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  1. Staff Feedback

    Hello players of mage! Another month and another post for staff review!!! As always, we appreciate any and all kind, or constructive words you have for any and all of our staff members. Please refrain from any flaming or toxicity, as it will not be tolerated. We greatly appreciate everything you have to say so please dont hold back The MagePS staff team takes everything on these threads very seriously and will continue to work hard to improve and be the best staff team we can! Also, if you have no words to say about a staff member, simply put N/A Owners Satucre: Kion: Axo: Moderators: Quiet: Farm God: TylerMt: Legend: Helpers: Rngesus: Steffio: Turtle King: Enigma:
  2. Guides finder

    Goodjob mate!
  3. Turtle Kings SS Application

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: I play 7-9 hours a day when working on weekend i play 11-12 hours a day Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Reasons for helping people: It's an instinct of mine when someone need help i try to do this to the best of my ability. The community we have is the best out there and i am glad to be a part of it an help in any way i can. When i first started so many people helped me and i just do the same back to others who need it and have just started by showing them the ropes. Reasons for playing Mage: The reason why i started playing mage is because i love custom servers and there is only one in my eyes which is Mage. The owners are doing an amazing job with all these updates and it just gets better day by day. I enjoy my time playing mage and will never get bored of the server and the community. Time zone: GMT +0
  4. Staff Feedback - April

    Developers/Owners Satucre - The updates this guy does is unbelivable keep this server growing and cant wait to see what he has planed in the future of this server Kion - see him on and off but I'm sure he does a bunch behind the scenes. Axo - same as ^ Administrator Cruw - Where can i star? This guy is amazing nice a chilled helpful in all ways! Moderators Baron - Amazing person and one of the best mods ive seen for as long time keep it up Astro - Not to sure not seen him that much TylerMT - one of the most active staff constantly helping people in chat. And believes in others grind game! Quiet - great mod not as active as the others but when he is he makes me laugh. Helper Iron Luthy - Hardly see him online but when he is and not afk can be very helpful
  5. Good job brotha keep up the good content!
  6. Loot from 4000 Mbox's

    tell me about it mate will update at 2k mboxs stay tuned
  7. Loot from 4000 Mbox's

    Thought it would be a fun idea to open 4000 mbox's and see what I got. Well here you go! (Also will be updating every 500 to see what I can get updates to follow.) Updated 1000 mbox's down Updated 1500 mbox's down Updated 2000 mboxs down Updated 2500 mboxs down Updated 3000 mbox's down Updated 3500 mbox's down Updated 4000 mbox's complete