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  1. Tylers Promotion?

    I say yes only cause I ain't mod anymore, would never let this fool be my boss, smh. Lol all jokes aside, Tylers a committed staff member, chill asf, and gets his shit done. I 100% support this.
  2. Hey Everyone, this is the official Update Thread for 10/08/19 Many suggestions were added in, however I only have information on some of them. THREAD WILL BE UPDATED AS NEEDED IF THERE ARE ANY BUGS, PLEASE REPORT IT IN DISCORD IN THE #BUGS SECTION. UPDATES ARE AS FOLLOWS: 1. BOSS POINTS: Divine Rank ($250) - Get 1 Extra Boss Point per Kill Sponsor Rank - Get 2 Extra Boss Points per Kill 2. LONGER Pickaxe buffs!! : Regular Donor: 6-7 Hrs Super: 7 Hrs 30 mins Extreme: 8 Hrs Legendary: 8 Hrs 30 Mins Divine: 9 Hrs VIP: 10 Hrs Sponsor: 11 Hrs (Sponsors will also catch 2 fish at a time at AFK Fishing instead of 1) 3. Interdimensional Donut can NOW BE UPGRADED by using Stardust on it (Acquired from Boss Point shop for 5K Boss Points). It turns the Donut untradable, the cooldown is reduced by 2-3 combat ticks, and it heals 10 additional HP. 4. Weapons are now upgradable to +10. 5. ::Raged teleport command - Additional areas for Donators to farm Rage Vorago. 6. GOKU NOW ANNOUNCES YOUR DROPS along with the Quantity. Example: "You have received: Elder Maul 1x" 7. Ironman Store now restocks twice a month, instead of only once! 8. Starwars Raids now included in ::Zones!! Get those Zone rewards! 9. DOUBLE DROP CHANCE. Every 2% Drop Rate OVER 275% will Grant you 1% Double Drop Rate! Example: 375% Drop Rate = 50% Double Drop Rate 10. New PATHING System. 11. Blood Staff now heals 5-30 HP per cast. 12. TONS OF BUG FIXES TALKING TONS
  3. Recently a lot of players have been referring to price guides, though prices tend to be everchanging, therefore this will be the OFFICIAL PRICE GUIDE which will be SUBJECT TO CHANGES AND UPDATES EVERY 3-7 DAYS. Of course, you may see some people selling below due these prices just because they want to get their items sold quicker, but these are the Average/Real prices for the items, based on Supply/Demand and Rarity in some cases. TIP: Use "Ctrl+F" to search/find an item you're looking for much quicker Date Updated: 08/31/2019 (Some Minor Changes) IT IS ALWAYS MORE EFFICIENT TO ASK FOR A PRICE CHECK IN CLAN CHAT OR PMING ME INGAME FOR PRICES. WEAPONS: Hailstorm Dagger - 270T Gem Katana - 700-850T Omega Katana - 1.6Q - 1.8Q+ Red Lightsaber - 1.8Q - 2Q Blood Edge Sword - 9Q+ HellSlayer Sword (BIS Melee Weapon) - 12Q+ Blood Staff (BIS Mage weapon) - 12Q+ Abyssal Bludgeon (Best Spec Weapon) - 3Q+ Hades Scythe (Best 2H Weapon) - 25Q+ ARMORS/CAPES (Armor pieces may be cheaper separately, but worth more as a COMPLETE SET due to SET EFFECTS. Effects can be viewed at the below guide.) Corrupt Dragon Set (Including Wings) 120T-150T (20-30T per piece) Lucky Comp Set - 200T-250T (35-45T per piece) Satucre Set - 250T (50T per piece) Rage Set - 400T+ (70-80T+ per piece) Vegeta Set - 2Q (400T per piece) QBD Set - 10Q+ (Head, Chest, Legs, Gloves,Boots = 900T - 1Q Each separately, Wings are 5Q) Tyrant Set - 5Q+ Sexy Schoolgirl Set - 9Q+ Bikini Set - 12Q+ Goku Set (BIS Melee Set) - 35Q+ (5-6Q+ per piece) Ice/Blood Set (BIS Magic set) - 30Q+ (5Q each piece separately) Black Death Cape - 350T-400T Darth Vader Cape - 2Q+ QBD Wings - 5Q+ Invisible Set (Cosmetics Slot) - 500t-1Q each piece, Full set 5Q-8Q MISC. EQUIPMENT SLOTS (AMULETS/RINGS/OFFHANDS (shield slot) Teddy bears from Vorago : 10T Each Lucky