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  1. Zope's Application

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: ------- I'd say roughly 7-8 hours, maybe even more. Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): ------- Picture will be down below Reasons for helping people: ------- Well I remember when I first started, this game is honestly overwhelming at first, it's packed with content and you can take so many routes into the game now. i just love to help people out with grinding and love to see their progress along the way. I think I have enough knowledge of the game that hopefully being a helper players will go to me for help! Reasons for playing Mage: ------- Again, packed full with content, it literally has quality updates. I love the grind in it and my grind isn't over that's for sure Also i love the community we have here, everybody constantly helps each other in different ways. Time zone: ------ Pacific Time Zone. Note: Don't make fun my of my zones, i can't get that stupid sword from QBD. Also hope i get to join the team guys! I just logged in so I haven't voted yet lol
  2. Hello! :)

    Welcome dude! hope you enjoy it as much as i do man, pm me in game if you want help! i know things can seem confusing at first IGN - "Zope"
  3. Mage for sure needed the update (the attack style) to help compete with range and melee. But i honestly think it needs just a little more to it myself. All the damage cap is at 1.2m for everybody (No slayer) But range and melee attack speed is more ticks to it. If were keeping the same speed, maybe we can make mage hits just to like 1.5m, not a lot more dmg but i feel like could compete more now with same lines. GREAT UPDATE CAN'T WAIT TO START GRINDING!
  4. honestly really well needed update
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