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  1. Setup Pictures

    ha gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay love the set up glad you cleaned up the cheeto dust though
  2. 21/04/19 - Happy Easter Update!

    woohoo! can't wait to try out this Easter thing I plan to be the first with everything
  3. Sociopath's Forum Mod App

    Granted I've been around about a week, I feel the forums could use a clean up! I'm great with spelling/punctuation and I could help you guys out with correcting a vast majority of the typos I have seen. Nothing too fancy just some spelling errors that make some of the guides and posts easier to understand for new people I take pride in my work and would love to give it a shot.
  4. Ohai :)

    Hello there my name is Nic and hail from Indiana, USA I have never played actual runescape but have played private servers since 2011 I like to write music and do hard drugs in my free time, if you'd like to check out some of my tunes: https://soundcloud.com/socio-path-477514150 Be warned it's not for the feint of heart I'm generally a nice guy and enjoy helping people but i don't take kindly to being used. Hit me up ingame if you need anything! I have learned quite a bit over this past week and would love to get you situated with a starting weapon or some gear to get you going
  5. I've only been playing 3 days but so far this place is amazing! you can tell you guys put alot of time into the content. thanks for everything you do