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  1. Fel's Staff App

    -1, No support for me at the moment. You are, in my opinion, still new to the server and need to get more knowlegde about the server.
  2. What's up??!

    Welcome to the server! Hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to ask your questions in clan chat or pm me when I'm online! Dromen, Server Moderator.
  3. In this guide will be explained how you get aggro (NPC aggression) in game. There are three ways to obtain aggro: 1. Aggro pets 2. Alligator gar 3. Defensive Stance (vote buff) The three bulletpoints will be explained below. 1. Aggro pets In game there are several pets which makes aggro happen: - (Bloody) Freddy Cougar pet, - Gogeta pet, - Battle-Pass pets, - Shiny Gyrados pet (Bloody) Freddy and Gogeta pet (Bloody) Freddy Cougar and Gogeta pet aggro’s 3 NPC’s and are obtainable by buying it from player. Besides, buying them from players you can get them by donations. You have to buy a DBZ pet box or a Halloween pet box. For more information about that check the MagePS store. Battle-Pass pet Battle-Pass pets (the name already says it) aggro’s 1 npc and are obtainable by purchasing a battle-pass. You can purchase the battle-pass at the MagePS store. Each season there will be a new gear set and a pet which belongs to the set. Note: The gear set and pet are untradable. Shiny Gyrados Shiny-Gyrados is a pet which is used for underwater zones (::uzones). After completing the 4 zones from ::uzones the pet allows you to have 1 npc aggro at all zones (no matter if it is a normal zone). You can obtain the Shiny Gyrados pet by buying it from players, donating or from ::chestg (personal chest). 2. Alligator gar Alligator gar is food which gives you an aggro buff for 5 to 10 minutes. It is important to know that alligator gat is not-stackable. This means that you can eat 1 alligator gar and when the buff-time is over you can eat another one. There are several ways to get alligator gar, which will be explained below. - Level 127 Cooking & Fishing: more information how to level these skills, click on the following links. Fishing guide Cooking guide - Vote store: The vote store is located at home and you can buy alligator gar for 4 vote points each. - Buying them from players 3. Defensive Stance Defensive stance is a vote buff. A vote buff appears when people claimed their vote. The votes are random so it’s not 100% sure that you will get Defensive Stance as vote buff.
  4. Mytie Helper application

    +1, Knowledge of Mytie is great, is very active and seen him answering a lot of questions in cc
  5. Tri Zone

    Tri is one of the zones from ::zones2. You can enter the zone by using the command ::tri To enter this zone it is required to have 500 training knight kills. This are the hellfire knights from ::lance The tasks you have to do to finish this zones are collecting 100 keys of the Masterful Ranger, Masterful Mager and Masterful Meleer. Where are the NPC’s located at the tri zone: The Masterful Ranger will be found at the green area, which is at the north side of the zone. The Masterful Mager will be found at the blue area, which is the south side of the zone. The Masterful Meleer will be found at the red area, which is the west side of the zone Keys There are three keys you can obtain from the zone, this keys are: - Ranger key; dropped by Masterful Ranger - Magic key; dropped by Masterful Mager - Melee key; dropped by Masterful Meleer Where do I use my keys? The keys you could use at the chest in the middle of the Tri Area. You could choose to open each key individually, but you could also combine the three keys to make a “Tri Key.” This key could be combined by using for example the ranger key on the magic key. If you done that you will see the following key in your inventory: Rewards The rewards that you will receive from the keys are: - 1b tokens - Crystal key - Golden key - A part from the Masterful Ranger/Mager/Meleer
  6. Tower minigame

    Tower (Unlimited food/overload and prayer restore) guide What is tower and how do I enter? Tower is a minigame which will helps every player to get unlimited food, overload and prayer restore. The benefit of this is that you don’t have to buy food and overloads and you don’t have to teleport to home to restore your prayer. By using the command ::tower you will be teleported to the train area and you spawn next to Rick (from Rick & Morty). If you talk to him you can choose between “Talk to” and “Horror Tower Exchange.” If you talk to Rick you can do the minigame and you can choose between two several styles “Normal” and “Endless.” Normal works with waves and has 5 waves. This means that you have to rejoin each time when you have finished the 5 waves. Endless has 15 waves. The “Horror Exchange Tower” will open the shop. Which game-mode do I need to do (Normal/Endless)? The normal game-mode will, as already explained, take 5 waves and will give you 1500 points when u finished the 5 waves. Endless is 15 waves and gives you also more points when you finished it. Recommended is to do the Normal game mode, because u will grind your points faster than at the endless game mode. The reason is that some of the waves in Endless gives the same amount of points, but you have to kill more NPC’s. Horror Exchange Tower (Shop) At the shop of Rick (click on Horror Exchange Tower) there are several things you could buy. The following items are the most important to buy: - Interdimensional donut (Costs 12.5K points); Donut will heal you - Holy Grail (Costs 20K points); Use it on donut to be able to restore your prayer - Holy Grail 3 (Costs 30K points); Use it on donut to be able to get overload In the picture below the items which are the most important to buy will be visualised:
  7. Hybrid Items guide

    Guide Hybrid items Definition of hybrid item: Hybrid items are items which works as part of the set. Besides it works as a part of the set, it also gives you extra stats. If you have for example a Goku set, you will keep the set boost (Super Saiyan bonus) if you wear hybrid items. As already said: the hybrid items give higher stats, which means that you increase your damage. Which hybrid items does MagePS have and how to get them: There are three hybrid items in the game, these items are: - Blood gloves: Able to get at Blood Queen (::iced) or buy it from players - Blood boots: Able to get at Blood Queen (::iced) or buy it from players - Crown of the seas: Able to get from Poseidon (::uzones) or buy it from players. On which sets can I use the hybrid items? There are several sets in the game which allows you to wear hybrid items. One important thing to know is that the sets which allows hybrid items are classified in tiers. In game we have “Tier 1 sets” and “Tier 2 sets.” What the tiers mean and which sets are classified to these tiers will be explained below: Tier 1 sets Allows you to wear only one of the hybrid items in combination with the set. This will be the following sets: - Jiren set, - Black Goku set, - Tiger rage set, - Bond set Tier 2 sets Allows you to wear two hybrid items in combination with the set. This will be the following sets: - Goku set, - Ice set, - Tiger fury set For this tier it’s recommended to wear “Crown of the seas” and one of the “Blood items.” The reason is that the crown has better stats, which means that your damages increase a little bit more. How your stats will look like if you got these item equiped, will be visualised in the picture below. As example the Goku set will be used:
  8. Hours you spend a day on Mage: Monday to friday: a couple of hours, could be less because of study. Saturday & Sunday: the whole afternoon. Activity on discord: Always available on discord, because I use discord (discord name: WesleyvO97) on my phone. So I could always reply to the players who asked me a question. Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Reasons for helping people: Helping people is what I like to do. I always help people in real life and I love to see when people get a smile on their face when I could help them with solving their problems. So, this is something I would like to continue. I would like to share my opinions and knowledge to each player in MagePS. It is important to me that each player gets the right advices and that they enjoy their stay at MagePS. Reasons for playing Mage: I love the community of MagePS. This is one of the main reasons that I keep playing this game. Time zone: I live in the Netherlands (GMT/UTC +1).
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