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  1. 21/04/19 - Happy Easter Update!

    Thanks for the event!
  2. I i'm a fan of DBZ, so seeing this update was awesome. The introduction of a world boss was a great addition that was very much needed. I am happy with goku's drop table and believe they are world boss worthy drops. It's a good incentive to keep players coming back for the juicy loots. Now, a timer for goku would be perfect. Also, the models for goku and vegeta came out great, same for the katana's. Vial update huge QoL. Furthermore, staking looks clean and simple. Overall, this is a great update and I look forward to the new upcoming bosses that's to come.
  3. Loot from 10800 tormented demons with droprate of 200% all the time. Sometimes 230% when ddr is on. Torment trophy was also completed.
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