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  1. OGKushWookie's support app

    vouch for this guy, seen him helping many times
  2. Farm God's App

    Vouch. Always helping.
  3. Gear Guide

    great guide, was waiting for this
  4. Loot from 10800 Tormented Demons

    Mind showong your gear for that drop rate? Grats on the achievement.
  5. Price Guide

  6. Price Guide

    MagePS Price Guide Weapons evil spear - 600B evil whip - 600B evil whip (upgraded) - 1-2T evil claws - 1-2T tzhaar whip - 2T hailstorm dagger - 150-200T blue lightsaber - 200T flaming katana / gem katana - 600T+ extremely flaming katana / omega katana - 1Q+ blood edge sword - 2Q+ hellslayer sword - 3.5Q+ Helmets evil hood - 1-2T tzhaar full helm - 2-4T turtle helm - 2.5-5T devious 3rd age pieces - 6T+ corrupt dragon helmet - 30T+ lucky completionest full helm - 40-50T rage hat - 50-60T satucre the boss helmet - 100T+ vegeta head - 400-500T Platebodies evil platebody - 1-2T tzhaar platebody - 2-4T turtle platebody - 2.5-5T devious 3rd age pieces - 6T+ corrupt dragon plate - 30T+ lucky completionest platebody - 40-50T rage platebody - 50-60T satucre the boss platebody - 100T+ vegeta body - 400-500T Platelegs evil chainskirts - 1-2T tzhaar platelegs - 2-4T turtle platelegs - 2.5-5T devious 3rd age pieces - 6T+ corrupt dragon legs - 30T+ lucky completionest platelegs - 40-50T rage platelegs - 50-60T satucre the boss platelegs - 100T+ vegeta legs - 400-500T Capes evil wings - 1-2T turtle wings - 5T white death cape - 10-15T green death cape - 20T+ black death cape - 200-300T darth vader cape - 300-400T Boots evil boots - 1-2T turtle boots - 2.5-5T corrupt dragon boots - 30T+ lucky completionest boots - 40-50T rage boots - 50-60T satucre the boss boots - 100T+ vegeta boots - 400-500T Gloves turtle gloves- 2.5-5T corrupt dragon gloves - 30T+ lucky completionest gloves - 40-50T rage gloves - 50-60T satucre the boss gloves - 100T+ vegeta gloves - 400-500T Rings 2x exp ring - 4T 3x exp ring - 10T 4x exp ring - 20T ring of weatlh - 1-3T turtle ring - 5T lucky ring of luck (damaged) - 50T+ lucky ring of luck (fixed) - 60T+ lucky ring of luck (unbreakable) - 85-100T Amulets turtle amulet - 5T rage amulet - 50-60T amulet of torture - 100T amulet of torture (or) - 200-250T Shields evil shield - 1-2T regular / bloodthirsty / sea blue / frostbite / devious / kryptic / divine teddy bear - 10T ( all have the same strength boost) saradomin spirit shield - 20T+ regular lucky teddy - 125T+ lucky teddy upgraded - 175-200T dragonbone spirit shield - 450-500T Pets agrith naar - 5T vorago pet - 50T flambeed pet - 800T+ olmlet - 1Q+ Miscellanous vote books - 1T (each) rainbow fish - 500M (each) lesser magical box (casket) - 4-5T heaven stone - 5-10T lucky ore - 10-15T lucky heaven stone - 20-25T double ss pots - 3-5T double str pots - 10-15T double exp pot - 2T monkey bandage - 10T finest stone - 60-80T drop catcher [Tier 1] - 30-40T drop catcher [Tier 2] - 40-60T drop catcher [Tier 3] - 80-100T scroll of efficiency - 15-20T scroll of cleansing - 20T+ exp lamp - 10-15T weak gem - 15-20T strong gem - 30T+ godly gem - 90T+ P.S ~ The prices keep on changing and may vary from seller to seller. If anything has to be added or any price has to be edited please let us know in replies. Special thanks to Baron for helping out with the prices.
  7. Morphling's Support App

    Vouch. Helful person.
  8. Pvm N Stake support app

    You have my vouch mate. Good person, keeps helping even over PM and in clanchat.
  9. Dan's Introduction

    Hello there Mage! My ingame nick is Dan and I live in Abu Dhabi. It's been three days since I joined this RSPS and I have already started liking it. The players here are really nice and helpful too. Looking forward to this rsps