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  1. Zones Guide

    Zones Guide Completing Zones gives you alot of free Donator Ranks, Buffs and Items for your account ! Open up the interface with ::zones or crtl+z and select Pikachu to start with as your first zone. Each zone has 3 tasks you need to complete to 100% before you complete the zone. Once you complete a task you can Claim the rewards. After you claimed all 3 rewards it should look like this. Once you’ve completed various zones, you’ll be rewarded with the following. ::zones Complete 1 Zone : +5% Drop rate 1x Lucky Heaven Stone & 1x Double str pot Complete 3 Zones : +5% Damage 1x Magical box & 1x Double str pot Complete 5 Zones : +5% Damage to 1 handed weapons 10$ Added to your account, 2K Donation points & 2x Double str pot Complete 7 Zones : +10% Damage to 2 handed weapons 1x Pet box & 2x Double str pot Complete 10 Zones : +10% Drop rate, +15HP boost & increased Double str pot duration of 15min 20$ Added to your account, 4K Donation points, 1x Magical box & 3x Double str pot Complete 12 Zones : +5% Drop rate & +10% Damage reduction 1x 100% 10% Drop rate scroll Complete 15 Zones : +10% Damage, +10% Damage reduction & +15HP boost 30$ Added to your account, 6KDonation points, 2x Magical box, 1x Pet box & 5x Double str pot Complete 18 Zones : +10% Drop rate 1x Trophy Box Complete 20 Zones : 40$ Added to your account & 8K Donation points Complete 22 Zones : +10% Drop rate & +10% Damage 2x 100% 10% Drop rate scrolls Complete 25 Zones : 50$ Added to your account & 10K Donation points Daily : 1x Yellow experience Astral lvl1 and more Complete 28 Zones : +10% Double drop rate chanse 1x Chest Ticket (40$) Complete 30 Zones : 60$ Added to your account 12K Donation points Daily : 1x random Dragon ball and a second Dragon ball if you kill ::goku twice that day Complete 32 Zones : +5% Double drop rate chanse & +10HP boost 22K Donation points Complete 35 Zones : 70$ Added to you account 1x Chest Ticket (40$) Allows you to talk to Hooknosed Jack located west at ::home, you can talk to him daily and choose between 2 options. Seeds or Box of Boxes Seeds option would give you 1-3 Seeds randomly from the 8 seed types we have in game. Box of Boxes wil give a 1/10 chanse on Magical box, 1/10 chanse on Cash Box and 8/10 chanse on Lesser Mbox. When talking to him without the 35 zones done he would say "BOX BOX SEEDS I GOT BOXES AND SEEDS, DID YOU FINISH 35 ZONES!?!?!?" ::zones2 Complete 1 Zone : +5% Drop rate 1x Lucky Heaven Stone, 1x Double ranged pot & 1x Double magic pot Complete 3 Zones : +7% Magic Damage 1x Cash box, 1x Double ranged pot & 1x Double magic pot Complete 5 Zones : +10% Ranged Damage 10$ Added to you account, 2K Donation points, 2x Double ranged pot & 2x Double magic pot Complete 7 Zones : +5% Magic Damage & +5% Ranged Damage 1x DBZ Box (50$) ::uzones Complete 2 Zones : +10% Damage underwater & +5% Damage overall Complete 4 Zones : +20% Damage underwater & +10% Damage overall Allows use of Red Gyrados pet outside of the underwater zones
  2. Hours you spend a day on Mage: Monday to Friday I play like 5-8 ish hours after work, weekends depends if I have my daughter or not. Activity on Discord: Always available even at work (got the app on phone) Just_Mindless#8506 Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Reasons for helping people: When I just joined the server I had alot of help and I do this in return for awhile now, I'm online alot when theres no Staff online at all and then its mostly me that helps out the new players. I don't say the Staff we have now has be online more, I have to live with Insomnia so thats why I'm online so much.. Everyone need guidance when they start. We all want them to stay and make MagePS bigger I think, right ? Reasons for playing Mage: I like the grinds I have to do thats also a reason why I am an Ironman ofcourse and the Zones stuff just got me hooked ! The community is nice and helpfull and I want to be a part of that. Time zone: I live in Belgium (CET/UTC +1)
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