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    I see Kush on a lot, very chill and friendly, and helping when he can. I vouch for him.
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    Hours you spend a day on Mage: Minimum of 5-7 hours Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): https://gyazo.com/2eaf8b3962392a128dbbc6e80ccecfee Reasons for helping people: I enjoy helping people, knowledge is power. There are always new players coming every day, and I enjoy assisting people whenever they need help. I got a lot of help from people, and I'd like to do the same for others. Reasons for playing Mage: Mage is fun, I have an enjoyable time grinding and blowing the money I make, and the updates and community are pretty equally lit. Unlike most servers, our staff is interactive with the community, and equally chill. This is probably the best RSPS I've played in years, and I'm glad this was the one to hook me in. Time zone: United States, EST.