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  1. Goal: Mage Items/Req Balancing and New Items w/Lore Can you guys look at the difference, especially, statistics of the mage's gears; Blood Mage, Beast Master, Dusty, Ganodermic, and Ethereal? Requirements are eh... Tomes aren't progressive to Unicorns... Unicorn to Ganodermics... Ganodermics to Ethereals... Requirements to Rewards... Some Ganodermics' items/drops are stronger than Ethereals. Ex: Regular Polypore Staff (150B) and Full (200B) > Ethereal Battlestaff (750B) and Hula Hoop (200B) (Ganodermic's Drop) > Ethereal Book (750B). Suggestions... Tomes becomes a part of the progression to Rainbow Unicorns. Rainbow Unicorns to Ganodermics requirements are okay. Ganodermics to Ethereals requirements is 500. In my opinion it should be 350. Tomes to Rainbow Unicorns to Ganodermics to Ethereals should feel like an upgrade of each progression. (NEW LORE/ITEM) The Dwarves found Acloysten a rare, silver luminescent crystal. Named after Archmage Sedridor of the Wizard's Tower. Whumdear is a normal working dwarf and he was in the 'Dwarven Mines' in 'Falador'. He was cleaning out the carts and he approached a silver-like gleaming ore in a small crack. He questioned to himself, "I thought there isn't any silver ores in this mine. I must be drunk with all the mead I drink today... must be?" As he was curious he went back to the same location by himself knowing it might make him a fortune. He mined the ore with a steel pickaxe that was left in the cart and it exploded blinding Whumdear in the process. The Dwarves rushed to the sound and found Whumdear in agonizing pain and also a cave full of Acloysten huge amounts. They were careful they didn't wanted to make the same mistake as Whumdear did. So they called, King Vallance of Asgarnia and he contacted a friend named Archmage Sedridor as he gather a party inside the cave. Archmage Sedridor touched the crystal and a monster was spawned. (It mimics the looks of whoever with a silver aura). They killed the Acloysties which is it's named (stronger than Ethereals) and it dropped Acloysten shards. Many years of research and they found that its use is enhancing magic on it's users. Acloystens' Items are acquired by it dropping from the NPC: Acloysties. So, Acloysten Hood (Charged) and a Regular Acloysten Hood. Shards are used to fill a non-full Acloysten item. Stats are gravely stronger than Ethereal. it must feel like it's worth the upgrade from each progression. Integrated grinding with a more of a purpose. The full charges of all Acloysten items will double your max hit (must be magic damage and non-stackable with Vorago pet). - Tutelar and Iron Tutelar