Teddy Bear - 200T Lucky Teddy Bear [Upgraded] - 250T+ Diablo Shield - 500T+ Doom Spirit Shield - 30T+ Saradomin Spirit Shield - 30T+ Pink Spirit Shield - 25T+ DragonBone Spirit Shield - 800T+ Rasta Teddy Bear/Rasta Teddy [Upgraded] - 2.5Q+ Rage Amulet - 65T+ Torture Amulet - 120T+ Torture (Or) Amulet - 300T+ Immortal Charm Amulet (For Drop Rate)- 400T+ Arcane Blast Necklace - 250T+ Soul Amulet - 3Q+ Ring of Wealth - 1-5T Lucky Ring of Life [Unbreakable] - 85T+ Immortal Band - 400T+ Tier 13 Berserker Ring - 250T+ Ring of Souls (BIS Ring) - 3Q+ TROPHIES: Torment Trophy - 500T - 1Q Lucky Trophy - 800T - 1Q+ Divine Trophy - 2Q+ Satucre Trophy - 3.5Q+ Demonic Trophy - 4Q+ Hell Trophy - 4Q+ Enraged Trophy - 5Q+ Queen Trophy - 9Q+ Saiyan Trophy - 6Q+ StarWars Trophy - 15Q+ HellQueen Trophy - 15Q+ PETS: (Only posting those which are sold/used frequently) Agrith Naar - 30T Satucre - 75T+ Vorago 100T+ Diablo - 750T+ Goku - 1Q+ Pumpkin - 1Q+ Flambeed - 2Q+ Olmlet - 3Q+ MISC Items: DONATIONS : GENERALLY $10 = 150-200T Base Rate. Weak Gems - 35T+ Strong Gems - 90T+ Godly Gems - 425T+ Heaven Stone - 5T Lucky Ores - 10T-15T Lucky Heaven Stone - 20T+ Vote Books - 1-2T Turtle Boxes - 5-7T Turtle Stones - 1K stones = 10T+ Scroll of Cleansing - 15T Scroll of Efficiency - 15T+ 100% 10% Drop Rate Scroll - 600T+ Rainbow Fish - 500M each (2K fish = 1T cash) XP Lamps - 15-20T each Ice / Blood keys (used for ice dragon/blood nex raid at ::iced) - Ice Key - 50T / Blood Key 15T+ Drop Catcher: T1 - 100T / T2 - 150T / T3 - 200T Abyssal Bludgeon pieces: Claw - 200-250T / Spine - 1Q / Axon - 1Q Double Str/Magic Pots - 10-15T Double SS Pots - 5T Monkey Bandage - 10T Name Change Scrolls - 50T+ Donator Points - Every 1K Points - 40T+ Pet Boxes - 50T+ Magical Mboxes - 100T+ Finest Stone - 45T+ Frenzy Weapons - 8T each (Better to just toss them in grinder, they don't sell) Lesser Magical Boxes - 5T each (Better to just toss them in grinder, they don't sell) 4X XP Ring - 20T DragonBalls #1 - 7 - 250T+ EACH
  4. BASIC INFORMATION THREAD Hey guys, I decided to make this thread to help out new players, since I see a variety of questions asked repeatedly everyday. I hope this thread serves to help to educate our new players, on top of the information they learn in the starter guide and other knowledge while playing!!! HERE ARE THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: ((I WILL BE UPDATING THIS THREAD AS NEEDED)) [[HELPFUL TIP AHEAD OF TIME: THERE IS AN "ATTENDANCE CHECKER" NPC AT HOME. VISIT HIM EVERY 24 HOURS TO GET FREE GOODIES]] 1. Q. What do I do with crystal keys/gold keys OR how do I open them? A. There are 2 methods to opening the keys. You can either find their respective chests at either ::ckey or ::gkey OR -the simpler method- putting the keys into your FIRST inventory slot and doing the command ::openallckey for ckeys, and ::openallgkey for gkeys. 2. Q. What is a heaven stone/lucky heaven stone and how do I get them?? A. Heaven stones can be used to upgrade items HOWEVER it has a huge chance of failing and you WILL lose your item if it fails, therefore you're highly recommended to acquire a LUCKY ORE and use it on the Heaven Stone to create a "Lucky Heaven Stone". Lucky Heaven Stones are used to upgrade items, however if the upgrade FAILS you will KEEP your item but lose the stone. "Heaven Stones" Are acquired as a GLOBAL DROP, which means ALL NPCs drop them. The more hp a NPC has, the more frequently it has a chance to drop. 3. Q. How do I get a lucky ore? A. Lucky ores are acquired a number