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  1. .jar won't open

    Hey! Here are some methods I've used in the past to fix this issue, or similar ones. If you haven't already deleted your cache, this is the way to find it. Go from there to your user, find and delete the mageps folder. It will redownload the next time you open Mage. If the issue persists, you may want to write a small execution to allow java to run when Mage loads. Step 1. Put the MagePS .jar file into a folder on your desktop. The folder's name does not matter and can be whatever you want it to be. Just keep the .jar file the same, "MagePsLoader". Step 2. Create a "New Text Document" in the same folder. In the text pad, copy and paste this command: java -jar MagePsLoader.jar Click Save As, name the file RUN and make the text document not as a .txt but as a .bat. This can be done by changing this to this By this point you should have 2 icons in the folder you created. 1 being the MagePs .jar and the other being RUN.bat Everytime you want to open MagePs you will have to double click the RUN.bat to open the game. A command prompt will come up (please don't close that window it must be open to run the .jar) I really hope this works for you! If you have any questions please reply to this. Much love, Calzone
  2. Full Astrals Guide!

    If only I had this when I started off! Great work Sllim, this one is easy on the eyes and full of helpful information. Makes astrals less intimidating, which is awesome for how helpful they are in gear! Thank you!
  3. Calzone's Helper App

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: 5-6 Hours daily, on weekends I play around 7-12 hours. Total hours spent on Mage: I joined in late August Reasons for helping people: I help so newer players can enjoy the game the way I do. Not everyone has experience in RSPS and I would prefer they stay and try more content that's offered. Reasons for playing Mage: Mage is a server I agree is balanced towards so many people, myself included. I've enjoyed making my account strong, and look forward to the impressive updates! Time zone: I live on the East coast US. (-04:00 as of today) Additional Comments: I have prior experience as Server Support and Player Moderator between 2017-2018 on a large server that's still around (not mentioning name for obvious reasons). The terms of me leaving the server was job related, nothing punishable. Thank you for checking out my application! Please consider the information listed above and let me know if any additional information would be helpful in reaching a decision. Much love, Calzone!
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