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  1. Game Mode Suggestion

    good suggestion!
  2. Virax Forum Signature

  3. General boss guide.

    Great guide player!
  4. How to make a lucky heaven stone

    10/10 guide was really needing it! Thank you!
  5. Iron man btw's drop & progress thread

    you're rng is kind awesome compared to mine ehehe
  6. Vorago's Quest Guide [omen's mine]

    Thank you, You will see some more of those mate!
  7. Belzenlok's support app updated

    lmao what have you done dude
  8. Forum Chatbox

    Thanks for you're opinion!
  9. Helper Staff Application

    From what i've seen he got some knowledge, but i think it's to soon to apply, smart dude i think in the future is a guaranteed yes, pretty nice guy to hangout also, goodluck mate!
  10. Forum Chatbox

    Should we have a forum chatbox?
  11. Forum Suggestion

    Okay thank you, maybe we should increase the forum webhosting space, so it doesn't crash when we get more active users here
  12. Virax Forum Signature

    There's one more contact me ing/discord/forum for a magePS themed signature! https://imgur.com/a/pGjCIQU
  13. Forum Signatures (End topic/post image)

    Thank you!