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    Hours you spend a day on Mage: 8-10 hours a day average Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): https://prnt.sc/116wvau Reasons for helping people: I've always enjoyed helping players, genuinely I wish I can help more, but due to limitations it makes it harder. I try to make the overall experience more enjoyable for players. I truly believe I was one of the starting forces that got a lot of players skilling to make some cash for higher tier players. I try and introduce all the wonderful content that MagePs has to offer. I am pretty involved in the the clan chat helping people when I can. I also have many players that contact me on a private basis and I always take the time and help them to the fullest. I want to make everyone's experience as wonderful as amazing as humanly possible. I may be blunt at times and tell people certain things are stupid to do, but it's always because I want the player to get the best bang for his buck if you will. Reasons for playing Mage: I've played other servers in the past and never have I found a server with such in depth content. I've been playing religiously for a bit now and I'm still learning new things every single day. The game has become so addicting and I have no intention of stopping, I can't wait to see the further updates and what MagePs has in store for us all. The community is also unmatched, the players are lovely and I made so many friends on this server that I truly care about past this server and I'm always wanting to meet more people, I'd love for the community discord to grow. (If you ever want to chat hmu and we can meet in the discord :P) Time zone: Ex EST or PST EST but with my current life situation I really can be active for like 16 hours a day, but take breaks periodically for self care. Thanks for your time reading this D B O W Z
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