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  1. There isn't really too much to say about this. The first Lucky Knight zone that requires 250 Eturnip kills have higher defence and hit less. The second zone that requires 1000 Eturnip kills hit harder but have less defence.
  2. Easy Maxing/Prestiging Guide

    This will be tedious but is the easiest way to get max skills or to farm prestiges. Click on the hunter skill or type ::hunter ingame. This will take you to lumbridge. Talk with the brown robed archer and select the option suitable for your level. Once inside, talk to the imp hunter shop and buy a butterfly net and as many imp jars s you would like (they're noted). With this method, every 250 imp points that you get randomly from hunting imps will net you a lamp purchasable from the shop there for 2.5M EXP in all skills. If you have 5T gold spare you can buy a 2XP Ring with boosts this to 5M. Or donate for a 3x or 4x XP whcih will net you 7.5M and 10M EXP per lamp. Happy Prestiging!
  3. Step 1: Type ::graveyard to teleport directly to the starting location. Step 2: Search the coffin in the house to get the Amulet of Ghostspeak and equip it. Step 3: Talk to the ghost (top option) in the Graveyard to start the quest. He will tell you that a dog has stolen his head and ask you to retrieve it. Step 4: Go back into the house and kill the dog and it will drop the ghosts head. Step 5: Talk to the ghost to complete the quest. Congratulations! You now have access to the Dominion Tower minigame!