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  1. Need help

    Yea you did what u could and i apreciate! but still not wanna do all the stupid starter grinds again hope an admin will give me my stuff back maurice
  2. So i just came back to this game but sadly enough i cant get my old account fixed. Its called "real g" i cant add friends, look in pos dont have a trade option etc, Now i made a new account called "Lemmetry" that account can do everything, but i cant trade my hellfire gear and my lance to it so is it possible some staff member can give me those to my new account? Not wanna get it all again.. let me know. regards maurice
  3. Iron Luthy's Staff application

    Hi! Really helpfull guy. He knows alot about this game. Im playing this server now for a few days and when he is online he is always trying to help ppl out. No offense but seems better and nicer then the most staff online(in the few days i played) I think he will be a great member to have in the staffteam of MagePS!