of ways: ALMOST ALL BOSSES, Vote Shop, Boss Point Shop, Donor Shop, Attendance, Players. [[YOU CAN ALSO GET A LUCKY HEAVEN STONE FROM VOTE TICKETS, EASIEST WAY TO ACQUIRE THEM. FEEL FREE TO DO ::VOTE]] 4. Q. How do I get better gear? A. I can't stress this enough. PLEASE do ::thread 11537 ingame for our starter guide and follow it. The "::lance" grind is the BEST WAY to acquire gear for bossing (AND YES, IT IS A BIT OF A GRIND BUT IT IS COMPLETELY WORTH IT). Alternatively you can either donate/sell a donation, or do ::hunter for lamps to sell to players, and save up money to buy better gear than what you can get at lances [[Currently lamps sell for --15-20T each-- (prices are subject to change, ALWAYS ASK FOR A PRICE CHECK IN CLAN CHAT/PM ME IN-GAME TO GET UPDATED PRICES)]] 5. Q. When can I get to bossing/what gear will I need? A. The bare minimum gear you will need is your HELLFIRE LANCE and HELLFIRE GEAR SET or anything better. You will then work on zones to unlock bosses, and begin your grind to make money/acquiring better gear. 6. Q. What is a Christmas Cracker/How is it obtained? A. Christmas Crackers are a GLOBAL DROP, just like Heaven Stones. Crackers contain a Double Strength (or Magic) pot, Double SS pot, and a snow globe (junk) [[USE THE CHRISTMAS CRACKERS ON EITHER A IRONMAN, HC IRONMAN, OR GROUP IRONMAN. THAT WILL GAURANTEE YOU GET THE LOOT FROM THE CRACKERS.]] 7. Q. What do the double pots do? A. Honestly it's pretty self explanatory but I'll give a breakdown anyway. Double Strength - Doubles your strength stat (Basically double your damage). Double Magic - Doubles your Magic stat (doubles your magic damage). Double SS - Doubles your healing from the Soul Split prayer, meaning you'll heal 4 per hit instead of just 2! THESE POTS ARE VERY HELPFUL FOR WHEN YOU GRIND BOSSES. 8. Q. What is a hell key/ hell chest ,how do I get them and what is the best loot from them? A. A majority of NPCs/Bosses drop hell keys and chests. You will need both in your inventory to open them. Currently they are JUNK. There is nothing profitable you can gain from them, including the hell powder you get from them. I recommend holding onto the chests and keys, just toss them in a tab in your bank for now. 9. Q. Can I upgrade my ring of wealth (row), and what is a scroll of efficiency/scroll of cleansing? A. The only way to upgrade your ring of wealth is by using a scroll of efficiency on it. You can add up to five (5) scroll of efficiency onto your ring. Each Efficiency scroll can grant you 0-10% Drop Rate, maxing out at a 50% bonus on your ring. The drop rate bonuses are ACCOUNT BOUND meaning if you were to change your ring to a LROL (lucky ring of life) or Immortal Band, your drop rate from the scrolls WILL STAY. A scroll of cleansing is used to wipe ALL bonuses from the scrolls. Why would you do this, you ask? To roll for a better percentage, considering you can max at a bonus of 50% drop rate, as mentioned above. 10. Q. What is a Boss Task/ Bounty Scrolls/How can I acquire them/Where is the boss point shop?? A. Do the ::slayer teleport and SPEAK TO THE "BOSS TASKS" NPC. You can pick ANY boss you would like to kill for a bounty scroll. After scrolling to a boss of your choice, hit "Select" and you must get 501 kills for that boss from the start of the task. On the 501st kill, the bounty scroll will drop as a regular drop on the ground, BE SURE TO NOT MISS IT. A bounty scroll GAURANTEES ANY RARE ON THE DROP TABLE FOR THE BOSS YOU SELECTED/GOT THE SCROLL FOR. You can track your current kills