 5k kills while doing lances. Raichu gives 5% over 5k NPC kills. Thanks for reading some of my suggestions, and I hope that you guys enjoy them and possibly support them!
  8. vorago suggestion

    I wouldn't be opposed to this as long as it's balanced.
  9. fallenxhype

    Hey, welcome to the server! Been seeing you around ingame some.
  10. Agony's Support Application

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: I spend anywhere between 6 to 10 hours a day actively playing the server, sometimes 12-14 when not working. Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Reasons for helping people: I've always enjoyed helping players out, in any game that I've ever played. People expect to see helpful players in a community and that's generally the first impression they're going to have in a game. Reasons for playing Mage: MagePS is the first custom server that I have tried and actually stuck with. I more or less play for the friends and the community here. I login to grind alongside the friends I've made and just talk in the chats and on discord. This is also the first and only RSPS that I've ever played that I've liked enough to donate more than $10 to. I'm at $300 total right now with more than $300+ more coming. Time zone: I'm currently in the -5 GMT timezone. I'm typically online from 9pm on-wards until 2-3 AM. Experience: I don't necessarily have any RSPS experience, but I was\am a moderator of /r/wow on Reddit, which has 1 million active subscribers. I'm very good with people on and off of the internet. I work in a customer relations department and I'm consistently dealing with people on a day to day basis. I also was a forum moderator and then an administrator of Zybez forums, from 2009 to 2015. I have extreme extensive knowledge of IPB forums, admin CP, and managing forums. P.S: I'm really hoping to join this staff team and help grow the server. I have a lot of suggestions and ideas that I have been continually posting in Discord and directly to the developers. I also have ideas to completely revamp the forums, rework the entire loyalty systems, and countless other ideas. I really, really want to help out. I am extremely eager to help, and I am extremely active.
  11. Rank Request

    Legendary dono please
  12. Hey Im Cruw

    Cruw for mvp.
  13. Setup Pictures

    This is something that I like posting on every forum that I visit. I love seeing computer setups, wallpaper setups, etc. Take a picture of your desk and let me see it! Here's my wallpaper. The character in the middle looks better on my monitor, because there's a bezel in-between both monitors. You'll see in the other photo. Desk without flash on: With Flash on: My prized possession(Happy Birthday limited edition AUTOGRAPHED art from Blizzard Entertainment. I was a mod on /r/wow for 4 years, this was my "stepping down gift" when I posted that I was no longer apart of the mod team. A few of the Customer Service reps from Blizzard reached out to me on Reddit asking if I wanted something for my "service" to the community for what I did for 4 years. I was blown away when the gift showed up.
  14. Updated starter guide

    Solid information on here. My only suggestion would be to tidy up the punctuation and layout of the guide.
  15. Staff Feedback - April

    Developers/Owners Satucre - He's great at what he does, and he's very responsive usually to complaints or issues. Kion - I haven't spoken to you much other than when I was asking about donation deals and you happened to be online, but that doesn't necessarily mean there's anything negative to say here. I wish you were a tad bit more active in-game. Axo - No opinion here, haven't seen you in-game or on discord very much. Administrator Cruw - The bread and butter of the server, if i'm honest. Always online, always helping, always engaged in the spur events we get going(like last night in Discord for the Karaoke). Fantastic person to talk to as well, always positive. I've never seen him in a bad mood. Moderators Baron - Great person as well, always willing to answer and help most people. I don't see you on very often, which could just be a time zone difference, but when you are on I'm a fan of you. Astro - No real opinion here, haven't seen you much or interacted with you much. Pretty sure this one is a time zone difference. TylerMT - Absolute beast of a helper\moderator. Always answering questions, always wanting to help players out. Just a fun guy to chat with. Quiet - Another favorite of mine, always on and willing to help players out. Helper Iron Luthy - No comment here, I only personally saw you in game for the first time yesterday. Hope to see more of you!
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