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  1. Gear Guide

    Can you use the invisible/ghostly sets with the 10% costume ring, or do you lose the set effect by having a different ring in that slot?
  2. Hello

    Hello, I have played many RSPSes over the years, including ones that were used for the original source of this server. I have been staff on servers. Currently playing this and OSRS (mostly just afking skilling for some money making to dono with.) I have decided to join and support MPS due to the owner of the last RSPS I was playing abandoning the server to work in crypto :(. Anyways, I am excited about all that is going on! Anyways, hit me up for raids or what have you!
  3. Rank Request

    IGN: AmaraRomani Dono Rank: Diamond Donator Game mode: Elite
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