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  1. 20/02/2021 - Mage Refresh - Biggest Update Ever!

    It says this, but can't do uzones, hades, or DBZ bosses without having reqs done...
  2. Astrals by Zoom

    Much better than the old one. Ty Zoom!
  3. This guide is only for Ironmen/Ironwomen (elite or otherwise, but if you are just getting started and are playing a normal ironman/woman, i would recommend switching to an Elite account, as it has significantly more benefits and does not have any requirements to begin.) If you are playing a normal account, this information will likely be of no use to you. If you are playing Group Ironman/Ironwoman Mode, then these tips might be helpful to some extent, but being allowed to divide and conquer means that your group won't have to be as careful as I recommend. Before reading this guide, please familiarize yourself with the following guides . Though my advice will likely differ from these guides, I will refer to terms from them and expect you to understand what I am talking about, without having to re-invent the wheel myself. J MagePs Optimal Starter Guide - Getting started - MagePS 20/02/2021 - Mage Refresh - Biggest Update Ever! - Update Notes - MagePS 21/04/21 - Mage Refresh - Part 2 - Even Bigger then before! - Update Notes - MagePS Season 2 Skilling Guides - Skill Guides - MagePS 1)Relics&Achievements will give you a significant advantage early game. Circled below is where you can find the achievements that you will need to do. Completing these unlocks relics. However, you won't be able to get the one that provides the greatest advantage (4th relic, "Let Me Choose" [allows you to choose 10 slayer tasks/day]) without gathering resources that are only available via PvM content, namely: Hell Powder and Golden Keys. a)Relics How to unlock Tier 1 = 100 Achievement Points Tier 2 = All Easy Achievements Done Tier 3 = 1500 Achievement Points Tier 4 = All Medium Achievements Done Tier 5 = 7500 Achievement Points Tier 6 = 15000 Achievement Points Tiers and Effects (Highlighted are recommended for newer players) Tier 1 I will Skill - Get 25% Extra Experience from skilling and a 25% chance to have your resource doubled I will Produce - Get 5 things created at once when Smelting ores, Smithing bars, Fletching logs, Making Bolt Tips, Cleaning Herbs, Making pots, Cooking Food I will PvM - Get 10% Damage from the start and all your skills and combat stats are boosted by 5 forever. Tier 2 Raid Lover - Get 25% drop rate on all raids you do, with a 10% Damage boost inside a raid. Slayer Lover - Get 5% Double drop rate chance, 10% chance more to spawn a superior, and 10% Damage boost during Slayer Tasks. Tier 3 The Ranger - Increases your accuracy by 25%, Gives a 10% Chance to add a line of damage when attacking a single target. 10% Range Boost. The Tanker - Gives you a 10 HP Permanent increase, allows you to take 25% Less damage forever and gives you a 10% Damage increase for Melee. The Mage - Increases your accuracy by 50% and adds a 1 AoE to all your attacks. Also does an additional 10% Magic Damage Boost. Tier 4 Lets Find Treasure - Increases your chances of obtaining a Task scroll and Boss head by 2x. Doubles all your bil Token drops forever and gives you a 10% Double drop rate Chance. Lessens the Task scroll tasks in half so if you need to do 100 you will now do 50. Let me Choose! - Lets you choose the next slayer task you want, but limited to choosing 10 tasks a day. You will also now have a 15% more chance to spawn a superior mob Tier 5 Save my Resources - Farming will now be 2x Quicker, and you will obtain 2x the herbs from it. Creating a Potion will now give you a 50% chance of saving one of the resources needed to create it(life potion idk how it will work since it needs a lot) Magical Gear - You are now given the best tools in Mage, a Magic Fishing rod(recolor to purple) has a 50% chance of saving Feathers while fishing and not break. A Indestructible Magical Bird Trap(recolored purple) which can be placed unlimited times without breaking. A Magic Axe(recolored space axe purple) which doesn't break and a Magic Pickaxe(recolored purple) which doesn't break Lets Max Fast - Gives you an additional 5000 Exp(no multiplier) per action you do 1000 times a day, then 2500 Exp for everything else. Tier 6 Bloodlust - All your attacks now have a 10% Increased accuracy, and 10% increased damage for all styles. You will now heal 1 HP per line of damage you do. You will also restore 1 prayer point per attack you do. AoE does not work for this as it only accounts for the first NPC you attack Im Special - All your attacks now have 10% increased accuracy and 10% increased Damage for all styles. Special attacks will now only cost 20% special regardless of the amount before, and you will restore special attack two times as quick. Attack me - All your attacks now have a 15% increased accuracy and 15% increased damage for all styles. Everyday you login you will be given 1 hour of aggression buff to attract 1 NPC. You will also now take 25% Less damage Easy/Medium Achievements Easy Achievements Easy gives 10 Achievement points per completion Medium Achievements Medium gives 50 Achievement points per completion and you have to all of them to unlock Relic 4, 2) Tri Rangers for early game range gear If you followed the starter guide above, you should already have the req for ::tri done. The ranger at ::tri drops keys that open the chest there and give some pretty good range gear. The Magic gear and Melee gear from ::tri are not very good at all, but the range gear with double range pots makes easy slayer go very quickly, plus doing one ::tri task is a requirement for ::evil, which is going to solve a lot of early-game issues. NOTE: Bring