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  1. Setup Pictures

    ha gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay love the set up glad you cleaned up the cheeto dust though
  2. Staff Feedback - April

    Developers/Owners Satucre - Heavily reliant on donations but always offering great incentives for said donations! Great owner and obviously cares about his playerbase. Should proofread things before they are posted to avoid seeming incompetent (which he isn't). Kion - N/A Axo - N/A Administrator Cruw - My favorite staff member! When I first started he was eager to assist me with a donation and gave me a little extra which has helped me alot. Active and always chatting with us, answers questions thoroughly and without fail! Offers better deals than Sat cuz Sat is a mega nerd. Moderators Baron - Lovely and mature, albeit slightly less active (at least in my timezone) but makes up for it with quality community control Astro - N/A cuz kind of clueless TylerMT - This dude never logs out, always cuts into my sales by adding 500b to whatever I offer One of the best staff members ingame. By far the most active and helpful staff member! Always buying vote books to give players some extra cash and is on the balls with welcoming new players. All around good guy Quiet - N/A Helper Iron Luthy - AFK
  3. 21/04/19 - Happy Easter Update!

    woohoo! can't wait to try out this Easter thing I plan to be the first with everything
  4. Sociopath's Forum Mod App

    Granted I've been around about a week, I feel the forums could use a clean up! I'm great with spelling/punctuation and I could help you guys out with correcting a vast majority of the typos I have seen. Nothing too fancy just some spelling errors that make some of the guides and posts easier to understand for new people I take pride in my work and would love to give it a shot.
  5. Ohai :)

    Hello there my name is Nic and hail from Indiana, USA I have never played actual runescape but have played private servers since 2011 I like to write music and do hard drugs in my free time, if you'd like to check out some of my tunes: https://soundcloud.com/socio-path-477514150 Be warned it's not for the feint of heart I'm generally a nice guy and enjoy helping people but i don't take kindly to being used. Hit me up ingame if you need anything! I have learned quite a bit over this past week and would love to get you situated with a starting weapon or some gear to get you going
  6. I've only been playing 3 days but so far this place is amazing! you can tell you guys put alot of time into the content. thanks for everything you do
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