throughout the boss task by returning to the NPC and scrolling to the boss you're killing. You may also access the boss point shop from this NPC AS WELL!!!!! 11. Q. What is BOTD? A. BOTD means Boss of The Day. BOTD is changed every 24 hours. What that means is there is no requirements to kill that boss. EVERYONE can farm it, regardless of unlocking the requirements to kill it or not. For example, you'd need 2/3 Lucky Zone to kill Corporeal Beast. With Corp as BOTD, everyone can kill it freely, even without doing the 2/3 Zone requirement. You are also getting DOUBLE BOSS POINTS per BOTD Kill. There is a NPC at the ::slayer teleport called "Boss Of The Day". You can check the leaderboard to keep up with who's on the board for rewards, including your own kill count. The rewards for BOTD are as follows: FIRST PLACE: 1,000 Donator points PLUS a Bounty Scroll. SECOND PLACE: A Bounty Scroll. THIRD PLACE: 500 Donator points. 4TH - 10TH PLACE: A Lesser Magical Box. 12. Q. How do I check my NPC kills or a specific NPC killcount? A. Do the command ::Npckills OR ::Npckills npcname [[Example: ::Npckills Pikachu]] 13. Q. What do I do with 1m/500m Tickets? A. Head to ::shops, there will be an NPCs that convert both tickets to 1B Tokens.
  5. Really awesome update! Epic rewards and perks for committing to the grind. Thanks for yet another great and content-packed update!!
  6. Updated Pet Guide

    UPDATED PET GUIDE [Thread will be updated in the future as needed] How to obtain pets: Pets can be acquired through either Pet Boxes in the donor store, attendance rewards (30th day) and purchasing them off of players. Raid pets (Obiwan, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper) can only be acquired via their respective raid. Pets will be listed in an alphabetical order and will also include their rarity. For specific prices of pets, feel free to ask in-game, as prices are always changing. Agrith Naar (Common) - Doubles imp points obtained by catching imps at ::hunter, and also provide a a 0-10% skillpoint bonus while skilling Celestial dragon (Common) - Double prayer xp from bone crusher Corp (Common) - 10% chance to cut incoming damage in half, not really viable for most situations Darth Vader Pet (Rare) - [NEEDS DARTH VADER ARMOR SET FOR EFFECT TO BE ACTIVE] allows you to melee from a distance while wearing the full Darth Vader set Diablo (Ultra Rare) - random 1-10% drop rate bonus per kill + cuts the QBD/Phantom set effect cool down in half Drunk Slave (Common) - 8% drop rate Flambeed (Ultra Rare) - Forces a cupcake (Heals 90) down your throat every 15 combat ticks (Roughly 9 seconds) Giant Squirrel (Ultra Rare) - 2% chance to deal moderate bonus damage on each hit + 5% drop rate + 2% chance to take no damage when you get hit Goku Pet (Ultra Rare) - [ONLY ACQUIRED FROM GOKU/PLAYERS] - 11% Drop Rate Hellfire Pet (Common) - 9% Drop Rate - Acquired by getting 5K hell points. Mixer (Common) - 8% drop rate Ninja Servant (Common) - doubles chance to receiving item from thieving stall Olmlet (Ultra Rare) - 5% chance to deal huge bonus damage on each hit + 1% chance to inflict a burning effect on each hit AND random 1-20% drop rate bonus per kill + 1 in 75 chance to reroll a rare drop on every kill Obiwan Pet (Rare) - [NEEDS OBIWAN ARMOR SET FOR EFFECT TO BE ACTIVE] gives 31% Drop Rate when wearing the full Obiwan Set Ork Legion (Rare) - deals random 1-10% of your max hit every 3 combat ticks. Pikachu (Common) - 10% drop rate if you are below 5000 npc kills, otherwise 5% Prestige Pet (Rare) - 10% chance to deal bonus damage on each hit Pumpkin (Ultra Rare) - 20% drop rate - Best Drop Rate Pet Raichu (Common) - 10% drop rate if you are below 5000 npc kills, 7% below 10000 kills, otherwise 5% Satucre (Rare) - 14% drop rate StormTrooper Pet (Rare) - [NEEDS STORMTROOPER ARMOR SET FOR EFFECT TO BE ACTIVE] allows your red lasergun to shoot 3 times instead of 2 while wearing the full StormTrooper set Terrorbird (Rare) - Halves the prayer drain received through pvp Spirit shield effect + Halves prayer drain from Strykewyrm attack Tormented Demon (Common) - 15% drop rate towards tormented demons Vetion (Common) - doubles spec restoration rate Vorago (Rare) - 10% chance to double your max hit on every hit Whore (Common) - 8% drop rate A big thanks to Satucre for already having a pet guide, in which I used for a majority of this thread, with just a few updated additions. As posted above, I will be updating the thread as needed. Thank you for taking the time to check my guide!
  7. Yet another great update, with lots of content. Keep up the hard work Sat! We appreciate it more than you know.
  8. Goodbye Baron...

    Always sad to see a friend go. Baron was a great mod, and a great friend, always down for a good conversation. Take care and good luck brother. It was great to have met you.
  9. Staff Feedback - April

    Developers/Owners Satucre - Pretty chill and hard working guy, more active than most other server owners and interacts with the community and listens to feedback, producing a hefty amount of updates, and does his best to fix bugs/improve the server. Great guy all around. Kion - I've seen Kion on often but haven't really spoke to him much, but he's always responsive and happy to help if you PM him. Axo - N/A but I hear he deals with client-side issues, keep up the good work! Administrator Cruw - Always active, helpful and a great guy all around. He's always around and open for conversations and having fun with the rest of us. Moderators Baron - He's a great mod, always on point and helpful when he's needed Astro - I've interacted with him a couple times, pretty cool guy, just wish you were a bit more active, would be great to see you around more! TylerMT - Always active, helping out people ASAP, fun to talk to, and always catching him on the grind. I feel he deserved his promotion to Mod, keep up the hard work brother. Quiet - Another great staff member with a great personality, keeping the hype up whenever he's around, and always helping others. Helper Iron Luthy - N/A
  10. OGKushWookie's support app

    I see Kush on a lot, very chill and friendly, and helping when he can. I vouch for him.
  11. Farm God's App

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: Minimum of 5-7 hours Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): https://gyazo.com/2eaf8b3962392a128dbbc6e80ccecfee Reasons for helping people: I enjoy helping people, knowledge is power. There are always new players coming every day, and I enjoy assisting people whenever they need help. I got a lot of help from people, and I'd like to do the same for others. Reasons for playing Mage: Mage is fun, I have an enjoyable time grinding and blowing the money I make, and the updates and community are pretty equally lit. Unlike most servers, our staff is interactive with the community, and equally chill. This is probably the best RSPS I've played in years, and I'm glad this was the one to hook me in. Time zone: United States, EST.
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