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  1. General boss guide.

    Insanely well writen guide, well done man!
  2. Game Mode Suggestion

    Hey guys! The other day I was thinking about what to do for players who are in a late game or about to enter it and couldn't really think of anything besides turtle stones grind, Diablo or raids. So here is a suggestion which might be quite interesting to explore - New weapon tier - Scythe and new boss/mobs/minigame to acquire it. So one option would be a minigame where you could acquire it with a very slim chance. And the cool thing about the scythe would be that it could come in different colour variations - and with colour comes different perks which would be required to enter next zone/boss, etc (stats are the same only different perks)... which again might be an idea for another upcoming content. The most interesting part about the whole scythe colour/perk variation is that every scythe comes with different drop rate so there would be a different price for each of them. This would be really cool new content for all hardcore mageps fans out there, challenging but super rewarding at the end! And as for design, I am not sure if it is possible but Nox Scythe from RS3 would super cool implementation. Hope that any of that makes sense, peace!
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