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    Divine Donator please!
  2. I spend 4-5 hours a day playing on weekdays and more on weekends Total time played: The Main reason I like helping people: I remember how much of a learning curve it is to start on a customs rsps and if answering questions helps flatten their learning curve then I am all for that. Especially if it means more people will end up playing long term The Main reason I play MagePS: I love customs rsps's and this is by far and away the best one. Also it's pretty damn nice how much support and content we get Time Zone: UTC-06:00 Saskatchewan
  3. Fah's Fashionscape event

    Haven't ever seen anyone else rock this set, so here it is for consideration!
  4. Summer Event Guide

    Hello friends, and welcome to my Summer Event Guide. In this guide you shall learn how to obtain your 10 daily Summer Keys and to use them. Step 1: Go ::home and talk to either Chad or SImp to select your team. Don't worry, this doesn't seem to affect anything as far as rewards are concerned Step 2: Go to ::summer and talk to Chaddington to obtain the beachball. Grab two because you can equip 1 into a costume slot for a damage boost. Step 3: Teleport to either ::home or ::afkzone to equip and use the beachball and watergun on people to obtain Key Fragments. Make sure you bank if your inventory is close to full because there are reports of fragments being lost if there was no room in your inventory for them. Step 4: Head back to ::summer and right click either The Rock or Megan Fox and apply sunscreen for more fragments. Step 5: Congratulations, at this point I am assuming you have gotten all the fragments you can for the day, which should total 100. Now you simply use them on themselves to create the Summer Key, 10 fragments = 1 Key Step 6: Now head on back to ::summer and with your 10 Summer Keys in your inventory, right click on our friend Chaddington, and select the Rewards option Step 7: Now all you need to do is click the Summer Key in your inventory while you have the Rewards interface open, and then click Use Key. Just pretend that I actually have a Summer Key in my inventory and not a shitty drawing And there you have it! You will get a single reward per key randomly from the Rewards Interface. The beachball, watergun, and sunscreen methods for gathering Key Fragments have a 24 hour cooldown, so make sure to sign on daily to get those! You can also kill 3 bosses to get Fragments, them being Goku, Gogeta, and Pepe. Goku will give a single fragment, Pepe will give two, and Gogeta gives 3. Good Luck on rewards!!
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