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  1. Farm God's App

    great guy, always helping out, very active
  2. OGKushWookie's support app

    Hours you spend a day on mage: I would say average is around 8-10hrs except these last 2 weeks probably have been closer to 14-16 Reasons for helping people: I know things can get confusing in the beginning and love to help out new players figure out the game and grow our player base. I’m online for a good portion of the day and happy to help. Reasons for playing mageps: No other rsps has a community like ours, everyone always seems happy to help and share any knowledge they have. Developers are dedicated, there are constant updates and whenever a bug is found it is dealt with immediately. Time Zone-PST
  3. Glave2 staff app

    +1 always see him helping out new players and whenever i've got a question he's usually one of the first to answer
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