full hellfire and donut here (minimum) ::Tri to teleport there, kill rangers for keys 3) Easy Slayer Tasks )Once you have the tri range gear , i do NOT recommend simply working through the zones start to finish. Instead, I suggest doing Easy Slayer Tasks until you have completed enough zones to use the ctrl+b/::bank command to bank on demand and have a high enough prayer level for protect from magic. ::noface drops bones that you it should only take 1 ::noface slayer task. The pet from ::knuckles will add a boost to your drop rate, and the rings/amulets from ::ethereal and ::noface will be some BIS magic/range until mid-late game. Save the "easy slayer bones" you get, but go ahead and use the keys. By the time you have these things, you should be ready for ::evil. >Interdimensional Donut from ::tower > Full Hellfire w/ hellfire lance (do not upgrade with gems) > Tri range gear (Can fill any gaps with Noface gear to save time, but i recommend getting the shortbow, at least) > 43+ prayer (bones from ::npface) > NoFace Amulet, Ring, and wings > Ethereal Amulet and Ring > knuckles pet >enough zones completed to use ctrl+b (or enough $ donated) * If at any point you get bored while doing this, or need something less click-intensive to do for a while, Theiving and Woodcutting are the two skills to do on the side, since they will lay the groundwork for the rest of them,, combined with the loot you get from ::evil. Once you have enough slayer points, buy Elite Slayer keys and open the Elite Slayer Chest (you'll have to walk there.) and you could get a significant early game advantage this way !!! 6 of these items would make a huge difference early on: > Blood Staff, 007 gun, Trident, Red Lightsaber, Red Lasegun, Golden Black Magic Staff *Possible loot from Elite keys:* Season 2 Skilling Guides - Skill Guides - MagePS 4) ::evil for first AoE set I recommend starting a bounty hunter "boss task" beforehand, as the evil set with the weapon is the earliest game AoE weapon at the time of writing this guide.) The best way to obtain Hell Powder and Golden Keys you need to do the skilling early on is through the ::evil zone (unless you donate for a sponsor chest, in which case the hell keys/chests and golden keys can be obtained from various npcs in the ::szone.) The Evil Magic Overloard is a group boss and everyone who does damage to the boss and survives gets a drop. If you are just starting today, then you might not be able to survive. If you can survive already, then head to ::evil, click on the statue of zamorack, then the red portal, and enjoy fighting the boss. 5. Go Free! Once you have a nice amount of hell keys/chests (there are more in the mboxes) and Gkeys, you are ready to grind through the easy and medium achievements to unlock your first 4 relics. I recommend prioritizing skilling in the following order. Keep stock of logs, seeds, bird snares, box traps, etc. so that you can utilize the skill of the day for 150% base exp! 1. Thieving ** thieve the jungle chests for as much time as you can bare (dont waste exp buffs on this, since you wont move on to blood thieving for a long time.) 2. Woodcutting *** Getting a ton of Elder logs early on might be boring, but it will make the game go a lot faster later 3. Hunter **** While you can get some double exp pots from the ironman shop, it only restocks twice a month on the 1st and 15th, so you need to get wol 4. Fishing - you have to do it to train cooking to use the wolf ribs, but after that its less important for a long time. 5. Firemaking. If you feel you have extra logs, use them for the Elder Log exp buff, especially for skills that use resources and are non-gathering skills: Cooking, Crafting, Smithing, Farming, Herblore 5. Cooking - you need to cook the wolf ribs from hunter early on, and late game aligator gar. 6. Crafting -- you're going to have to make box traps at some point, because you won't get enough from thieving, otherwise this would be lower priority. 7. Smithing - you'll be able to use a rune axe/pickaxe at first while you save up hellpowder from ::evil, * Farming/Herblore. I put these last because you can't do them until thieving is done, and you'll want the double exp from wolf ribs and the 10% from elder logs when you do these, but if you luck out and get some double exp pots, do as much farming/herblore as you can with as many buffs as you can. Once you can make Space Potions, you'll be able to skip through skilling requirements. As mentioned above, I recommend choosing "Let Me Choose" for the 4th relic, allowing you to choose your slayer tasks. Doing this lets you work through the ::zones all on slayer tasks AND bounty hunter (boss) tasks., clearing them much more quickly and possibly unlocking end game weapons early through Elite Chests. **Note: I chose the Range relic before the relic was changed. As Satucre is talking about adding a system where all 3 of the 3rd relics can be obtained, I recommend the mage relic for early game.
  4. Gear Guide

    Can you use the invisible/ghostly sets with the 10% costume ring, or do you lose the set effect by having a different ring in that slot?
  5. Hello

    Hello, I have played many RSPSes over the years, including ones that were used for the original source of this server. I have been staff on servers. Currently playing this and OSRS (mostly just afking skilling for some money making to dono with.) I have decided to join and support MPS due to the owner of the last RSPS I was playing abandoning the server to work in crypto :(. Anyways, I am excited about all that is going on! Anyways, hit me up for raids or what have you!
  6. Rank Request

    IGN: AmaraRomani Dono Rank: TRUSTED_DICER Game mode: Elite
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